Setting Up Surround Sound


Mar 5, 2017
Cannot figure out how to hook up my system. Had it working fine, just moved and some of my labels fell off so need help. I have a older sony surround sound receiver (STR-K4800P), sony dvd player (DVP-NC-75P) neither have HDMI ports...connecting to an older panasonic plasma (TH-42PX50U) with one HDMI port, a saumsung blu ray (BD-5900) with an HDMI port. My cable box is a motorola (VIP 2250). Have searched the web and it says to start by connecting the cable box to the cd player but the cd player only has component out, nothing in. Have all the right cables since it worked before but am stumped how to make it work. Any help is appreciated.
Not sure how you had it connected before but the best way to do it would be
1. Add an HDMI Input selector so you can get the best picture from the cable box and BD player. Connect them to the switch and TV with HDMI. For now connect the cable box to the component video and audio input of the TV.
2. Connect the audio output of the TV to the receiver. Set the TV to output in surround sound in the TV menu. Check the manual on how to use the audio output.
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