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  1. H

    logitech gaming software installer wont open

    hi, i recently uninstall my logitech gaming software to fix the mouse button issues but when i try to open the installer nothing happens even when i tried to run as administrator.
  2. M

    Solved! Need an app or code for the "Caps Lock" LED to work

    I bought a Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard to use with my LG Stylo 2, running Nougat 7.0. Paired up easily, all backlighting and sensors working. However, the LED for the "Caps Lock" won't come on when engaged. Many times, I forget. Logitech has a program called "Setpoint," but it's only for...
  3. T

    Logitech z506 to Samsung

    Hi everyone, I've looked for this issue on the forum and haven't found the solution yet so I figured I'd ask myself. I have a Logitech z506 5.1 speaker set ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003VAK1FA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_wDcYAbHX7QFCN ) . I'm looking to connect it to a Samsung UNKU6290 (...
  4. R

    Looking for help on Logitech speakers

    I am having a problem with my z2300 Logitech speakers, they don’t play any sound. I plug everything in correctly and I even replaced the fuse and it is doing the same thing it did before the new fuse. I put the sub on the on position and the wired remote light fades away and when I put it on the...
  5. E

    How to connect speaker system to a TV without 3.5mm jack? Which adaptors to use?

    Hello everyone. So, I have bought a LG television (LED 32LJ610V) which does not have a 3.5mm jack output, but only an optical audio output. I already own (from a previous TV installation) a Logitech Z313 speaker system, which has a single 3.5mm input connector. So, I'm trying to figure out what...
  6. S

    Left speaker, at higher volume, makes a weird tube kind of sound

    I can't find any relatable problem to mine, because if someone has a problem, then usually it's regarding some crackling and popping sounds, or just high pitches that are differently described as my issue, so I couldn't find relatable issue. I got an Logitech Z523 audio system, I do not use any...
  7. cthart

    Solved! Recommendations to replace Logitech Z323 speaker set that has multiple inputs

    I have a Logitech Z323 that I would like to replace with something a bit more HiFi. I would like to buy some real HiFi speakers and a small amplifier, possibly also a subwoofer. I'm leaning towards picking up a Denon mini system, along with some small speakers. But one feature of the Logitech...
  8. D

    Solved! My speakers aren't being recognized by my PC after I reset it.

    I reset my HP Pavillion HPE the other day and The sound won't work. It says no speakers or headphones are plugged in, but I have a set of Logitech S-120 multimedia speakers plugged in. I checked that I had set it up correctly, and I did, But the computer won't recognize it. Have I done something...
  9. D

    Bluetooth speakers quit connecting

    Bluetooth Logitech Z337 speakers quit connecting to my Dell XPS 8900 for no apparent reason. Since then other speakers and headphones have stopped connecting. I removed Logitech from devices in Settings and now they aren't found. My Iphone 7 still works fine with these speakers. I have tried...
  10. N

    logitech z506 sub woofer question

    hi im just wondering if any one can tell me if the z506 series is actual 5.1 with a discrete sub channel or if it funtions like a 2.1 system does. the one I bought i am having a issue where the sub woofer works while playing music but in the speaker configuration page sub makes no sound i also...
  11. Y

    Solved! Suddenly my sound sucks

    This issue is driving me up the wall. Recently I got a pair of G933 Logitech surround sound headphones, to replace my other worn out G933 Logitech surround sound headphones. The sound was amazing on the original, and I was replacing them purely for aesthetic reasons. However, I found when I...
  12. G

    Logitech Z5500 + Logitech Z906 problem?!

    Hello, So I've had Z5500 for 8-9 years and they are still outstanding speakers, but yesterday I bought Z906 and AUX splitter, so I could have both systems connected to my PC. The problem is like the PC doesnt have enough power, don't know how else to describe it. At low volume they play normal...
  13. K

    Solved! Logitech G430 microphone is connected but doesn’t work

    My Logitech G430 is connected to my 3.5mm pink mic jack at the back and my Realtek audio manager detects it as a mic in and says its working but when I go to test it, it doesn’t work and nobody can hear me. My headphones work but my microphone doesn’t. It’s firmly plugged in and set as my...
  14. R

    I have Logitech web cam with a 2.0 usb and a Nextbook flex 10 with 3.0 ports are they compatible?

    I have Logitech web cam with a 2.0 usb and a Nextbook flex 10 with 3.0 ports are they compatible
  15. V

    REALLY STRANGE USB PORT PROBLEMS (tried a lot of stuff to fix it)

    Laptop: ASUS K53TA bought in 2013 Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Keyboard: Logitech K120 regular business keyboard Headset: Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum P.S. I usually play on a PC I wouldn't buy this stuff if i was gaming on this laptop but It's about 200 km away from me so this will do :)...
  16. P

    Solved! Logitech 533 vs audio-technica ath-m40x for gaming

    I want to buy a headset/headphone for my gaming pc, I will use them primarily for gaming on it, but also for some music listening and content consumption. My 2 options are the Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset and the audio-technica ath-m40x headphones. Which option should i go for?
  17. Yukii

    Logitech Gaming Software not opening/opening slowly

    I just purchased a logitech g433 headset and i've been trying to get LGS to open but it hasn't been working. It took around 10 minutes to open and i have a mid-tier pc. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. When the software finally does open and i try to click...
  18. S

    Logitech G230 volume inconsistent

    Usually you hear of headphones having very low volume. But I am confused by what this Logitech pair is doing. Before I updated all drivers yesterday, the volume output from the headphones was so loud that the windows volume had to be set to 2 (the minimum above zero), and then the YouTube(for...
  19. M

    Logitech z506 5.1 help to tv

    Hey just trying to help mom get a nice 5.1 surround sound with the Logitech z506 with this tv. Please tell me what I need to get in order to get the most out of it. Not wanting to spend a lot but any advice is helpful . Tv is samsung tv model LN40D503F6FXZA. Amazon links would be helpful
  20. M

    Trying to Achieve true 5.1 surround sound with Logitech Z906 Speakers & 55" Smart TV

    Hi Guys, Basically i have a Techwood 55" 4k Ultra HD TV (Techwood 55AO4USB) and the Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound speaker setup at my new house. The TV i have does not have an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel). It only has 2 normal HDMI slots and optical slots (i believe optical is only 2...
  21. K

    How to connect a X530 speakers to my tv

    Want to connect my Logitech speakers X-530 to my Vizio TV can someone please help tell me what I need to buy to be able to hood them up thanks and look forward to somebody help thanks.
  22. C

    Is there an audible difference between 2.0 and 2.1 speaker systems?

    I have been looking at a few different 2.0 (mostly Edifier) speaker systems and I have noticed that they are usually more expensive than, say, Logitech Z533. Some of them are twice as expensive as Logitech Z533, which is a 2.1 speaker system. http://www.edifier.com/int/en/speakers/r1280db...
  23. J

    Logitech Z906 Speaker System Tripping?

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help, basically I have the Logitech Z906 Speaker System along with the Behringer 1204USB Mixer and one of these devices are causing my RCD at home to trip. They've been working together for about 3 years now, but all of a sudden this week, when I came to use the...
  24. N

    Using the left overs of an audio system.

    Hello, I have a Logitech Z523 system and the speaker that controls the volume and the bass is dead (actually something on the PCB of it is dead not the actual speaker) and I wanted to know how can I use the left over speaker and the subwoofer, as the main speaker that turns on everything is...
  25. B

    Logitech Z 2300 Repair or replacement

    Hey folks, many years ago I purchased a Logitech Z 2300 2.1 speaker system and it was awesome. well when I got off of active duty and moved into an apartment, I moved over to head sets and gave my dad the old Z 2300's and he loved them. He ended up taking them to work and hooked them up to his...
  26. P

    logitech z906 decode light ON and speaker turn on 2.1

    hi guys , i will try my best in english but i wanna know something about my logitech z906. i plug it on my tv everything was alright when i listen tv but when i go on youtube ou internet the decode light turn ON and the speaker turn on 2.1 and i cant turn it on the full surround why ??
  27. I

    Headphone Buying Dilemma

    Hello there. I am going to be purchasing the Logitech g430 gaming headsets on amazon but came across 2 types of prices for it. One is 40 dollars while the other is 60 dollars. However both are pretty much the same but I would like to know are they? What is the difference and if it really...
  28. S

    Laptop base loud

    Hello people, i bought a new gaming laptop recently ( asus x550xv ) and i plugged in my Logitech g430 in it and realized that the microphone has a loud base level, i tried it in another laptop and there was no problem but in this laptop when i plug it there is a high base level in the...
  29. J_Frosty

    Speakers not working on computer only

    I picked up a used pair of Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers and can't get them to work on my computer. It didn't come with a power cord so I used a 12v plug that I had sitting around (maybe this is an issue?). Using a RCA to 3.5mm jack I tested them with my phone and they play perfectly fine...
  30. G

    How to connect the Logitech Z506 to the HP Envy Desktop 750-537cb for true surround sound?

    I recently purchased an HP Envy Desktop 750-537cb which has only 3 audio outputs. The Logitech Z506 is a 5.1 surround sound with multiple connections, non of which match the color code audio outputs of the Envy 750-537cb. How can I connect the Z506 to the Envy PC for true surround sound through...
  31. J

    Picking out an amplifier

    Looking for a cheap amplifier that's compatible with the Yamaha YST SW012-Subwoofer and the Logitech Z120 Stereo speakers. Looking to have a 2.1 system. Would this suffice: Lepy LP-168S Also, could i avoid getting an amp altogether?
  32. K

    Centre Speaker/Sub mixed up on PC > Audio Splitter

    So, I recently did a bit of screwing around with my setup so that I have everything from my PC to my consoles using the same monitor and sound system (Logitech Z506) without buying a home theater system/new speaker system right at this moment. It looked impossible at first thanks to Logitech...
  33. U

    Logitech z207 help?

    Received the z207 speakers. They work fine when using the aux cable but I cannot connect via bluetooth (does not appear when scanning for devices on my android device). I've tried on another android and also on an iPhone but it still did not appear. Any help? Thanks.
  34. B

    G933 with aorus mobo sound card

    Can't figure out how to use my Logitech g933 through my aorus gaming 5 z370's sound card as i feel like it might have a few extra features
  35. S

    Yamaha RX-V483 newbie questions

    Hi all, I just replaced my cheapo Logitech gaming 5.1 surround system in a box with a proper a/v receiver (Yamaha RX-V483) and proper 5.1 speakers... I'm all grown up.... But... It's day one with the new receiver and I am bummed that I don't have a couple features that my cheapo Logitech htib...
  36. B

    Need to hook up new logitech z506 surround sound system to my Toshiba TV (model No. 40e200U1). Have tried RCA cable and optica

    How to hook up logitech surround sound to toshiba television
  37. T

    Logitech z506, rca input, rear speakers distorted

    I am using a 2 channel rca input so i can play music from echo dot(a reason i bought the speakers). Audio sounds fine from the front and centre speakers however the rear(or side) speakers are distorted and seem to play some of the instrumental parts but not play vocals, even if i play an...
  38. S

    Solved! Logitech gaming software won't install on windows 10

    i bought logitech mouse g502 and can not run software installation and when i start troubleshoot compatibility i get error code: 0x80070057 ... i am not sure if this has anything to do with it but everything is possible.I read that people had a problem with this...my other programs runs really good.
  39. B

    my keyboard does not sink with my mouse

    my mouse does connects not my keyboard
  40. Z

    How do i connect my logitech z623 soeaker to my samsung uhd tv

    I have bought a samsung uhd tv which only has a optical audio out and my logitech z623 speaker has rca and 3.5 mm jack.so i am not being able to connect it to my tv.will the logitech bluetooth adapter help to vonnect??or do i need alternate solution.plz help
  41. J

    Solved! Logitech Z506 Speakers not compatible with my mobo? Realtek Audio App not opening?

    Hello, I just got me a set of logitech z506 speakers and I am having a lot of issues. First of all I can't get a full view of the speakers because the realtek app isn't launching. My motherboard is the MSI B350M Gaming Pro and it only contains pink, green, and blue audio female plugs and the...
  42. Z

    can someone delete this thread? Issue was resolved

    the problem is the speakers, was gaming and playing music at a reasonable level (the audio was clear and I can hear when it is bad for them and avoid going over what is okay for them) when all of a sudden the left speaker stopped making sound. I checked to see if the speaker still made noise and...
  43. X

    logitech z333 vs sony srs d9 vs creative a355 ??

    currently, i'm having sony srs d9 speakers which are good ones but I'm still not convinced because its treble and highs response of tweeters are very low and the subwoofer is just overpowering (some has said that this subwoofer is not used on its full potential, lol ) i have to keep it's bass...
  44. S

    Audio technica m20x vs Logitech G430 for gaming?

    I'm debating whether to get a pair of audio technica m20x which if you don't know are really nice standard headphones. Or get a gaming headset(Logitech G430) I have 7.1 virtual surrounded sound support for my sound interface on my mobo(motherboard) I believe it's Reltek HD. But the G430's has...
  45. T

    How to connect Logitech A006 speakers to my PC

    How to connect Logitech A006 speakers to my PC
  46. C

    Solved! Uprade from Logitech z506 (Studio monitor advicing)

    Hi, currently I have a set of Logitech z506 5.1 speakers. They sound good, but I've been to a friend's home studio some years ago and he has only a pair of monitors no dedicated subwoofer apparently and they already sound 10 times better than my setup. The thing I'm asking for help: I'm looking...
  47. I

    Logitech Z906 Surround System, rear speakers too low.

    Hi All I need some help with my new Z906 I recently bought. Everything is connected correctly and the hardware sound test passes fine, I can hear loud white noise from every speaker (including the rear ones) and low rumble from the sub-woofer. Since during the test an LED on the console lights...
  48. R

    My Logitech Z906 makes a clicking sound when I turn them on and i get no audio. Help!

    I've owned my Z906 for about 2-3 years, and they've worked perfect since the day I bought them. However, now when I turn them on, I have sound for about 1 second, and then a clicking noise (sounding like a small electrical shock) comes around. When it does, the sound dissapears. What is the...
  49. M

    Solved! Logitech z906 and getting everything out of it?

    Hi, I recently bought a set of Logitech Z906's which im going to use pretty much only for music/movies. Im wondering if there's anything I could buy to get more power out of the Z906s like external amp or something? Going to buy bluetooth receiver for them so they wont be connected to PC.
  50. M

    Logitech Z906 optical port no sound

    I just got a brand new set of logitech Z906 after returning my old ones after a buzzing sound, now these new ones are fine... except that I can not play any audio at all with the optical ports (3, 4). I tried plugging the audio system to my TV, Xbox 360 and PC using all ports and I get no sound...
  51. H

    Old sound bar and sub in diy cabinet?

    My question is, if I take apart my old sound bar and Logitech sub woofer build a cabinet for then could the sound end up better because of the larger cabinet?