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    How do I fix overheating for my laptop

    Hello! :) I've had this laptop for nearly 3 years and I've been dealing with overheating the whole time. It only shuts down when the weather gets hot. I've tried to open it up, but it's too difficult to take apart. I've tried MSI Afterburner and TThrottle, but they don't seem to work, if I have...
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    I am having issues with my Acer aspire 5251.

    When I start up it says it was not shut down correctly. I have tried the repair option and get the blue screen. I have also tried to reset back to factory settings and it gets stuck on the "please wait a moment" I've waited 30 minutes and it is still nothing. Any tips would be most...
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    Solved! My computer is forced to shut down at 11:30 pm every night How can I stop it from doing that?

    My desktop computer is forced to shut down at 11:30 pm every night, How can I stop it from doing that?
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    Notebook want shutdown

    My HP stream notebook want shutdown
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    Asus Vivo x542 i3 7 th gen

    My Asus laptop beyween 5-10 minits automaticaly shutdown ..i bought it last sad..can u help me..
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    Solved! Cant type password on laptop login screen even if the keyboard work fine

    I have a asus laptop. I forgot to shutdown my laptop for 7 days, and still in hybernate mode. I have a windows 7 and i cant type anything in password login screen or click the ease of access center. I tried to press f2 and go to system restore, debugging mode, boot mode, but that need password...
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    Solved! Even if i already shut down my laptop a multiple times, but still the automatic repair won't show . Why is that?

    My laptop is stuck on restoring installation, i followed the instructions from the internet on how to solve the problem. It says i have to shut it down in 3 consecutive times in order for the automatic repair to show up, but unfortunately even if i already shutdown my laptop multiple times...
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    my laptop shuts down when the fan is running at full speed

    my sony vaio laptop had an overheating problem that i fixed by taking out 2 of the fan cables to let it run at full speed, but now when i have a game or to many mozilla firefox tabs open it shuts down like someone unplugged it with no battery in. temp never goes over 50C when it shuts down I...
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    PC frozen.shutting down no help.

    Hope someone answers quickly. After “PC at risk came up on lower bar, PC froze. Finally got PC to shut down, but that didn’t help. Everything still inoperable. Please help if you can. Thanks.
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    laptop shutting down

    Hi.My laptop keeps shutting down when i connect to hotspot or wifi but doesn't shut down when am watching movies or doing other stuff that doesn't involve net.Whats the problem?.Help, please.
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    Acer Apire E5-575G-52DA does not shut down or sleep or restart

    Please help. I have an Acer Aspire E5-575-52DA It was working properly for a long time but today I inserted an old SD card of my uncle to view old pictures and after I view what files are on there, I turned off my laptop but it didn't shut down.. I tried to shut it down again but nothing...
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    Lenovo ideapad 110

    Shut down during windows 10 update. Now it won't boot, I see the loading screen with the logo and the loading circle. The a message that say " attempting to recover installation, restoring your previous version of windows" then it powers down and repeats the same thing over and over
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    So I shutdown my laptop last night and slept next morning when I turned it on its stuck up at Msi logo and showing that "prepa

    So I shutdown my laptop last night and slept next morning when I turned it on its stuck up at Msi logo and showing that "preparing for automatic repair" for 12hrs and still its in same condition..
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    Bios update fail

    I was updating my laptop Bios unfortunately my laptop shutdown and when I turn it on tells me reboot or select proper boot device am confused guys am going to lose my projects
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    Screen stuck on "hibernating" when trying to login after shutdown as usual

    When I try to log in on my HP Windows 10 laptop after a shutdown as usual, my laptop stuck on a screen saying "hibernating" just after I turn it on (I don't set a password anyway). If you try to suggest me to take the battery, it's impossible because it's an internal battery.
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    Help my lg phone shut down by itself!

    how do i turn on my lg x style that shut down while i was playing a game! Now it wont turn on at all!!
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    Solved! ASUS Q500A Laptop powers down shortly after start-up (only following drained battery)

    Hi all, I've been having quite a peculiar problem with my laptop lately. Only after the battery has drained to a very low amount (e.g. below 10% or so, or after completely dying), the next time I attempt to start it up, the Asus loading page appears, it starts to bring up the Windows 10 login...
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    Pressure cause shutdown

    i have an msi gs63vr stealth pro When I put any amount of pressure on the bottom right palm rest by the power button it hard shuts off. Had it less than 6 months any idea what's causing this?
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    Laptop Overheat constant shutdown problem

    So recently my laptop just keeps on shutting down when im playing games and it only shut downs when im playing games and plugged in to the wall at the same time. I've tried lowering the maximum processor state to 75% when plugged in and the mininum to 5%. I've tried cleaning the fan and it seems...
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    when downloading is running in utorrent then i shut down the pc what will happen

    Good i dont have more detail to say sorry
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    My laptop is trying to recover because I force shut down to stop it updating, but now it's stuck on a never-ending cycle

    Because of an update, I force shutdown my laptop. But, now it stuck on a cycle of the HP(my laptop brand is HP) screen loads, gone then said trying to restore previous installations, and then off, and then repeat the cycle. It has been 10 times more since the cycle begin.
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    my postivo laptop receiving power but doesnot turn on,why????

    ok when my computer shutdown,after charging i turn it on then doesnot turn but it have fixed battery built inside,tell me how can solve that problem
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    laptop shut down asus rog gl553vd

    laptop shut down when playing game my laptop is core i 5 7th gen 8 gb ram
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    Solved! Toshiba M50-A-118 doesn't shutdown or sleep

    Dear tomshardware community, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that can't properly shut down or sleep/hibernate (restart is fine). What happens, frequently after some hours of usage, is that uppon asking the PC to shutdown/sleep, it will try to do so and then the screen goes black. But the...
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    Sleep/Shutdown Restart HP Spectre x360 Convertible

    I have a HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl1XX, running windows 10. Recently, within this week, when it enters sleep mode it will eventually restart and then when i go to open the lid and wake it up it has restarted so all the tabs open are closed. Then when I try to shut it down, it just...
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    Shutdown with cut sound

    I have sony viao i 5 e series which is being shutdown after produce cut sound
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    Toshiba L850-1kg random shut down (no heat problems)

    Hello, I have a problem with my toshiba L850-1kg, after 20 to 30 minutes of being on it simply powers down without warning. Normally I would say it would be a problem with overheating, but after it shuts down the bottom of the laptop is as cold as if it never turned on. I also openened it up...
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    Mobile not turning on

    My Panasonic eluga I 3g mobile suddenly shut down before some days and when I tried to turn it on it was just the "powered by Android" logo
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    Black Screen and White Underscore

    I shut down my computer regularly, and I’ve never had any problems until now. When I try to power up my laptop, the Bytespeed logo pops up as usual, but then it goes to a black screen with a white underscore flashing in upper-left hand corner. No commands work, Ctrl/Alt/Dlt just resets the black...
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    ASUS ROG GL552V wont turn on!

    So I wanted to shutdown my laptop because it hanged up and holding the power button didn't lead to a forced shutdown. So I unplugged the laptop and took out the battery. After that I tried to turn it back on and nothing happens. No fans, lights to indicate its booting up. The only light is the...
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    I can't remove battery on my aspire it stuck in shut down mode

    My aspire laptop is stuck in the shut down mode. I don't have a battery either it is belt in I think
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    why power button's light is always on? i want to know about.

    Although shut down the Laptop, power button's light is ON. Why?
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    New HP15....shuts down randomly......went back to Best Buy......number 2 did the same thing....NOW,,,,number THREE is starting

    Random shut down on HP 15's. Third one in 4 weeks and still doing it!!
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    Asus tp500la transformer. Shut down and restarted computer and is now stuck on an eternal aptio setup utility loop.

    I was on skype when the whole screen just froze. It won't let me exit the aptio setup utility screen. I think my hard drive is damaged or dead but not sure because it was working perfectly fine seconds before it froze. Any suggestions on solving this please is appreciated.
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    Ascer Aspire shutting down

    I have bought a used Acer Aspire V3-571G with i7-3632QM CPU, 1x8 GB RAM, 750 GB harddrive and it runs on WIN10 home My problem is that the PC completely shuts down after exactly 30 minutes. - It's not overheating. Speedfan shows 42-47 degrees when running and it still turns off. - I've tried...
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    I have forgotten my pattern.

    I have forgotten my pattern. when I try to shut off my galaxy tab a it wants the pattern. since I have forgotten it how do I shut down my tablet so I can reset it?
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    My e700h not charging in off mode until i on my Phone but it shutdown when i remove the charger

    My e700h is not charging in off mode when i on my phone but it shutdown when i remove charger
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    power up problem

    I have a Lenovo ideapad 305 that is difficult to power up after shut down especially when charge before shut down. I have to wait for days before it occasionally power up. Any help to remedy this will be great!
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    something's wrong with my laptop

    i was using my laptop when it suddenly notified met that there is something wrong with the pc and shut down and everytime i attempt to turn it on it makes a very loud beep sound..what is wrong with my laptop? and how to fix it?
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    Solved! Laptops don't seem to shut down.

    I have an HP Zbook and HP Envy, all Windows 10 pro. When I shut down, either by start menu or power button, the wifi and mute buttons stay illuminated and fans run full blast. -Updated MEI after trying the older versions 9.5 to 10 -Set up power options to shut down -tried the shut down option...
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    ASUS Q500A Laptop powers down shortly after start-up (only following drained battery)

    Hi all, I've been having quite a peculiar problem with my laptop lately. Only after the battery has drained to a very low amount (e.g. below 10% or so, or after completely dying), the next time I attempt to start it up, the Asus loading page appears, it starts to bring up the Windows 10 login...
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    struck in an endless loop of reinstallation and restarting when i shut down it in middle of windows update

    my laptop lenovo g50 ,i shut down it when it was updating windows thinking its completed..but after when i start it again it is displaying the lenovo logo and after some time it shows a message saying " windows didn't install properly" and continues to restart endlessly ...and this displaying...
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    Help I can't shut down my laptop

    Okay, so our teacher told us to download "safe exam browser", which is just a browser that you can't alt+tab or something like that. But now, I can't shut down my laptop, I can't open the task manager. I can't even log out! I have a HP EliteBook2570p windows 10.
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    My laptop screen is broken so I can’t turn it off what do I do?

    My screen is completely broke so I can’t see the shut down sign. Is there any way I can shut it down?
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    acer e1 571G model .it shutdown randomly .i had changed the battary but the problem is not solved

    bios is upgraded with version 2.21 and the charger is also good ... but then why it shutdown...
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    Lenovo Laptop gave me a static shock and now won’t work. What do I do?

    When I opened up my laptop and touched it, I got this burst of static electricity through my finger and the whole thing shutdown. It won’t turn back on and I’m not sure what I can do.
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    Laptop fans make really loud blowing noise and laptop shuts down every 3 or 4 days or so since I owned it, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, Just over a week ago I bought the HP 15-BW085ND laptop and ever since I got it, the fans have been making a really loud blowing noise. Which I was fine with, until my mom said something about it. So I Googled it, and I found that it's because I put the laptop on my lap when I use...
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    toshiba flashcards preventing shutdown

    Every time i try to shut down the Toshiba flashcards is preventing without force close. Cannot locate in apps to remove.
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    Lenovo boot loop

    My lenovo w510 is in a boot loop ,which everytime it auto shutdown and repeat.I tried to diagnose but it still shutdown afterward.
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    Toshiba Flash Card App preventing shutdown on my Toshiba Laptop

    I use Firefox browser and Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop. When I try to shut down the laptop, Toshiba Flash Card App prevents shut down unless I manually tell the computer to "shut down anyway". When I go to msconfig and startup I see 3 options to uninstall. None of the items are titled Toshiba...
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    Why my acer aspire V5 431 shows 81 available (plugged in, not charging). And when I unplugged the adapter my laptop shut down

    This happen after i did not use my battery for 2 weeks. What should i do ? I have uninstalled the battery manager but still not working. When i plugged in the adapter the battery light wont lighting as usual but it shows that 81 percent available (plugged in , not charging)
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    Stuck shut down screen

    My Windows 10 Helios 3000 Predator was stuck on the shut down screen for at least 12 hours now, but even the keyboard doesn't respond, and there is no mouse cursor. -Thanks
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    Laptop suddenly shut down?

    My Acer Aspire AS5750G-6496 laptop suddenly shut down. I was just watching YouTube on Chrome when it happened. When I tried turning it back on and running safe mode, it froze and thin multicoloured lines appeared and made a grid pattern. I turned it off and the power button and the battery...
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    Not shutting down Laptop for a month but hibernates it.

    Ok, so. Im using an old laptop (Been using for 4 years) And Im trying to use FL Studio without actually buying it. (A trial version which you cant load your saved project) I wanted to buy it , but is expensive as hell in my country and I wanted all the plugins. So, I thought that if I could let...
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    Laptop not charging

    How to fix my laptop without a charger. My laptop sometimes charge and sometimes don't, so the other day my laptop was working perfectly. Just the other day i went overseas for only 2 days and i didnt charge my laptop as im afraid if anything happen.. when i came back, my laptop has shut down...
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    Laptop won't display anything but power is on

    I have an LGC50 laptop. My laptop won't turn on after I inserted USB on it. It shut down immediately. When I plugged in the charger, the power indicator blinks but the monitor won't turn on. It's black like shut down. Is there anything I can do?
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    Flash cards problem

    Toshiba satellite pro when I go to shut it off i get message that says Toshiba flash cards preventing shut down can u help please I have to click shut down anyway
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    Solved! Laptop screen blinking and continous reboot and shutdown

    Laptop screen blinking and continous reboot not enter windows or appear anything on screen just some windows logo and windows login my laptop is HP
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    turning on ASUS X441N without plugging in

    It's been only 5 months since I bought this Asus X441N. On its 3rd month, it automatically shutdown even if it is not yet 1 minute turned on. Prior to this, i usually had charged my laptop at 10%. So when this had occurred I charge it at 50% or even stay it just plugged in. The automatic...