Even after buying a switch, I still cannot get both the TV & Roku Stick to work


Oct 29, 2017
Im trying to hook up a Roku stick (3600) but have an old Sony TV w/1 HDMI. The HDMI is already being used to connect to my digital cable box (Optimum.) I bought a 3 in 1 out auto switch (Dinger brand, Amazon) but, I still cannot get the Roku to work together with the TV. I can ONLY use one OR the other by plugging one of the two into my only HDMI port in back of my TV.
Using the switch box, I plugged in the Roku stick (tried all 3 inputs) & took the end of the HDMI cable that's was plugged into the cable box & plugged that into the switches "out port." .)
Do I have this connected right?? Do I need another HDMI cable & if so, what gets connected to what??
Note:The cable works on HDMI 3 & it seems like its the only one that works, even when using the switch box. Not sure if it's because of how it's connected or what? And yes, I did try switching to the corresponding input w/TV remote.
I'm sure you can tell by my questions, I'm NOT technically inclined when it comes to TV's, so please, be specific with hook up instructions & links for any purchases would REALLY be appreciated. Thanks So much in advance for the help!



Welcome to Tom's!
The out port of the switch should go to your TV's HDMI input. The Roku stick should go into one of the inputs on the switch, and the HDMI from the cable box should go into one of the other input ports of the switch. I don't know how well the auto part of the switch would work, unless you turn off the cable box when you want to use Roku and vice versa when you want to watch cable.

Good Luck!