How to connect roku 3 + smart blu ray + cable box + laptop to non-smart tv w only 2 HDMI ports?


Oct 23, 2014
Have Roku 3. Have 2 HDMI ports in non-smart tv. Have smart Samsung blu ray . Cable box (xfinity) = 1st HDMI, blu ray = 2nd. Roku = 3, dedicated HP laptop (which I might not even need) = 4. And for what it's worth, have a galaxy s5.
*I would like everything to talk*

A) Both cable box and blu ray have additional HDMI ports. Is there a way to incorporate all 4 HDMI devices without using splitter?
B) Only using laptop to manipulate Internet via tv screen. It's dated, but still 1080p. Have much newer one, but it's across the room. Is it worth a 50' HDMI cable? Do I even need either?
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