Is a LEnovo IdeaPad y500 a good choice? Thank you


Jan 14, 2014
Hey guys! I'm going to buy a new laptop soon, and I'm now looking for a good one! This laptop isn't available right now in the market in which I'll get it, but it'll be available in some days or weeks, perhaps (it says temporary unavailable!)...

I'm going to use the laptop for gaming.

*Will the Keyboard come in Spanish? With the 'Ñ' letter and the Spanish keyboard options? I'm getting it in a Spanish market. It is $350-$400 more expensive than if I'd buy it in LENOVO's web for the US, though...

*If it will come in English, will it be hard to switch from a Spanish (and I think smaller) one to English? Though I'm Spanish, I actually talk in English on the internet (Like 60-70% times English - 30-40% times Spanish). So I don't really need a 'Ñ'...

*Is 8GB RAM (the model I'm looking at comes with 8GB RAM DDR3) good for gaming + multitasking while gaming?

*Is 1TB enough? Note that it is for gaming! not office things or something like that.

*Is a i7 Processor with 2,4GHz QUAD-core good for gaming?

*I really love that lights keyboard with red lights! Is it good to see the keys while night, or it isn't enough?

*WINDOWS 8... Will it run most of the games?

*How can I guess the Battery life? It just says it's a 6-cell one.

*It comes with UltraBay... I heard that's a thing which allows you change parts of the computer. So, let's just put an example... If a part is broken, I can just change it? Not buying a new computer?

*Is a NVIDIA 650M good for gaming? I think it comes with SLI, what's that? Do most of the games support SLI? I've heard it can even run COD: BO II at High with a decent FPS! Is that true?

*Does it have Nvidia Optimus? In a bit outdated Spanish web review about this laptop, it says it does not. But I've heard about this laptop being worse without the Adapter being plugged in while gaming, I guess it's Nvidia Optimus? If yes, would be there any way to just enable the Nvidia graphics card while gaming without the Adapter being plugged in?

*I heard from some people that with the keyboard you can't press more than three keys in a moment. Is that true? Is that a big problem? Do games (or most of them) need you to use more than 3 keys in a moment? I think no, however I haven't played many games.

*Does it cool the temperatures just when you close the game or it takes a while?

*Will I need external speakers to enjoy the sound or the Jbl are good enough? If I use the JBL speakers too much (I mean too high volume), will it get broken soon?

*If the keyboard gets broken at sometime, would I need a new one or can I just buy the broken key?

Some things:
-I'm from Spain.
-I will use it for gaming!

Oh and... Sorry if my English isn't the best, as I said above, I'm Spanish and my first and native language is Spanish...

Hope so you people help me.

Thank you.


Nov 2, 2012
1. I don't think it'll come in spanish.

2. I think it doesn't matter as you know pretty good English.

3. 8 GB is enough for gaming/multitasking. You can upgrade later, if, at all, you feel it's insufficient.

4. 1 TB is more enough for most users. Storing on cloud is the trend.

5. i7 4700MQ is a beast for gaming.

6. That's why it's backlit, so that you can game in dark... lol

7. Windows 8 is good for gaming. you might face compatibility issues for some older games, though.

8. Don't expect much from battery life. It's a gaming laptop. So, Battery life is a secondary thing to consider.

9. Y500 have an ultrabay slot which can be swapped for another hard drive, another fan or another Nvidia GT650M (or GT750M)[1] GPU which will work in SLI with the system's primary video card for increased graphics performance. (Source:

10. Most of the games (except some which can perform poorly in SLI laptops like BF4) support SLI. It's like using 2 GPUs to increase Gaming performance, which are said to be in SLI config. Check whether your laptop has GT650M in SLI. Check this out:

I don't know about Rest of the questions. Hope it helps!


Jan 14, 2014

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