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  1. T

    Should I get an audio card?

    I am planning on purchasing on a pair of Sennheiser HD 600's, but I do not know if my onboard audio can drive them. I'm not an audio expert and was wondering if I should get a small Amp or a soundcard. This is my motherboard Thanks!
  2. G

    Should I buy more expensive headphones?

    Late last year I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones for just under $100 on to replace my $80 Klipsch headphones that went bad after about 5-7 years of use. I bought the 280 Pro phones because at the time I thought that the max reasonable price for headphones was...
  3. D

    Help with Sennheiser hd 598 and Turtle Beach DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound Processor

    I am going to buy this DSS 2 will this work? for my ps4 slim with a HDMI audio extractor (ps4 slim does not have the...
  4. C

    Do I need sound card for Sennheiser g4me one with a ASRock Z170M Pro4S motherboard?

    I want to buy a Sennheiser g4me one headset, because im a bass slut tbh, and I want a gaming headset with sick sound quality. I have a ASRock Z170M Pro4S motherboard, and Im not sure if I need a sound card for this headset.
  5. Stumpy122

    Will a 6,3mm -> 3,5mm audio jack converter affect sound quality?

    Hi guys! So I was wondering if a 6,3mm to 3,5mm audio jack converter would have an impact on sound quality? (or maybe delay the sound) The headphones I will be buying are the Sennheiser HD 558 which has a cable with a 6,3mm audio plug, but i'll be using it on a pc that doesn't have a 6,3mm...
  6. Maarsch

    New headphones, and related setup?

    Hello, My Steelseries Siberia V2 lost sound in the left can. It's outside of warranty and while I might hobby may way into fixing it at some point, for now I want to buy something new and better. I am currently looking at AKG 612/712. I am still visiting stores to try out sound and comfort...
  7. M

    Sennheiser Game One Audio Problem

    Hey, I just got the Sennheiser Game One and I am using it with the Fiio E10K Amp/Dac and when I pump the volume up a little there is some weird distortion on the right cup when there is bass. I tried it with SoundBlaster Sound Card too and it did the same thing,I even tried my friend's Game One...
  8. X

    Sennheiser GAME One Black vs White

    Could someone perhaps tell me why in the EU the black one is more expensive than the white one? Also the black one = listed as Surround sound (True surround sound). 189 euro's (+14 euro's) White one = listed as Stereo 175 euro's. How much does this matter and which one should I choose...
  9. O

    Sennheiser RS175 Dying After 5 Months

    Sennheiser RS175 Headphones are little less than 5 mo. old & have started dying: sound stops & get red light indicating batteries are dead even tho I keep putting in new rechrgable batteries. Their site not much help; just wants me to send 'em in. Any suggestions?
  10. M

    GSP 300 or Hyperx cloud II?

    Hey guys , i come from owning a hd 202 headphones from sennheiser , and i totally love the sound almost in love with it . I ve had a vr headset for more than a year ago and i've decided its time to get something with More quality sound , more sound isolation and a microphone included ( cus my vr...
  11. S

    Which will Best earphones

    Which will Best earphones
  12. M

    One headphone jack?

    I recently ordered a Sennheiser G4ME one headset (it was on sale) and I just realize my laptop only has one Headphone jack. My laptop is Aspire V573PG.. I wonder If i could use it with one headphone jack or do i need to buy an adapter? Thanks in advance!
  13. D

    Sennheiser RS 175 vs 185

    I've recently stumbled across these headphones however I cannot find the difference between these two headphones that justifies the extra cost of the RS185, the sound specs seem to be exactly the same apart from the max sound pressure level which is lower on the RS185s, do the RS 185s offer...
  14. G

    These Great All-Purpose Sennheisers Are Now Just $49

    They're solid, comfortable, and now $37 off. These Great All-Purpose Sennheisers Are Now Just $49 : Read more
  15. S

    My Mic Doesn't Work!!

    My Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around-Ear headphones microphone stopped working. The headphone audio works fine. Yesterday i was playing with my friends on PS4 and i sometimes put the microphone on my mouth and i yell at it, to make my friends get annoyed. And it worked fine for a long time when i...
  16. S

    how can i hook up Sennheiser wireless headphones when I don't have audio out on my Apex digital TV

    I have an Apex digital flat screen TV and am trying to hook up Sennheiser wirelss headphones to it. I dont have and audio out on the tv, so what can I do?
  17. B

    Sennheiser HD518 audio quality suddenly turning bad

    Hello, I've had Sennheiser HD518 for few months so far. They're working pretty much perfectly, but recently a problem appeared. The thing is, every few hours the sound quality instantly goes to shit. It feels extremely flat (not sure if that's the correct description). I fix it by unplugging...
  18. E

    Solved! Is sennheiser hd 460i works on android?

    Is sennheiser hd 460i works with android? Becouse I like it
  19. A

    Which headphone to buy?

    I am planning on buying some headphones under 100. Now i wanted a name brand just because my father doesnt want be to buy a brand that is not mainstream. So thats why the Grado headphones or status audio isnt on my list. Now I thought about the Beats EP, but thats just not worth it. The JBL...
  20. D

    Good Audio System?

    So I am set on getting Sennheiser's PC360's, I really love the mic quality, now here is the catch. I want to be using this headset for my PS4 so I need a USB input. I have found this on Amazon and I would like to see your guy's thoughts/changes I should make. Thanks. Link...
  21. N

    Solved! game audio being picked up by my mic

    hey all my headset is a sennheiser pc350, bought way back in december 2011. im not sure wether because the headset is now quite old, but game audio had been leaking into skype conversations for quite a while now. i quite fancy making youtube videos again, as a hobby, based on gaming. i...
  22. L

    Add sidetone to Sennheiser Game One?

    I got a Sennheiser Game One headset. I compared them to the Game Zero in store, and I preferred the Game One for comfort. Because of the open can design I can hear myself speak for the most part. The only issue is during loud moments of gunfire, explosions, etc. I also looked at the Sennheiser...
  23. F

    Solved! XPS 8900 Headphone Mic Issue

    Hello all, I have been having some trouble with my inline mic not picking up my voice when plugged into my computer. I recently inherited a Dell XPS 8900, using Windows 10 and realtek audio, and bought a splitter to work with my sennheiser headphones. However, whenever I go to recording settings...
  24. T

    Are these sennhesier earbuds FAKE?

    I'm going to buy this sennheiser cx 400 ii from ebay it's only 22 $ (+6$ for shipping) and it's coming from a top rated seller. i'm not sure about it's...
  25. R

    Audioengine 2+ Speakers: No headphones socket

    Hi there, My new speakers don't have an output socket for headphones. I've connected the headphones via the RCA output connections on the rear of the speaker. I'm unable to mute the speakers and just listen via headphones !! Any idea how I can fix this please?
  26. A

    Combo Jack (3.5 mm to 2.5 mm x 2) microphone not working.

    So I had a headset with microphone with a 3.5 mm plug (Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear) and needed to use the microphone on my computer, so I bought an adapter. The microphone has 3 buttons (volume up, down and pause) which when pressed, make a sound the microphone hears, however the microphone never...
  27. M

    What soundcard I need for Sennheiser game one

    I have a very old pc. from 2010. p55-gd65 motherboard. What is a good headset for my sennheiser game one? I got too much bass now
  28. Y

    Do the Sennheiser 2.0's work on PC?

    I wanted to get some headphones for my PC for Gaming and Music, and I heard these were really good, but it keeps getting mentioned that it is good for mobile devices, does it not work for PC's?
  29. P

    Sennheiser HD 518 only playing through left ear?

    Hi, so for a mystery reason my sennheiser hd 518 headphones are only playing out of one ear, the left one. It started when i slid the right ear cup in all the way so I was only wearing the left one and the right was on top of my head. But when I pulled the right cup out it wasn't producing any...
  30. S

    Faint buzzing coming from sound mixer output?

    Hey everyone! Before I go on with my problem, here is my current setup: Carvin FX-1644 Mixing Console (16 Channels) DOD Graphic Equalizer Custom Built PC Shock mounted Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Mic And here is how it is all plugged into eachother: FX-1644 Mono Output (XLR) into motherboard...
  31. H

    Solved! Can I connect Sennheiser 926-928 mhz transmitter to a regular sized wireless speaker?

    I have a sennheiser TR-130 wireless transmitter that I was wondering if there are any loudspeakers out there that could be used on the same ffrequency (926-928 Mhz) to extend my TV audio without using the headphones. I searched the web with no success. Thanks, Harvey D.
  32. C

    Multi-platform headset not working for xbox one and ps4.

    Hello all, recently i have purchased a pair of Sennheiser game ones for high-end multi-platform use and was disappointed to find out how hard it is to get them to work for xbox one and ps4. When i bought them, i also bought a 30$ external sound card from startech so that i could get better sound...
  33. S

    Ears Get Hot in Closed Back Headphones

    Hi, I wanted to ask some people a question; I owned a pair of logitech g430 over ear headphones and noticed that my ears would get hot and uncomfortable after having them on for more than an hour. The ear pads on these headphones were cloth. When it was time to upgrade I bought the sennheiser...
  34. A

    Is my pc not recognising my mic??

    I have just got my Sennheiser GAME ZERO headset, I plugged the 2 jacks into the mic and headphone ports, I was watching a video where someone was using the same headset and the mic sounded really good. I went and listened to mine and it sounds terrible, I went onto the "set up microphone"...
  35. I

    Open back headphone sound level

    I am thinking of picking up the Sennheiser 598 Special Editions. I noticed they were open backs and I am used to closed backs. How much sound actually leaks from the back, and if I have my music high can other people hear it if they are in another room. I don't listen to music in public so...
  36. S

    Solved! In between 3 headphones (m50x - DT990 - SD 598)

    I'm a noob with this stuff and a pretty average joe. I have a gaming rig and listen to music pretty regularly. I don't watch a ton of movies but I do game a bit (FPS, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, etc). I'm between a few headsets (~$160 USB limit) and can't seem to put my finger on them. Music - Of the...
  37. S

    Solved! Sennheiser Game One

    Hello, I'm about to buy a Sennheiser Game One headset, and I got a built in sound card called realtek alc892. I've tried to read about the matter but everyone says different things. Will it sound good without buying a new sound card?I currently got Qpad QH-85, and it's really good sound in them...
  38. AndrewDafuqq

    Best Headset Overall? (Gaming, YouTube and Movies)

    Hey Tom's Hardware, I currently have a broken Sennheiser PC 363D and I'm looking to upgrade, I am looking at 3 options: -Sennheiser G4ME ONE -Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum *MAYBE* Kingston HyperX Cloud II or Cloud Revolver or headphones with a separate desk microphone + different soundcard I...
  39. K

    Sennheiser GSP 350 or Hyperx Cloud 2

    I planning to buy a new headset for gaming but I need little help because I still don't know if those Sennheisers GSP 350 are better or Hyperx Cloud 2 please help me out.
  40. D

    Sennheiser HD650 audio really quiet

    I've recently purchased a pair of HD650s to be used with a Schiit magni 2 . When connected to the amp the audio output is very quiet and almost inaudible until the amp is turned up to around 70 percent even with a high gain. Is this normal? Otherwise could someone help fix the problem with the...
  41. D

    Want to Get new Headset. Do I need a separate AMP?

    I am currently thinking of getting the Sennheiser 350 Special Edition, but they have a resistance of 150. My motherboard is the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 which has its own on-board sound card with "audio boost 2". My question is, do I need to get a separate sound card to get the proper sound that...
  42. P

    Kingston HyperX Cloud I or Sennheiser GSP 300?

    I'm looking for a closed back headset, to have an alternative to my open backed headphones (Sennheiser HD 558). I was almost completely sold on the HyperX Cloud I, which I can buy for €65 (shipping included). But, as I was buying it, Amazon showed me the Sennheiser GSP 300, which will cost €10...
  43. M

    Do I neee to buy a sound card or amp for the sennheiser pc350 se

    My motherboard is a z170-hd3 and it comes with a alc887 sound card. I will only be using this headset for gaming as I mainly play csgo and h1z1, so fps games ide say. Will this headset be good with my onboard sound card?
  44. W

    Is it noticeable song playing in 192 Kbps vs 320 Kbps?

    I mean when comparing the songs Sennheiser CX 275. Or typical 2.1 Is it it worth a song in 12 MB or i am i good with 6 MB. For which end of earphones need a 320 Kbps. Please Help
  45. 2

    Onboard audio driver somehow reducing sound quality?

    I recently purchased Sennheiser's PC 350 SE headset and found that the sound quality is very low (Noticeably. Reviews said the sound quality is great so this is definitely on my end.). I previously used a Razer Kraken (via USB) and another off-brand pair that uses the microphone in jack, both...
  46. R

    Sennheiser GAME ZERO with Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro?

    Hi! Was wondering if this external sound card is a good match for this headset that I plan to get for Xmas. My motherboard, whatever it is has terrible on-board sound and if I'm going to be using a $250AUD headset I'll chip in and get an external sound card to boost the performance as well...
  47. Cataloony

    Which headset should i buy?

    Hi Looking for high-end headset -comfortable -long gaming session -good quality Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Open Air High-Fidelity Gaming Headset Sennheiser PC 373D
  48. Z

    Do i need an amp for a Sennheiser pc350 se

    Hello, i just bought a pc350 se and it sounded a little bit off. after some research i found that i would mist likely need an amp but that depends on what my current audio is. right now im using the onboard audio on my asus z170-e. i was hoping if someone more knowledgeable about audio than i am...
  49. B

    Sennheiser PC 350 SE Sound Card?

    Have an ASUS m32cd.(that is motherboard to). Scoopred up a pair of Sennheiser's on Black Friday, Plugged in port. Not detected, plugged in my Nexus and they worked. Do I need a sound card? If I do considering just getting an LGA 1151 mobo that is compatible with these instead. Any suggestions?
  50. A

    Replacing the Sennheiser 333d - Going Wireless

    Hi there! So I need to replace my very much loved, though often broken Sennheiser PC 333d headphones. I already went to the store and I am now trying out the Steelseries Siberia 800. While this is a VERY good headsets I have some gripes with it. I do do a fair bit of gaming but I mostly listen...
  51. B

    Gaming Headset Help - Astro Gaming - A50 Wireless, Logitech G933, G4ME ZERO, G4ME ONE...

    Hello, I am looking for headphones this weekend, and if possible a quicker reply would be appreciated. First, I'll tell you my current situation. I use both my PS4 and my PC frequently for gaming, listening to music, watching YouTube and movies, etc. My PS4 and PC are located right next to each...
  52. P

    Would the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222 be good enough to power Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition High Performance Gaming Headset?

    So I have been looking for a headset and came across the Sennheiser PC350SEs: From what I have read these would be very good for gaming, but I'm kind of a...
  53. F

    headset & 2.1 speakers

    hello community! I just bought a pair of Sennheiser game one headset for my PC.i also have Klipsch Promedia 2.1 BT question is as follows.since the game one's use 3.5m jack,is it possible to have both set up simultaneously?i like using my speakers for music and my head-set for gaming...
  54. C

    Best headphones for gaming that aren't made for gaming?

    So I'm using the Sennheiser HD 598 right now with a Asus Pheobus sound card, got a Creative X7 on the way. I'm quite content, these are the best headphones I've used and trump any gaming headset I've ever had (most are utter crap comparatively!) I'm looking for info on the most recommended...
  55. M

    Sennheiser 650 DAC/AMP? Bang for the buck 2016

    Hello Have a Sennheiser 650 or the Massdrop 6xx, while Im wating to get them I know that you can run with out a DAC/AMP but I want the full enjoyment out of them. Thanks to all that helps ^^
  56. D

    Sennheiser G4me one, In need for a sound card/ Dac+Amp

    Hey guys, I am planning on getting the sennheiser Game one headset and need something to pair them up with. Budget is up to 150. I was looking at the Soundblaster Z sound card, Sound Blaster X G5 External Dac/Amp Sound card and Asus Xonar DGX. Im looking for the BEST sound possible , im a bit of...
  57. C

    Headphone splitter not working on pc

    I have a sennheiser pc350 headset my asus S65CA laptop only has one port for audio and mic so I got a splitter and my mic is not working on the laptop I got the splitter from startech. Please help I dont know what to do and this mic was like 200$...
  58. D

    Any way to use Sennheiser HD650s / BeyerDynamic DT 880s with an Xbox One?

    Hello , I'm looking at buying either the HD650s or the DT880s to combine with an amp for Pc use ( Gaming, Movies and Music mainly EDM). Firstly which do you think is more suitable for my uses?Also is there any way to drive these on an Xbox One as I would like to not have to buy another pair of...