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    when i shutdown my pc there is a notification saying (name)_cisco_sesion monitor is ti bad?

    I am on windows 10 and I use my laptop at home
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    Solved! Alienware m17xr4 random freeze-ups

    I've had my system i.e Alienware m17xr4 for six years now. I just recently got it serviced . The dedicated GPU i.e Ati HD 7970m had become unresponsive due to dust choking .But now its fine. My PC has been recently having random freeze ups and unresponsive states Always forcing a manual...
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    Laptop automatic stop and shutdown

    My laptop window 7 in not working properly.laptop automatic Stop and shutdown in working in my laptop.
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    Lenovo idea pad stuck in screensaver...

    My Lenovo ideapad just stays on the screensaver and the only option buttons that appear are WiFi, ease of access, and shutdown. How do I fix this? I restarted it and it just goes back to the screensaver again.
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    why this lenovo thinkpad E440 suddenly shuts down?

    I have a thinkpad named lenovo E440. I have shown it to the repairing centre but they have not found the solution. It shut down itself. No problem is found but it is frequently disturbing me. Does the company compensate me?
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    trial premium version hijacks netplwiz and creates login and shutdown problems win10

    Had an old version and was prompted to update. Trial premium version installed and subsequent logins demanded password and disabled settings in netplwiz. Also created hang on shutdown . Is malwarebytes malware??!!
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    Laptop problems fix

    My laptop gets shutdown automatically after almost 1 hour of use, and can't be turn on immediately. How can I fix this?
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    I have a Yamaha RX-V483 Receiver, it powered on fora split second and then shut down. The power indicator light shows power. W

    I have a Yamaha RX-V483 receiver les than a year old. Won’t power on. Indicator light is on. When I try powering it up the power indicator light flashes.
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    Thinkpad X250 freezes when ac is unplugged.

    Hello Friends, I am facing a weird issue with my Thinkpad X250. whenever ac adapter is unplugged at any stage the laptop freezes after few seconds & needs the forced shutdown option. Although it runs fairly well when run exclusively on battery or with ac plugged in. Pls suggest any remedy for...
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    Laptop freezes at start and wont start.

    My laptop wont start after shut down, restart and sleep. I have to press power button few seconds and then it starts. But sometimes even after starting it freezes at windows loading screen then I have to force shut it down by holding power button. Please help.
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    lenovo T420 shut down all of sudenly and never comes on, pls what might be the problem?

    lenovo T420 shut down all of sudenly and never comes on, pls what might be the problem?
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    Why does my laptop shut down even though I've replaced battery

    Have a Toshiba laptop ...bought battery but it keeps shutting I need to get a new charger also
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    phone shut down

    my Fuego 4.0D has shut down and won't power on back
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    Asus X441UA shut down only when battery is connected.

    I have this laptop, Asus X441UA, and i stopped to use it like 3 months. Now when i try to start my laptop doesn't work, only if i plug in works. It seems like don't recognize the battery, because only show 88% of bettery left and don't charge, stand in 88%. help me. (and help me with my bad English)
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    Laptop shut down and won't turn on

    Hey, I just bought this Lenovo Ideapad 520-15IKBR 2 months ago A few days ago it suddenly shut down with no blue screen or any crash report, it wasn't overheating, I wasn't doing something heavy I was just playing league of legends(I don't think a game like league could be something for such...
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    Hi, My laptop ACER ASPIRE E 15 (E5-575G-54YE) is randomly shutting down, FREQUENTLY. I bought it last june 2017, and this problem started like around jan-march 2018. I remember updating windows 10 before the problem started. I already checked for viruses, the laptop is not hot either. The fan...
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    Acer laptop shuts down

    My acer aspire 5 A515-51G-50AC laptop suddenly shuts down, i was playing dota when this happened, I can't even turn it on. When i plug in the power supply my laptop still is lifeless, there is not a single indication from the lights nor anything
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    Laptop not powering down

    My laptop isn't powering down fully. It could be fully charged when I click shutdown and if I unplug it and come back to it a few hours later it's battery is flat. Clicking shutdown and windows brings me through the regular shutdown screen and then the screen goes black as it should. A few...
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    Asus HS-W1 auto shutdown problem

    I recently purchased the wireless headset in the title. Otherwise the headset is fine, but it has an automatic shutdown feature that turns the headset off after certain period of silence. This wouldn't be too bad, but the upon powering the headset back on it won't connect to the USB dongle any...
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    Asus laptop looping after automatic shut down when the battery is out

    CPU: Intel Core i7 -- 3630QM, 2.4GHz Memory: 4GB HDD: 750 GB Laptop keeps looping at the logo screen. I tried to press F1 to F12 and nothing is working.
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    Laptop's Unexpected Shutdown

    Hello there, I own a Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop. So, I am facing some weird problem where my laptop shuts down when starting any game. This happens only while I have it plugged in. On battery, it runs completely fine. It's not a software problem cause I reinstalled all driver and os completely.
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    Hp laptop powers off only during factory reset

    I got a HP laptop notebook, it keeps shutdown during factory reset. But only during factory reset, I need to do a reset because I forgot my login. It's windows 10 Help please!
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    well there are two user accounts

    the first user account is getting shut down automatically but other account works fine
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    Laptop shutdown automatically

    I have lenovo z510 i7 4702mq cpu and gt 740m gpu whenever i play games or use it under load after sometime its shut down automatically the temperature is about 72 celsius i am using win10 (home) i use my laptop plugged in
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    My Dell Windows 7 laptop turns off at battery level 60% ...whyyyy!! Please someone

    Why my laptop turns off at 60% battery level,it used to shut down after reaching 5%
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    Laptop won't shut down, cpu seems to be running at 100% based on the heat generated

    Hey, I could use some help getting this laptop fixed. It has been unable to shut down for a while, so I replaced the failing hdd with an ssd and did a clean windows install hoping that it would fix it, but there has been no change. Here's what happens. When I shut down the laptop through...
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    I have sound but no picture on my Acer laptop. Help!!!???

    My laptop has sound and no picture. I am only able to shut down by icons on bottom of my screen because my power button itself doesn't work. Help please
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    Solved! Toshiba P77 shutting down

    Apparently the problem with mine is that while the keyboard is attached, it will try to turn on but shut down immediately and will keep trying but shuting off. If I key the keyboard detached it will function with no problems, so Im thinking it is an issue with overheating. Any suggestions?
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    Solved! Toshiba laptop C55DA5120

    My Toshiba laptop C55D-A5120 shut down by itself and won't turn back on. It turned off while I was using it and it had 95% percent battery
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    Laptop turns off after turning it on lol?

    My laptop stopped working after installing something. It immediately shut down after I opened Steam, But that wasn't an issue for me. Then, the next time I start the computer it shuts down... And again.....and again. Pls send help lol lol :( :( :(
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    I press alt + f4 and then enter to shut down my hp laptop, then after sometime when i reopen my laptop the screen show black b

    I press alt + f4 and then enter to shut down my hp laptop, then after sometime when i reopen my laptop the screen show black but poweroff light and caps lock light is on.
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    Toshiba Laptop charging problem

    My laptop charges to full battery when it shut down When I open it and start using it it doesn’t charge
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    when i try to turn off my laptop it keeps asking if i wanna shut it down

    when i just push the power button once to turn my laptop off it just keeps saying "slide to shutdown your pc" it did not do this before, I have a windows surface book, please help
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    Will downloading the driver update download make the laptop start up on its own without being plugged in? The screen isn't th

    Will downloading the driver update make the laptop start up and shut down on battery power, without being plugged in? The screen is ok, just that it won't start up or shut down on battery power. Thanks.
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    a box comes up and says cannot find location

    cannot be found then it disappears and the screen is black my computer will not start properly I shutdown reboot it shows a few icons on taskbar but they won't open anything
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    Troubleshoot: Acer E5 511p boot up

    Laptop above having issue: 1. Boots up normally the first time 2. After sleep or shutdown, restart causes the fan to run at full speed but no other components are booting up 3. To fix, I have to manually hold the power button to shut down and restart Seems to work intermittently. I removed...
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    My LG G4

    My LG G4 phone just shut down on it's own yesturday and now i can't get it to turn back on or can't get it to charge. I put a new battrey in it also.
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    Solved! Asus won't shutdown or restart right?

    My Asus laptop will not shutdown or restart correctly. As a result it scans and repairs the drive each and every time I turn it on. When shutting down, the screen turns off as it should but the LEDs are still on and it'll stay like that until it runs out of battery or until I hold the power...
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    when i phugin into my laptop ten it will shutdown

    when i am working on my laptop and my battery is going to down ten i will plug the charger into my laptop then my laptop will shut down why
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    Car subwoofer ohms, please can someone explain?

    Please can someone explain car subwoofer ohm choices and the impact on the amplifier? I plan to upgrade a skoda octavia vrs subwoofer and people state the amp power is 1x200 4ohm or 2x100 8ohm. The sub is a dual voice coil at 2x4ohm and a few people say I need an 8ohm dual voice coil sub and if...
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    Sudden shutdown in hp laptop after reaching 20%

    I purchased my laptop Hp ay005tx two years ago.. But from few days it is showing a problem... The laptop shutdowns suddenly after 20-25% without any warning. N when i plugin the original charger to the laptop n power on the laptop.... The laptop starts charging from directly 20%... Plz...
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    My Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop shuts down every time with a beep 5-6minutes after startup.please help me with this?

    The problem was since yesterday.i switched on the computer as usual and it got shutdown after about 5 minutes.i tried for 4-5times but of no use. Few days earlier to this my laptop didn't shut down at all but I did not bother much as I still could put it to sleep. But from yesterday the problem...
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    Solved! Suddenly shut down

    Last night I was playing a game on my Acer Aspire E5 575g and it suddenly shut off I tried turning it back on but it wouldn't, had it plugged in and the led that tells you when it's plugged isn't even on and ik that the charger works. I tried pressing the battery rest button in the pin hole on...
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    Asus x541n problem..

    My laptop is 1 month old or younger.. It suddenly or automatically shut down without doing anything. If you just grazed it accidentally, it will die. But now, the battery's fully charged and it won't open. It will only work or open if the charger is plugged in. I reaaly need your answers. I...
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    Help me kinda of tensed please read

    My brand new hp 15bs 127ne just shut down unexpectedly during middle of the game (fortnite) its not even a month after i bought it. the charging indicator doesnt respond in my laptop nor does my laptop turn on there is not even a slight sign of power does my warranty cover this problem even i...
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    I upgraded i3-3110m to a i7 3740qm and now my pc shuts down when gaming/stress test

    Hello, I recently upgraded my cpu. Now it will shutdown in a matter of seconds awhile playing games or stress test and the temperature rises to 95-100c. I found that I can disable turbo boost in BIOS and I can play games and such but now I'm only getting 2.6ghz when it should be 3.7ghz (and is...
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    my screen is full dimmed and I cant get it up.

    in the night i dimmed my screen. and in the morning i cant take the brightness up. I've tried the change advance power setting and it still didn't work. i tried shut down the pc and it didn't work.
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    hp elitebook 840 automatically turns off

    Hello Team, My Hp Elitebook 840 automatically turns off when my battery is half and without giving warning and don't start until i charge again please anwser my question either it's the problem of my battery Thank you
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    Unexpected shutdown Acer laptop p243m

    Acer p243m laptop shutdown with in working
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    Force shutdown harms

    How many times of force shutdown can damage a laptop ??
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    Battery blinks once.

    I need help, my Dell Inspiron 15 blinks white once then doesn't turn on. I've tried everything but it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I usually play games and when i restart or shut down my pc the game i played starts from the beginning what can i do to solve

    Games start over every time i start it After shut down or restart
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    Lenovo T420 issues with replacement battery

    Bought a 3rd party replacement battery for my Lenovo T420. Powered down, removed AC adapter, installed the new battery, plugged AC adapter back in, powered up. Waited 10 minutes, unplugged AC adapter, PC shut down. Plugged adapter back in, powered PC back up, left up for 10 hours to ensure full...
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    Peculiar Laptop Activity (Keyboard, boot up & shutdown)

    Hi, I have an Acer laptop that's started acting up in various ways recently. Firstly, a few weeks ago I noticed that after shutting down the light indicating it was connected to the charger remained on even when unplugged. Pressing a key (any) and the light would go off. Next, I noticed when...
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    ASUS: Playing Video Causes Shutdown

    Disclaimer: I've seen this issue posted last year and back then the temperature was the issue. I already ran realtemp and my temps are fine. I'm on an Asus laptop running Win10 Home 64-bit and mainly when I run video's from YouTube (Chrome and Firefox, browser makes no difference) or from my...
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    Suddent Shutdown. Wont turn on

    Hi all, I have a problem with my HP 11 x360 notebook. I have tried to do a recovery of my laptop by doing a hard reset, but while it was doing the reset I have plugged in a charger because the battery was running low and the laptop suddenly shut down and now I cant turn it back on. I checked...
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    What are TOSHIBA flash cards

    Good day I have a toshiba satelite and recently when i shut down there is a notice saying that TOSHIBA flash cards is preventing shut down. I have search my computer as best i can to find out what this is and It doesn't show up on any of my searches. Can anyone help me please.