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  1. 7

    Can Macbook Pro 13(2015) can handle games?

    Good day guys, Before I buy a Macbook Pro 13(2015), I want to ask if it can handle online games like World of Warcraft or DOTA 2? Thanks :D
  2. C

    My laptop lags whilst plugged in, but is perfectly fine unplugged.

    I play minecraft and world of warcraft, unplugged on both games i get 60-80fps, plugged in on both i get 15-20, help?
  3. J

    What type of Lenovo laptop would be good to play wow, Lol,and other games on?

    Lenovo ,$1000-$1500, only want a computer that can run lol ,wow, and other games smoothly
  4. B

    laptop shuting down mid game. pls help

    So Ive been playing lol for a long time and never had issues with this but when i started playing wow again my laptop would restart mid game or the screen would just froze in pixels and i had to shut it down with power button.Ive been checking temperature and it was always ok around 55°C(while...
  5. D

    Looking for low budget laptop for work and World of Warcraft

    Good afternoon, I have a very old, almost 10 years now, Dell laptop that is limping to the barn as I've barely kept it alive replacing virtually everything but the motherboard, optical drive, and case. Looking to upgrade to a laptop powerful enough for multitasking at work and with a...
  6. P

    Need help finding good laptop

    Hey all, I'm looking for a 13"-14" laptop with at least an i7 and at least a decent GPU, nothing crazy, basically anything lower than a 960m would be perfect. I'm not going to be doing any super heavy gaming, mostly just WoW, however my only gripe is I want an IPS panel, I know there are a...
  7. R

    Best tablet for WoW

    Hey I'm actually seeking a duel boot tablet that can run wow on low settings smoothly, I travel alot and would like to be able to sign Into garrison and do my basic gold farming, any suggestions, Chinese tablets welcome!
  8. B

    World of Warcraft Performance Expectation?

    I haveave a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series - i5-5200U with 2.2 GHz and graphics card HD Graphics 5500 and 8 GB of ram. Will I be able to get good performance from a game like World of Warcraft and other games for that matter?
  9. K

    NVIDIA Settings are not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU.

    Hello there i have an asus laptop with windows 8.1 pro and and Intel HD 4000 and Nvidia Geforce 740. My problem initiated certain months ago when i tried to launch World of Warcraft and all i whould get was a flickering between the game and the desktop. I did uninstall and clean reinstall in...
  10. S

    This is what most people know and I think everyone knows

    If your one of the people that know all about laptops then plz stop reading and if you don't know a lot I want to give a couple tips •make sure you don't leave on charger all the time because it can be a lot of money to fix sometimes •if your battery does nt work than that means you did...
  11. S

    Is my CPU too hot? Having FPS/freezing issues

    All of a sudden, a week or two ago, I started getting REALLY low FPS spikes in World of Warcraft, and having freezing issues with my system in general. The FPS will go from 108 to 30 to 2 and then back up in a very random fashion. I have a Dell Precision M6600 Workstation laptop. Attached an...
  12. M

    Good Laptops For Everyday Use.

    Ive been a big PC gamer for the past few years but lately Ive been in and out of it. Stepped away from the big games, and I just play mild games like Runescape, Minecraft, CSGO, WoW, and other games. So I need something that can run those without lag, and some thing that I can use...
  13. W

    Gaming Laptop Around $2000

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop that can run games such as Skyrim, The Witcher, WoW, Payday 2 etc. at minimum 60 fps. Doesn't have to play at max settings. Preferably Windows 7 (if possible of course) if not, that's fine. Thin kind of design at least 750 GB, also. That's really it, Thanks.
  14. J

    Looking at cheap gaming laptops

    Can the Acer aspire V Nitro run Call of duty titles like WOW, BO1, MW3, and BO2 at good god. If it can't can you recommend me a good laptop that costs less than $1000 and can run newer titles at good fps
  15. K

    Gaming laptop for $1000?

    Hey, all. I stream on twitch and also make youtube videos. I was looking for a laptop no more than $1200 that can handle most games at ultra/max settings with 50-60 fps. WoW especially. Im a big fan of asus but it doesnt have to be asus haha. Dont care what size screen. Prefereably sometthing...
  16. S

    Low budged laptop to play games on

    Hello fello forum users, As the title is saying I am searching for a low budged latop to use for games like league of legends and world of warcraft. I dont have to play them om max resolution but I would like my FPS to be good I have a gaming PC so this laptop is only for when I am going to...
  17. A

    dell 830 lattitude with nvidia graphics card

    Does anyone know of a way to get this laptop to be able to handle WOW game play? I would think that with 8 gigs of ram this laptop would be able to play WOW without freezing.. Any suggestions?
  18. S

    Low-end gaming laptop for playing WoW and stuff like Google Hangouts

    I'm in the market for a new computer and figured a laptop is the best way to go. I web surf, casually play WoW, talk with friends on Google Hangouts, and use Microsoft Office. I don't watch TV or movies on my computer. I am looking to spend $400-$500 USD. I know everyone will say you can't get...
  19. B

    Is this laptop any good?

    Hi guys I was wondering if this laptop will be able to run WoW, LoL, and CS: GO at 1080p Ultra settings with 60+ fps at all times... Thanks in advance :)
  20. J

    Looking for a Gaming and programming laptop

    As the title state, I'm looking for a laptop to play games like WOW and a few lesser steam titles (rust and the likes) on mid to high range graphics. I have just started programming using C code and will move onto C+ code next. I know a bit about computers (desktops) having recently built a...
  21. E

    Help me decide MSI GE60 Apache Pro vs MSI GE62 Apache?

    Hi i want to buy one of this two computers but i dont know which one to get because i would like the better all around but dont want to spend if not necesary. I do some Gopro video editing, also play World of warcraft the latest expansion that is more demanding to play it in ultra settings than...
  22. F

    Asus G751 vs MSI GT72 vs Alienware 17 (2015) vs Sager/Clevo vs Origin

    I have been looking at getting a new laptop, which I will use mainly for World of Warcraft with all settings maxed out. From what I have been seeing: - MSI and Asus are the top two. - MSI GT72 and Sager/Clevo both have upgradable video cards. - Sager/Clevo looks to be available without an OS...
  23. T

    Laptop run Final fantasy XIV: A realm reborn

    I've recently ordered the following laptop I'm planning to use it for high school work and somewhat gaming for when I'm out of the house. I was planning to just play WoW and LoL. But I bought final fantasy XIV: A realm...
  24. orionflux

    budget laptop to play wow

    Hi :) I'm looking for a budget laptop that can play WoW. I would prefer 600 or under, but can flex a bit on price. I'm a casual player.. I'd like 1920x1080 screen resolution.. and a decent screen. ips panel would be awesome, but i know that's asking for a lot at this price. lol just figured i'd...
  25. K

    Dell XPS 13 for World of Warcraft?

    Hi all - I am in the market for a new laptiop and have always enjoyed Dell, although my last Dell XPS 15, bought two years ago, has an awful wireless issue. I am looking for a good laptop for work, but also one that can play WoW at average settings. I am thinking about this Dell XPS 13...
  26. E

    MSI GS60 ghost buy or not buy??

    I curently have a 2012 macbook pro i7 with 16gb of ram and 256 ssd. But has no dedicated graphic card and im having a hard time running World of warcraft in ultra settings. I bought the macbook primary for gopro video editing, but also to play WoW. But i was thinking that i couls run it in...
  27. B

    Feedback on Laptop for World of Warcraft

    Hey there! I'm returning to WoW soon, and I'm going to be gaming on a laptop. I know, I know.. "laptops are not for gamers!". If it were up to me, I'd build a desktop.. but my wife prefers a laptop, and she becomes Onyxia when her enrage ability procs. Seeing as I don't want to die, I'm...
  28. Z

    Gaming Laptop choices under $1200?

    Currently I have an older Toshiba Satellite that I struggle to play World of Warcraft on simply "fair" graphics and the computer has ran its course. I am looking for the lastest and greatest options that can meet my budget, with the consideration that (cheaper is better as long as my needs are...
  29. B

    Casual Gaming and Work Laptop - W8

    Hey, I'm looking for a mid range budget casual gaming and work laptop, I have a budget of around £600, Would like it to be pretty light weight but not the most impotent thing. Also would like W8 on it :) The games I'm hoping to be able to play with mid-low settings are: Hearthstone CSGO (low...
  30. T

    Laptop Advice Needed

    Hiya I am in need of advice in regards to a replacement laptop for my wife's Toshiba Satellite L850D 64bit 8g ram 750hd My question is; What would be a comparative replacement for her Toshiba Satellite L850D in todays models? The Mrs uses it for playing WOW primarily, Skype, YouTube & web...
  31. S

    what type of laptop should i get

    I'm looking to get a laptop which has a disk drive and allows me to play games such Sims and world of warcraft smoothly and lag free, I'm looking at the cheapest price range of £200 - £300
  32. NormH

    Best performance boost option

    i have an athlon x4 860k with 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram, 500gb 7200rpm hdd, asus hd 7850 gpu. i run World of warcraft on a 22" monitor at the same time as streaming movies/tv shows online on a 50" flatscreen (typically 2-5 tabs open at that time) also my son is playing world of warcraft on a...
  33. G

    i5-4210U w/ 820M graphics or A10-7300 w/ R6 Kaveri

    Looking for a new budget laptop to do some light gaming (mostly World of Warcraft and possibly some Skyrim, but I'll be fine with low-medium settings) and it's come down to a couple of choices. The first is a Lenovo Z40, which has an i5-4210U, Nvidia 820M graphics, and 6GB RAM (not expandable...
  34. R

    Dell XPS l702x - Blue Screens and horizontal colour lines

    Morning all, I'm having some issues with my Dell Xps laptop. I can't put my finger on the date it started but over the last month it has been blue screening a lot. Sometimes it will blue screen with the below stop errors preceded sometimes by the horizontal lines: 0x00000024 (ntfs.sys)...
  35. alexisd9025

    In need of a laptop [$500-999]

    Hello, I recently broke my old laptop, but just so happened that it is time for a new one. As i stated on the topic my budget is around 1000 less preferably. The size and screen res doesn't matter, although HD would be nice. The use for the laptop would be the usual web browsing and such along...
  36. G

    Laptop good enough for WoW/Skyrim?

    Hi there, I'm not sure either to buy this laptop or not... Is it good enough for WoW, Skyrim, LoL? Please help me! Graphics NVIDIA Geforce GT840 2GB Graphics Hard Drive 1TB HDD Processor...
  37. A

    Looking for a good Netbook (300€-500€): any suggestions?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a new netbook (around 15-16 inches) but I can't find the right one for me. Price should range between 300€ and 500€. I'd also like to play games like Medal of Honor: 2010 or World of Warcraft on it. So, having this on your mind, what model do you recommend me buying?
  38. R

    Need a 4k laptop with dedicated graphics card!

    Hey guys, I am in the market for a nice portable 4k laptop with a dedicated card. I know the price will be a little steep so just suggest with no regard for price. My needs: A great keyboard: I will be doing a LOT of typing on this computer. Backlit as well. A great screen: No RGB pentile...
  39. A

    I need help picking out a computer

    I know nthing about computers and need to pick out a computer. i need to be able to run complete creative cloud on it and also game on it, just like wow or similar.
  40. T

    I Need The Cheapest Laptop That Can Run WoW on Ultra :)

    Hello all :) my name is erik. i am broke and i do not need much in a computer. All i need is a laptop that can run World of Warcraft on ultra settings With NO LAG what so ever, i know you guys get these questions alot but i cant find a right awenser. please help me :) i thank you all!!!
  41. T

    Low Budget gaming/school laptop?

    Could anybody help me find a low budget laptop that can run LoL, WoW, and cs:go or something? and a laptop that can i can do stuff with school (obviously)
  42. D

    what msi motherboard is the best to play wow on for desk top?

    what msi motherboard is the best to play world of Warcraft on for desk top?
  43. S

    Which Ultrabook is a better buy?

    Hi all. I am a grad student looking to purchase an ultrabook mostly for web browsing, microsoft word/ppt and just general every day use. I play WoW casually and would like to be able to log into my garrison or do simple stuff very occasionally on my ultrabook. I have my gaming desktop at home...
  44. P

    Help me choose a laptop!

    Lenovo IdeaPad G50-45 15,6" OR Lenovo Z710 17,2"? Specs IdeaPad: 2.0 GHz AMD A8-6410 Quad Core-prosessor AMD Radeon R5, 2 GB 8 GB RAM Specs Z710: GeForce 840M, 2GB Core i5-4210M 8GB RAM It's for school use, and gaming on the run - such as lol, wow, cod and maybe BF if it can handle it. So...
  45. A

    Recommend an Ultrabook for Gaming and Photoshop?

    Im looking at purchasing a gaming ultrabook, mostly to play WoW but also newer games in the future. I also want a system that will work well with editing photos using Photoshop and possibly lightroom. I want to get a very up to date system that is near the beginning of its life cycle. Some other...
  46. P

    Is Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough?

    Want to play league of legends, world of warcraft, call of duty and battlefield 3/4. Do you think the it can handle it? Other specs are Intel Core i7-4510U and 6GB RAM.
  47. W

    Looking for a budget laptop for wow/lol/heroes of the storm

    I'm looking for a cheap laptop for my gf which will run wow (questing/dungeons no raiding) LoL and Heroes of the Storm (she just got beta). Budget is £300 maybe £400 at a push. Realise this isn't going to get me super graphics quality but s'long as its playable for her
  48. J

    Budget Laptop (w. guide)

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, and laptops in general. I know you guys probably see this a lot, but hopefully I'm not asking for too much. Ideally this laptop just needs a few things: 1) Ten key, 2) run windows suite, 3) handle WoW, and 4) be around 600 usd. I know that isn't much of a budget...
  49. A

    Looking for advice

    hello , i am looking to buy my niece a laptop , she is 14 atm , like playing minecraft, sims, league of legends, wow sometimes. Her comp is getting old and her parents can not afford much in the way of pcs, i figured the mobility of the laptop would be better , with school and such as well ...
  50. M

    My laptop runs PC games extremely slowly, when it used to run perfectly.How can I make it run better?

    My computer is a Gateway LT41P, Windows 8 operating system. I got it about a year ago, and I downloaded World of Warcraft. It ran perfectly for a month, before it started lagging pretty harshly. I haven't been able to get the computer to run PC games smoothly since then. What should I do?
  51. T

    Help Me Choose A Laptop

    I am looking for a laptop that is capable of playing games like WoW and Diablo 3. I recently purchased a Acer Aspire with a i5 4210 that's running integrated 4400 graphics which I understand won't run WoW very well. I would like to play WoW on at least a high setting with view distance turned...
  52. F

    Games slow after factory reset.

    So I did a factory reset on my laptop the other day and I updated my drivers and I installed world of warcraft and when it was done launched it and when i get on i would run on my character and get lag and drop frames from 50fps to 10fps and never had that problem before I did the factory reset...
  53. E

    Laptop for less demanding games

    Hello, Thinking about getting laptop for less demanding games. Since I have good and powerful gaming machine, I'm NOT GOING to play such games as Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity or GTA5. But I would like to play games such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, maybe some less...
  54. B

    Will a lenovo y40 play wow and how well.

    Bought a lenovo y40 for wow will it handle it.
  55. J

    Looking for a college laptop for around 500$

    Hi im looking for a laptop around 500$. It would be mainly for taking notes in class but would also be used for light gaming at home mostly wow. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.
  56. M

    WoW Laptop under $1000

    I travel a lot and need a laptop to play World of Warcraft. I am an older guy so biggest monitor possible is needed. I do raid.
  57. treepop

    Laptop that can play Wow for ~$300

    Is this possible? Would like if it could play at max settings, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. It's for my brother, and he needs something that can play Wow/other games and he also needs to do work on it, so lightish would be a nice perk
  58. C

    Gaming laptop choice

    Been looking through the threads for gaming laptops there either budget or a couple of years old. Im looking for a laptop to run World of Warcraft on high settings aswell as Call of Duty AWF on high settings. New to laptops so just wondering if someone could link me a few decent ones :) Willing...
  59. I

    Budget Laptop for mild gaming (WoW/DoTA)

    I'm looking for a laptop around ~$500 CAD / US -- No Duty Tax please!!! I mainly use it for WoW and DoTA for "gaming" some others, but any new gen game I play on a console so I don't need a 1k+ laptop. I'd still like to play these mild games at a high quality. I've been looking at a couple of...
  60. D

    display driver has stopped responding and has recovered? only when i'm in a full screen game.

    Sometimes when I'm playing WoW, Smite, Lol, ect. it goes black for about 5 seconds then tabs out to my desktop and says "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" in a bubble off the task bar. Sometimes it even stays a black screen; still on and running, but I will have to force...