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    Solved! I have an Asus Laptop, when i entered Bios it reads the gpu as 930mx and then when i boot into Windows it reads the gpu as nvi

    Troubleshooting incorrect gpu detection and Code 43 error
  2. R

    Solved! Getting pop ups of virus

    so basically I was getting this virus pop up on my avast antivirus i went to check what it is below is link to and i dont know what to do with it some antiviruses say its adware some say virus some say its clean can someone help me with it?? thanks also below is link for picture...
  3. M

    Formatting-External drive not found... on xbox one/pc or mac

    I just got a Samsung M3 portable 1TB drive... I hooked it up to my xbox one and it gave me the option to format for media or games and apps.... I picked games and apps it formatted but when I go to storage its not there, when I go to back up and transfer it says external drive not found. So I...
  4. B

    Solved! Vive setup help / advice.

    Ok so here is my question. I have a small room. I need help/advice/options on where the best 2 places would be to put the Vive boxes in the room. I don't really know the cone of detection each box has. how accurate they are or what the best thing I should do and what positions would provide the...
  5. A

    Solved! SIM Card Detection Failures with Huawei ascend Y550

    SIM Card Detection Failures with Huawei ascend Y550 (no sim card detected, appels d'urgence uniquemet) solution find: empty cache and reboot
  6. L

    Tricking the game into thinking the computer has an older graphics card, so it can run

    I recently got a PopCap game for free (Bejeweled 3), for Origin was giving it out on its regular on-the-house promotions, and when I try to run it, it goes into a low resolution mode. Whenever I try to raise the resolution, the game says it can only do that when 3D acceleration is enabled...
  7. A

    laptop graphics card not detecting by device manager

    Have same problem no solution graphic card of laptop dissapeared no device manager detection
  8. kol12

    Is anybody familiar with the program Process Hacker 2?

    I'm interested in using the program and has a detection rate of 4/56. Does anyone use it and are the detection's known to be false positives?
  9. S

    wifi signals detection

    guys i am having a very normal (daily usage) laptop. the problem i facing is that my laptop is not catching the wifi signals properly. it only catches signals in my room.. when i move out of the room approx 5-10 meters away from the router it shows no signal.. guys please tell me what to do and...
  10. M

    Proxy Detection Software

    I'm building a domain in my vo-tech school for the class, and the teacher would like to know whenever someone attempts to use a proxy. Does anyone know of a good software that will detect when a proxy is being used and send an alert?
  11. A

    SDXC Card can't be read anywhere!

    I just got a Silicon Power SDXC 64GB microSD card and I haven't been able to have it working at all yet So whenever I insert the microSD part of it into my phone, nothing happens at all. No detection...
  12. Mr Burns

    Is my Sophos Protection Up-to-Date?

    So I am running Sophos Endpoint Security and Control version 10.3. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. I'm just wondering if it's up to date. I remember last night it said "Last checked for updates 23-03-16" but now it's saying "Updating: Failed". It is also saying "Web Control: Disabled". I've had a...
  13. T

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro headphone jack detection

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop where the headphone jack detection doesn't work properly. Most of the time the jack will always think there are headphones plugged and and therefore disable the speakers. This is NOT a software problem, I have both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 15.10 installed...
  14. H

    Seagate 1tb External Hard Disk, only working in windows 7 not in any higher OS

    I have a seagate 1tb Hard Disk, until few weeks ago it was working fine. Now, it is only working with windows 7. I have tried it in windows 8, 8.1 and 10, its not working in any of these higher OS. I've also tried different USB cables. The only thing comes in My Computer is the new drive letter...
  15. B

    Finding a keylogger

    I am certain my pc's have been one of these installed, against my knowledge. This includes Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Can anyone recommend a detection program that has had success in finding them and possibly showing where the reports are being sent? Thank you all very much
  16. N

    Headset Microphone Is Not Working

    Hi guys! So I just bought an A4TECH HS-28 Headset...and when I plugged it in the audio had no problems whatsoever, but when i tried to record my voice through the microphone in Action and Fraps there was no sound coming from it. Which is a shame cause I wanted to make YouTube videos with live...
  17. C

    Graphics card detection problem

    Greetings lads! I have a tiny problem here, this here old laptop from a time before time's graphics card stopped doing its job, it's an HP laptop, model g6-1313sq. It's supposedly got two graphic cards or some wizardry but none of em are getting detected which is quite aggravating since I can't...
  18. P

    hard drive detection

    I have a 2 TB external hard drive. It is working fine in other laptop. but when i am trying to connect in my pc dell it is not detecting. i am having windows 7 os and i formatted my pc few days back and reinstalled the os again. after that this problem is happening with the hard drive. Even my...
  19. lights0123

    Conficker and vobfus at the same time

    I was just working on my computer when my AV (Avira) popped up with: I investigated it, and I noticed those two files. I checked for other instances of it, but I didn't find anything. Also, I noticed that the autorun.inf in there was 57KB, but didn't really notice it. 15 seconds later, my AV...
  20. N

    MSI laptop's touchpad and keyboard won't work together! (Gaming and such)

    Hello everyone! I currently own an MSI GE60 0ND Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660M RAM: 8GB @1600MHz HDD: HGST 1TB 7200RPM Keyboard: SteelSeries 103 keys Touchpad driver: Elantech It was working well in the past but I just recently noticed that I can't use the...
  21. A

    Does Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.1 + Iobit Malware Fighter Pro provide complete protection?

    Does Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.1 + Iobit Malware Fighter Pro provide complete protection? Both uses the lowest of resources but how good are they compared to the Antiviruses in 2015.... Advanced systemcare ultimate uses bitdefender detection engine but is it enough protection as...
  22. S

    Asus X555LJ Ram Detection Problem

    I have an new Asus X555LJ with 4 GB inbuilt ram. I tried upgrading the RAM by throwing in a single DIMM of TwinMOS 8 GB 1600 Mhz. But when i booted and checked System properties in My Computer, it didnt show the 8 GB ram upgrade. Instead it only displayed 4 GB usable. My requirement is to play...
  23. G

    Problem with HP laser wireless printer regarding wireless detection!

    Time and again I have tried installing my new HP laser wireless printer but not being successful in installing properly n configuring the wi fi thus not able too access wireless printing function through my wireless router even though upon searching the printer's IP address on my browser its...
  24. GreenBaconPirate

    Antivirus Detection in .dll files

    So I have a a new game: Dragon Age: Inquisition. And I'm wondering why it's .dll file is detected by Avira as a Trojan/Virus. Do you know why? Is this normal and safe?
  25. Zoladex

    Headphone socket problem

    Hi, im getting audio mostly from one side. I've read a couple of threads, but i believe i have another unique part to it. While plugged in the volumes are about 100% one side, 10% the other. However if i unplug the socket about half way, it changes to 0% one side, 100% the other. Though then...
  26. D

    Question I really need some advice on virus removal and the detection of possible rootkits....ugh....please help.......

    I recently was using an unactivated copy of Windows 7 and tried to use a third party activator as I was planning on installing Windows 8 in the very near future and did not want to have to buy 2 copies of Windows (I know stupid right). Well the activator installed some adware (YTDownloader...
  27. X

    Need help with AVG Detection

    So, I recently installed about 10 Windows 8.1 updates and after the restart AVG Identity Protection popped up saying a few files were behaving suspiciously. The two files it detected were: C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3\old\1\printconfig.dll and C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe Both...
  28. L

    Speccy Hanging On CPU Detection

    Hello, I have an i5-4690 CPU and Speccy keeps hanging (specifically it gets stuck in a loading loop) while trying to detect the CPU category. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program several times and it will only work very sparingly, but most of the time the above error occurs...
  29. Ken Clark

    Which antivirus currently has the best detection rate and the lowest false positives?

    I am currently using Avast but I am looking at alternatives. I looked at the AV charts and Panda Cloud Antivirus had the highest detection rate and only one false positive but all the reviews for it says it has a crap detection rate. And DO NOT recommend MSE because it has one of the worst...
  30. neiroatopelcc

    VMWare Player avoid CPU detection

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows a means by which I can avoid a virtual windows XP from noticing hardware changes in the host - in particular the CPU seems to be 'passed thru' from the host directly.
  31. E

    Utorrent can't leech file from others seed

    hai im usually uisng torrent at my office..lately my torrent dosen't work,it's like they already block it. is there any way to tunnel the connection without any detection ?
  32. S

    What is the "best" anti virus there is?

    Kicking the price tag out of the window and just by going off of the ease of use, virus detection, removal and general protection offered by each of the different anti virus programs which is the best out of all of them is the best to use. Also it would be great if you can offer some proof of...
  33. Z

    Android 4.2 Malware Scanner Has 15% Detection Rate

    Third-party security apps shouldn't be deleted just yet. Android 4.2 Malware Scanner Has 15% Detection Rate : Read more
  34. T

    Extreme virus detection and signs of a botnet host ?

    Hey guys, My mse detected Exploit:java cve 2012 on my computer, three of them. And furthermore I noticed these viruses are completely brand new on the deployment like im getting the viruses that come out on the market in like a day ? Also I would like to know the signs that you are being a host...
  35. G

    Google Gets Social Network Impersonation Detection Patent

    Google has received a patent for a technology that automatically detects impersonation of individuals on social networks. Google Gets Social Network Impersonation Detection Patent : Read more
  36. C

    Detection ip adress from stolen laptop

    please tell the required answear for detection of ip adress from stolen laptop
  37. G

    Maxtor one touch iii detection problems

    device is recognized but has a problem that troubleshooting can not fix. drivers are all up to date?????
  38. K

    Printer with twain capabilities BORDER DETECTION

    Hello, We are looking for a TWAIN compatible scanner (TWAIN specification version 1.9), the driver of which supports the following TWAIN capabilities : ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE ICAP_AUTOMATICBORDERDETECTION If anyone can give me a heads up on this, I would surely appreciate it
  39. G

    Ati card detection

    Hi there, I have a LG R405-s.cpeet notebook pc, somehow the graphics card which was manufactured by Nvidia damaged. The technical service, after a long while, claimed that they could have only found an ATI graphics card which is compatible with another version of R405. But the operating system...
  40. exfileme

    Apple Patent Reveals Face Detection for iOS

    Apple may be looking to add facial recognition to iOS, indirectly backing up previous iTV reports that Apple wants users to be recognized across multiple devices. Apple Patent Reveals Face Detection for iOS : Read more
  41. tuanmai

    Columbia Researchers Develop HIV Detection Cards

    Disease detection could become ultra portable and cheap with these new diagnostic tools. Columbia Researchers Develop HIV Detection Cards : Read more
  42. M

    USB detection problem

    MY laptop Dell X300 does not recognize any USD device attached to the system
  43. J

    Antispyware selection

    What antispyware, etc. for detection (not using the real time protection.) do u suggest other than SpyBot and MalwareBytes? Is these two enough. --Thankx in advance Using: Windows XP (SP2) AVG 8.5 Firefox Windows XP firewall
  44. JMcEntegart

    Facebook Adds Face Detection for Photo Uploads

    Tagging unattractive photos of your friends just got easier. Facebook Adds Face Detection for Photo Uploads : Read more
  45. P

    Canon Digital Camera

    Advantages of using canon digital cameras: Image Quality: - Optical Image Stabilizer - UA Lens - High Sensitivity System Performance: - Face Detection Technology - Motion Detection Technology - Scene Detection Technology What can you say about it?
  46. JMcEntegart

    Iraq Spends $85 Million on Fake Bomb Detectors

    A recent investigation by the BBC claims that a bomb detection device from a UK security company is not effective at all. The exclusive report leaves a particularly bad taste when you consider Iraq has spent over $80 million on these devices. Iraq Spends $85 Million on Fake Bomb Detectors ...
  47. exfileme

    McAfee Launches China Hack Detection Tool

    McAfee launched a tool that detects and repairs any threat related to the Google cyberattack. McAfee Launches China Hack Detection Tool : Read more
  48. A

    How can I detect RAM and CPU frequency?

    Hello. I'm writing a small program which shows some hardware info. I want to add frequency detection, but I failed to find out how it is done. At the moment I use WMI. The Win32_Processor class has field CurrentClockSpeed, but it reports incorrect values. Also I want to add RAM speed...
  49. G

    Device driver detection software

    What is the best device drivers detection software?
  50. exfileme

    Klingon Anti-Virus Software Available... For Real

    Security firm Sophos has re-released its Threat Detection Test software designed with Klingons in mind. Klingon Anti-Virus Software Available... For Real : Read more
  51. G

    General Imaging's Blink Detection Cameras

    Las Vegas (NV) - Did you know that General Electric makes cameras? Well we didn’t know until we say their booth at the PMA 08 show in Las Vegas. The cameras are actually made by GE’s subsidiary General Imaging and this is the second year the company ha General Imaging's Blink Detection Cameras...
  52. G

    Paypal's $169 Million For Fraud Detection Company

    San Francisco (CA) - Paypal today announced it has agreed to acquire Fraud Sciences, an Israeli security company, for $169 million. Paypal is by far the most widely used online payment service, and as such it is one of the biggest targets for phishing Paypal's $169 Million For Fraud Detection...
  53. A

    CDR & DVDR Detection

    Just want to know if there is a program or a way to detect who the manufacture is for a CDR or DVDR disk??