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  1. Maxwhat

    Question My Torrent Speed is lowered when using wifi

    So my torrent speed is around 50-70kpbs. The internet speed is not the problem because when I use steam and try to download random game. The speed goes to 1mpbs. I checked the source too, maybe the seeders right? but no. I change to my handphone internet and the torrent speed increase to...
  2. L

    Solved! Will VM help isolate potential viruses and p2p connection from torrent clients?

    I really need to install something using a torrent client but I've never used it since I'm mostly afraid of seeding and p2p issues. So I was thinking that I could just use a vm and use the torrent client and install the files in there so that I can easily take the downloaded file and just...
  3. M

    Solved! Is VPN leaking when torrenting?

    Hello, I've recently subscribed on Express VPN when my IpVanish account expired. If I run the torrent test provided by this site: the result (attached) shows the same port set in uTorrent>preferences>connections>Port used for incoming connections. Is this a privacy issue...
  4. D

    Torrenting slow download speeds, very high upload speeds.

    Hello, thank you for taking your time here. I don't know if this is a problem or a design of torrenting. I'm downloading a particular torrent on the internet. But I'm having a little problem with it. The download speed is stuck at around 150 - 300 KB/s whereas the upload speed is all cranked...
  5. A

    Torrent speed doesn't go over 1 MB/s

    I have an internet connection of 100 megabits/per second and i get around 12 MB/s when downloading stuff from google or on steam but I only get 1 MB/s max speed while using bit torrent.
  6. N

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone an

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone and I had to download the new version and after that whenever i download the movie it isn't playing in my player and I have tried vlc and mx player still it isnt playing...
  7. F

    Hello Experts, I have downloaded the latest torrent file on my laptop and checked all issues including firewalls bla bla still

    Hello Experts, I have downloaded the latest torrent file on my laptop and checked all issues including firewalls bla bla still. It always appears as connecting to peers but I chose the maximum.
  8. A

    Solved! Slow torrent speed

    I have a 100mbps connection and i get around 10MBps download speed when i use IDM. I get the same speed when i download games in steam but in torrent my speed doesn't go over 1MBps even with high no. of seeders.I am using bittorrent latest version.
  9. M

    A question about Bitorrent

    Hi. so whenever i download something via bittorrent the speed is always not my maximum l,but if i launch another application which uses internet my torrent speed suddenly goes max.Why is this happening?
  10. H

    Torrent speed slow on a certain device but fast on others.

    I have 2 PC's at home with bit torrent. With exactly the same settings and same download the one does 50kb/s and the other 800kb/s Notes: Normal direct downloads and steam updates are fast and the same speed on both. The MSI Z97 GAMING 5 has a killer lan adapter could that be the issue? Thank you
  11. R

    Pc slows down after downloading torrents

    Hello, I was downloading torrents, next day I noticed pc slow down, pages load longer, YouTube video lags etc, all day I were scanning computer with 5 antivirus like Malwarebytes, Avast avg, bit... All deep test but nothing found, pc also started giving me blue screen
  12. F

    CPU 100% usage everytime I enter a particular site?

    So, today, I realize whenever I enter this torrent site, my cpu usage will increase to 100% (Im using Task Manager and Speccy to monitoring it) and when I leave the site, it will back to normal usage. I always go to that site to download things and just realized this problem today. So, what is...

    UTorrent automatically shuts down after some time?

    While some torrents are running in the latest uTorrent Beta 3.5.0 Build 44000 (upgraded from previous version which had same problem), the application closes on its own when I'm away or so and I haven't been able to find the real cause. Checked all the preferences, tried Defaulting but none helped!
  14. Iver Hicarte

    Do Torrents Continue to Seed even when you turn off your PC?

    Let's say I left a torrent seeding in utorrent, then I turn off my PC, will the torrent continue to seed even if the PC is closed? Sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question....
  15. S

    Why does the torrent link not open with the bittorrent or utorrent when I click on it?

    When I click on the torrent link it said that there are no apps installed on this device that support torrent file format although the bittorrent/ utorrent has alread installed.
  16. B

    My Torrent Download Speed Is Very Slow

    I am using TP-Link TL-WR840N Router, my internet connection speed of streaming and downloading is 2.5Mbps but when I switch to torrent downloading it reduces under 30kbps
  17. K

    it says that i dont have sufficient access to uninstall mtorrent, what should i do ?

    i want to remove the uTorrent prog "bit torrent' when i started to uninstall it from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features when i click on uninstall it pops up a msg saying that i dont have a sufficient access to uninstall the prog. and i should contact with the system administrator. i...
  18. I

    How to remove adware virus

    Yesterday ,I downloaded pirate torrent , which has the virus.I didn''t know about the virus.Then my computer always crashes.Please help me.Sorry for my English
  19. S

    bittorrent / utorrent is slow

    Hello When i want to torrent a file i use bittorrent. This program is really slow, not my download speed but the program itself. So i tried Utorrent and it has the same problem. I can't figure out what the problem is. It is not that my pc is restricted by its hardware. Kind regards Smurf
  20. S

    How do I automate a few programs to run?

    I know about task scheduling but I'm trying to get a torrent to run during my ISP's off hours (where I have 50 GB's of bandwidth vs 15) with a VPN running. I know I can set task scheduler to run a program only if ExpressVPN (my VPN) is connected but how do I get it to start ExpressVPN and...
  21. A

    BSOD bad_pool_caller left overnight

    hi i left my laptop on a torrent over night to download when i woke up and checked it was crashed and bsod windows 10 hp r118ne the error was (101616-21562-01.dmp 10/16/2016 10:36:52 PM BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 00000000`00000007 00000000`44696457 00000000`040b001b ffffb08f`ceb64cf0...
  22. G

    HELP I GOT A TROJEN!!!! plz help asap

    i have iscolated the files that need removed but its open (bittorrent/itibity, bs) anyway... process is hidden and it says I don't have permission to stop the service.... and anti virus said it was skeeya or something
  23. G

    How to continue a almost downloaded file in Utorrent if it restarts the download from start after resuming ?

    I started download a 16gb torrent using utorrent. I stopped and started it many times but yesterday it showed only 810 mb remaining, so I stopped it and now when I started download re-downloading from start! showing remaing 16 gb. I deleted only the torrent and redownloaded it from the torrent...
  24. L

    Dvdrip movies question

    Hello i have a question regarding those dvdrip movies. I have been searching for some movies on torrent sites and most of them are dvdrip but those movies always have some random resolutions like 720x304 and so on and mostly aspect ratio 2.35:1. Dvdrip stands for copied dvd movie right? But...
  25. H

    Torrent in Dubai

    i am facing a problem regarding torrents in Dubai, may be its ban already or i am the one whos torrent is no longer to search anything. is there anyone facing this problem in Dubai or i am the only one who is suffering from this kind of problem if possible then give me a solution for that please...
  26. Durwesh Naeem

    Asus suite Audio plug ins blocking bittorent

    My motherboards soundcard's plug ins block bittorrent and utorrent .. when i uninstall them its completely fine ... i have no idea what to do because the plug ins are very important for the sound card while bittorent and utorrent are the only softwares which have scheduling and many other little...
  27. R

    How to delete invisible torrent extension of Torch browser???

    I uninstalled Torch Browser and now I am using Google Chrome..I tried download to a movie from by using uttorent. When I clicked Magnet link,the torrent extension torch browser opens and downloads..I want to download it in uttorent and delete the extension..PLZ help..... :heink:
  28. R

    Torrent: Black Screen w/ Cursor: Can't finish new downloads.

    Ever since about a day or 2 ago when I tried to torrent Sony Vegas, this happens. First I tried to delete the Sony Vegas because it wouldn't work, because my anti virus deleted the program that let it run, the when I went to delete the program my screen when black and then I tried to restart...
  29. G

    Avast free anti virus not accepting key.

    I had avast free AV ver 9 with long period licence key ( downloaded from torrent) which I upgrade to Avast free 10 through built in utility, and the key was working for it. I currently have Avast free AV program version 10.4.2233 virus defination 160307-7 I recently got an update of program...
  30. Y

    BITLORD not working on windows 10

    When I download bitlord to my laptop there is no content in the browser or the other search. It is also to big for the screen. I have it on other laptops in the home and it works perfectly as it used to on this laptop. Any help appreciated. I am using windows 10. Chrome browser. As I say there...
  31. P

    Low download speed on private tracker, please help !

    Hi guys, Last night i kept 2 torrent for download one from a public torrent site and other is from a private tracker (IPT). what i noticed is that on a public tracker torrent i was getting a download speed of 10mbps where as on private tracker torrent i was only geeting 800kbps download...
  32. T

    Torrent Clients are not adding my files to download!

    Hello guys, So for around the past 8 months I have not been able to add torrents downloaded from the internet to clients such as; Bit Torrent, U Torrent, etc. I download the image files and when I go to add them to download nothing appears when dragged in or manually opened through file...
  33. W

    laptop freezes at/after start up

    I have an Asus laptop with windows 10. I got it about a week ago and it was working okay, apart from a few issues that seem to be windows 10 bs. Theoretically I may or may not have torrented Fallout 4. The computer was fine after this theoretical event until it was restarted. After the...
  34. S

    Bittorrent search website

    Hi i used to find torrents with isohunt, mininova and suprnova which were good sites, but alas all gone now Tried again recently and cant seem to find any good search websites, pirate bay is full of fakes and malware Anybody recommend a good search site?
  35. W

    Best torrent software?

    What's the best torrent software? I've tried uTorrent and it sucks big time. Yes the nice interface and small size is appreciated but the download speed is horrendous, and often gets stuck at 0 for no reason. I've even tried downloading the exact same torrent using uTorrent and Thunder at the...
  36. A

    Looking forward to buy BitTorrent Pro

    Hello, I am looking forward to buy either uTorrent Pro or BitTorrent pro . So which one should I go for ? Anyone here uses Pro version ?
  37. B

    My Acer has crazy virus its operating at like 25%... how do I fix or f-disk???

    I downloaded a movie yesterday from utorrent... now my older laptop is crawling. I can barely get the task manager to open!! I'm not experienced with this. It's an Acer Aspire 5050 from like 2007.?
  38. M

    Utorrent Downloading Is the worse

    First of all I am not sure if this is the best place to be asking questions like these. I use Utorrent a lot because with my internet connection it seems the best option I always choose the torrent with the highest seeds and I always add trackers (Extra Ones) I have an average download speed of...
  39. notneps

    Torrent client with the ability to utilize multiple NICs

    I have several internet connections and and want to get the most out of my bandwidth. Are there any good torrent clients that can utilize multiple connections?
  40. B

    Need a legal use for my new Upload speed. Torrents?

    Hello, I recently got a much better internet connection (100/40Mbps) with unlimited data and I'm looking to put my upload to good use. I figure the best way to do this is to have torrent files for upload but I don't have any interest in using it to facilitate piracy, only genuine legal content...
  41. M

    Can't search on torrent pages

    Hello, I have been using for a long time and no problems. The last few days, it has not been working. I get to the page, and then its like it freezes up on me, I cant type anything at all but my mouse is still working. Have tried other torrent pages, and the same problem. Can...
  42. A

    How to download movies to SD card in Sony Xperia z ultra

    Unable to download movies from torrent to SD card
  43. T

    battlefield 2 rar password

    I downloaded battlefield 2 from torrent.during installation its showing tat the rar file is password protected.folder contains follwing message - This File is Password Protected You can get and verify the password by Going Here.. [link removed] but unfortunately password is unavailable..or the...
  44. M

    Best Online Movie Site

    Does anyone know a good website that has free current movies that I can watch online? I've looked around and all of them either require a credit card or survey or just don't work. Thanks!
  45. T

    system administrator acer

    I downloaded the program "BitTorrent" and would like to uninstall it, but whenever I go to the uninstall tab, it says I do not have the sufficient authorization to uninstall this program and to contact a system administrator. How can I uninstall this program?
  46. N

    utorrent fetching info problem

    whenever i download somthing it says fetching torrent info and not a single peer is gaining i am trying my best plz help me
  47. L

    uTorrent app slows down to less than 1kb, help.

    I got uTorrent on my phonr and any torrent I get will go up to max speed and once it peeks it goes down to 1kb and below and has no ETA. Any help? I couldn't seem to find the right thread to post.
  48. M

    alienware 17 gets slow

    after downloading age fo empires 2 from torrent my laptop got slow ... my al games are from stea mbut this isnt from steam so it is very slow!!
  49. Chevy_Monsenhor

    How do i get my old download options back on Vuze?

    It has been update and introduced a new menu , any clues on how to remove this and get the older one back?
  50. J

    Is this some kind of virus? Help me!

    Guys I bought a new PC in december 2014 and it was working great until today. Yesterday something weird happened, from out of nowhere I've noticed a new icon on my desktop called "homegroup"(I don't share my PC with other people beside the WiFi that I share with my neighbor). Today when I woke...
  51. D

    how to put downloaded movies on sd card on samsung tab 2 10.1

    Cant put downloads from a torrent on the sd card tab2 10.1
  52. S

    Why did my u torrent get so slow

    My internet speed is 370kbs on average. After watching youtube i was able to get my utorrent download speed to 1.1mbs That all changed when i got my new computer. I installed utorrent and configured the same settings as my old pc but im only getting 0.3mbs My dad also got a new modem which...
  53. S

    Bittorrent Program so slow plz help

    My internet speed is around 380-400 kbs. After following the steps of some guy on youtube i was able to get my download speed to 1.1mb that worked will for a month and now im back at 0.4mbs
  54. F

    bypass network security

    I am living in hostel , hostel network have blocked torrent sites and downloaders i.e we cannot download any torrent . I used hotspot shield on mobile to access torrent sites and download torrent . It worked well . I want to download torrents on PC i used vps but you have to connect again if...
  55. D

    uTorrent: Easy way to get viruses? If so, what are good alternatives to it?

    I have uTorrent. I haven't been using it (but will want to use a torrent program in the near future), but over a year ago, I used it, had a bad torrent, and got a virus from a torrent. I ended up contacting my anti-virus software company, and a guy was on the phone, and he used a program to...
  56. Nikos K

    Best/Fastest BitTorrent client

    Which is the best/fastest BitTorent client?
  57. A

    Moving game to ssd?

    I have a game which I downloaded via a torrent client, and it has lots of stuttering somebody told me to transfer it to SSD and it will be okay. But how do I do that? (Its not pirated, its a free game)
  58. Racinglife12

    Multiple Antivirus good idea??

    Hello My question is if its a good idea to have 2 antivirus programs. Last month I downloaded a lot of stuff ( cracked game patches, game torrents, etc. Yes I'm a gamer) and my Avira didn't detect anything (maybe I've got a good eye on what might look like a virus or not) so I thought a 2nd...
  59. K

    how to put subscenes

    how can i put separatedly downloaded subscenes to a movie downloaded via torrent?
  60. C

    grand theft auto 5

    where can i go to download gta 5 without downloading or torrent on a dell pc