Solved! Laptop won't turn on, Pressing Power For 30sec won't work.

Jul 9, 2018
I have a HP laptop.
That won't turn on. If i plug it in charging indicator first glows white & then it turns orange. But no matter how many times i press power button it won't turn on. I tried almost every suggestion on the internet related to the topic like removing bettery and pressing power button for 30sec or 1min, but it wont work.
And i think it is related to BIOS in some way because last time i was trying to boot off of a usb drive that didn't boot properly so i power forced it off. After that it never switched on.
Btw some people might assume that it just doesn't showthe screen but it doesn't power on at all because its power button is a led indicator that doesn't glow when i try to power it on.
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