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  1. C

    HP Elitebook Freezing on windows start-up

    Hello everyone I've got an issue I hope someone can help with. I’ve got a refurbished HP EliteBook 740 G1 which has a copy of win 7 ultimate 64bit installed. Upon trying to boot it will just sit on the windows 7 start-up logo seemingly frozen. I tried going through the standard start-up repair...
  2. M

    looking for a solution

    i have my hp laptop that is being problem with the display inches ,now i got changed but the screen turns red colour ??? ,why does it turn red ?? and also does the display(inches) is connected with the main parts that are being driven for the graphics card and motherboard ???
  3. M

    What happens when you hold down the power button for 60 seconds?

    The keyboard on my HP ProBook laptop suddenly didnt work. All i did to fix it was to shut down the computer, hold down the power button for more than 60 seconds and then started it normally. Then it magically worked somehow. Can someone explain to me what i did by doing that and how it "fixed"...
  4. H

    Power button is broken!!

    Hi! My HP laptop's ( a problem) power button is broken, like, the small copper thing that I press on got lost. Now I just press F6, it switches on and says BIOS Application Error then I press enter. Is there any other way? Thanks!!
  5. 3

    40 pin to hdmi

    Hello I would like to change my old hp laptop screen from 40 pin to HDMI output can anyone help me please how to connect the pins
  6. P

    Laptop plugged in but not charging.

    Hello. I have a referbshed HP elitebook 8470P. That I've had for about 11 months. When I went to unplug it lastnight it said 'Battery at 7% percent please connect charger.' Thab shut down. And I thought "what the hell it's been charging for the past few hours..." So I reconnected my charger and...
  7. E

    Headset isnt working!

    hey so I have a windows 10 HP laptop and I just got a brand new HyperX Cloud Core headset and it works perfectly fine on my phone and the sound qualities are amazing on my laptop but when I go into steam, discord etc no one is able to hear me, I need help figuring out how to get the microphone...
  8. M

    Bought a HP laptop for christmas, now the screen is glitching most of the time

    So basically, in July, I tried to clean my screen with a glass cleaner like an idiot, and it completely started screwing up, making patterns and only working as it used to if I hit it. I'm most likely screwed due to replacement screens and their parts costing $175-$400. Here's a video showing...
  9. A

    2 Vga monitors but one hdmi port

    So I have a laptop that only has one hdmi port and 2 monitors, one monitor has only vga and the other has vga and dvi ports. I would like to have a dual monitor set up, so what is the best way to connect both?
  10. P

    I have 2 local disk, but anything I download goes to the first disk.

    I have 2 local disk, but anything I download, goes to the first disk on my computer. I went to settings and changed the settings for "New apps will go to DISK 2 (D: )" Can you please help me? Also, I put a space after the "D:" because this website converts `: )` to a smiley face.
  11. Karim2001

    Is the added cost worth it

    Witch of these two laptops is worth the price and is the added cost worth it 1-853.98 USD -Intel® Core ™ i5-7200U 2.5 GHz up to 3.1 GHz -Ram: 8GB - 1TB SATA hard drive size 5400 rpm - AMD Radeon ™ 4GB 530 graphics card - Screen 15.6 "HD SVA WLED - Integrated GbE 10/100/1000 LAN - Intel® Wi-Fi®...
  12. Karim2001

    4 Laptops Price Comparison

    Hi I would like to know witch of these laptops is worth the price and may be even rank them from best to worst thx. HP i5-7200U 8gb ddr4 1TB AMD Radeon R7 M440 4GB DDR3 760.52 USD HP i5-8250U 4gb ddr4 500GB Intel® UHD Graphics 620 798.39 USD Asus i5-7200U 8gb 1TB NVIDIA GeForce GT920MX...
  13. R

    Looking for some good suggestions

    Hello . I hv problem with my hp laptop .. evrything was fine when i turned it off last evening .. but today morning when i started it .. it's screen went totally black after starting .i can see only cursor on the entire screen ... i m using this laptop direct plugged in ......becoz...
  14. N

    Hp laptop not showing any signs of power

    My "hp tpn-i108" laptop just stopped turning on. I just took the entire laptop apart to clean it. When i put re-assembled the laptop it wouldn't turn on. I took it apart to see what was wrong, nothing seems to be wrong with the motherboard. I was troubleshooting and realized a few things...
  15. B

    please help me

    my hp laptop backspace switch is not working?
  16. Y

    My HP laptop is frozen

    My laptop is completely frozen. I was watching netflix then my screen froze and my laptop started making this weird sound through my earphones. The sound stopped, but my screen is still frozen. It wont even let me turn it off with the power key. What should i do?
  17. S

    HP laptop keyboard..the key 2 is not working what was the reason and what I do????

    My HP laptop....suddenly the key 2 was not working....I don't know what is the reason....it's before the lap bag was fall down but that was a small distance....
  18. T

    How can I charge my hp laptop while using it ? I bought an universal adapter btw...

    I bought an universal adapter for my hp laptop. Now while I charge it, once I start using the laptop, it will stop charging. How do I use it & charge as t same time?
  19. C

    Which laptop is better in performance?

    I have 2 choices on my hand: The Lenovo Legion Y520 which runs i7-7700hq, GTX 1050 and 16GB DDR4 RAM, or The HP 15 notebook(don't know the exact name) which runs on i7-8550U, MX 150 and 16GB DDR4 RAM I can hardly tell the difference as they are similar in almost every way except the outlook...
  20. A

    Laptop won't turn on, Pressing Power For 30sec won't work.

    I have a HP laptop. That won't turn on. If i plug it in charging indicator first glows white & then it turns orange. But no matter how many times i press power button it won't turn on. I tried almost every suggestion on the internet related to the topic like removing bettery and pressing power...
  21. L

    HP Laptop 'blocked'

    Hi, My daughter was using Putlocker (after advice not to!) and then her laptop appeared to become infected. I have a screenshot of the message which popped up, but cannot find how to attach this to this thread! Effects: The cursor moves bit clicking has no effect. No Internet engines...
  22. A

    please help me... urgent answer please... T.T

    Hi im having a problem with my hp laptop battery. It says that it is fully charged but it has a X in the battery icon.. the problem started when the updates was canceled due to the low connection of the wifi after that the battery seems off. I need help the laptop is only 1 year.. please help
  23. S

    My HP laptop is booting when only charger is connected not battery and when I insert battery it get does not boot....also it i

    Actually my laptop is working when I connect it to adapter and not working when I insert the battery in it.. And it also not working when I insert only battery.. Have any suggestion.
  24. M

    Hi there. What app can I install on my HP laptop to watch DVDS with my super slim usb2.0 slot-in dvdrw

    Cannot find the app to read my dvdrw to watch dvds on my super slim USB 2.0
  25. U

    HP Laptop Batteries Dying

    I had a battery in my HP laptop that was dead for so long and was using my laptop with the power cable. I have now changed my battery for the 3rd time in less than 1 month. Is it possible that the laptop is causing these batteries to die in a very short period. Is there a way to avoid this, or...
  26. B

    My hp laptop sucks when i get on phantom forces.i can't even get kills.I litterally teleport across the map and get killed.

    My hp laptop has the worst fps each time I'm in phantom forces on roblox.My laptop gives me no fps when I'm on that game;usaully getting like 10 frames per second and I cant stand it and it takes an hour to load in.My game has lag spikes and I cant really do anything about it I reset my pc...
  27. V

    Looking for a laptop under $550

    Which one is better laptop? 14" 720p with 2gb amd radeon or 15.6" 1080p with intel uhd 620? (both having i5 8th gen, 4gb ram) (for purposes such as mat lab, orcad, simple Photoshop, movies)?
  28. P

    My HP laptop is not picking up my house WiFi

    My HP laptop is not picking up my house WiFi but everything else does. This just happened last week. I received an email from my cable company telling me that I changed my wifi security to open which I didn't so I went in and changed it to secured and that's when I started having this problem.
  29. D

    hp laptop when i click on something in my emails to open the page. it won't open it anymore

    This has suddenly happened. when I am reading my emails and I click on the link given, to open it. It no longer works. Apart from that it is working fine. It's a hp laptop. I am not at all technically minded. Being a 60 year old female. So, I am looking for an easy fix to my problem please!! I...
  30. S

    Laptop wireless connection problem

    The issue with my HP laptop is that sometime once I turn it on, it does not show the wireless networks. Once I go into the settings I find that all drivers are missing. No wireless networks are shown in the list. It only shows the airplane mode which is also dead. After restarting the laptop...
  31. E

    HP laptop - Buy Envy 13 AMD Ryzen 5 2500U or Pavilion 14 i5-8250U

    Hi Everyone, I am looking buying a laptop for college. So portability is a priority. I am looking at 2 HP laptops that are the same price. - HP Pavilion 14" x360 14 with i5-8250U, Intel UHD 620 or - HP Envy 13" x360 with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad-Core, Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics All other specs...
  32. G

    I press alt + f4 and then enter to shut down my hp laptop, then after sometime when i reopen my laptop the screen show black b

    I press alt + f4 and then enter to shut down my hp laptop, then after sometime when i reopen my laptop the screen show black but poweroff light and caps lock light is on.
  33. G

    trying to connect my laptop through rgb to my hitachib tv but keeps saying no sig detected? can you help me?

    hitachi 60' and hp laptop which is a lil older but upgraded\
  34. K

    Removing hibernating mode

    How to stop hibernating mode of HP laptop
  35. T

    Disable GPU in the mainboard

    My system has an integrated GPU and discrete GPU. The discrete GPU (AMD) stopped working but the integrated works (Intel). Disabling drivers in windows the system works but after updates the OS tries to install the discrete GPU again. Is it possible to disable from the mainboard the integrated...
  36. R

    Power delivery from docking station to HP X360

    I'm thinking about ordering this HP Pavilion X360 laptop. The idea is to have a similar setup to what I have at work: the laptop having a single connection to a docking station via USB-C and everything else connected to the docking station itself. That would include a full size monitor...
  37. M

    Uninstalled wrong program

    I just bought a new hp laptop that is very basic. I am uninstalling all the “junk programs” however I did also uninstall the hp driveguard and hp wireless button driver. Is that going to be a problem? Do I need to reinstall that and if so how do I?? Thanks!
  38. C

    only one wired speaker works on my HP Laptop

    One of my logitech speakers quit working. It seems like the connection jack is bad. I used to have to wiggle the connection and it worked, but not anymore.
  39. E

    Keyboard not working when reconnected?

    I recently removed my keyboard to clean it and when i reconnected the ribbon cable it completly stopped working, not even the leds on the keys light up so im assuming theres no power going to the keyboard but its connected? Pls help
  40. B

    hp laptop screen goes black but curser still works

    My HP laptop is about a yr and a half old and about 6 months ago the screen would randomly go dark but the mouse continues to work. It lasts a few seconds and then the screen comes back. It only happens once in a while. Anyone know what might be causing this? I am running Windows 10 and...
  41. B

    Is my laptop scrap now?

    I was playing Skullgirls on my HP Pavilion dv6-3100, suddenly the graphics began to glitch out and I got an error. Then I lost all visibility to the laptop, did a reboot and now I get waving pink with white lines on the screen. I plugged the laptop with the HDMI to my tv, I get unsupported...
  42. A

    HP Laptop Compatability With The Sims 4

    I have an HP Laptop with a model name of: 15-db0018ca It has: •AMD Dual-Core A9-9425 Accelerated Processor •1TB Hard Drive •No Optical Drive •Windows 10 •8192MB Of RAM (8.192 Of RAM) •15.6” Display Am I able to play The Sims 4 with this computer?
  43. S

    HP Laptop not connecting/detecting wifi

    I reinstalled windows on my HP laptop and the wifi worked for a few days (mind you i had to be literally right next to the Router) but then all of the sudden it cant detect any networks and even if i plug an ethernet cable in the little red x turns into a yellow triangle w/ an exclamation point...
  44. B

    HP Laptop wont turn off

    I have an HP laptop that wont turn off. When power down, the fan never stops running and the HP logo stays lit up. I can unplug power and batter, leave for a week. Then plug battery in and immediately the fan starts running and the HP logo is lit up. I tried going thru the cmos settings to no...
  45. K

    Help with a laptop ?

    Hey so I need a new laptop for gaming.My budget is around 800 to 1000.My only problem is quality control.The thing is that I live in a country where I can not simply send it back to fix it if anything happens to it.I am getting it from the US is because one of my relatives is coming here so he...
  46. D

    Dead battery not letting turn on the lp

    My hp laptop battery s dead. Now if I m trying to turn by the power supply it’s not coming up. And after pressing power button caps lock light keep flashing in every 5 seconds. So how to fix. I need some data from it.
  47. A

    HP laptop turns off during updates?

    So, this has happened with 2 different HP laptops I have had, with Windows 10, the envy and now the pavilion. It will be updating and I’m obviously not paying much attention and staring at the screen to watch the update’s progress. But I’ll come back around and the screen is black and my laptop...
  48. S

    Sudden shutdown in hp laptop after reaching 20%

    I purchased my laptop Hp ay005tx two years ago.. But from few days it is showing a problem... The laptop shutdowns suddenly after 20-25% without any warning. N when i plugin the original charger to the laptop n power on the laptop.... The laptop starts charging from directly 20%... Plz...
  49. T

    My hp laptop will not turn on, and I have tried the reset, but nothing.

    The only indication of life is the light comes on near the charger on the side, when plugged in. It is only a year and 2 months old, and I barely use it at all. I would just like to see some response, so I can check out larger issues if needed.
  50. L

    Weird flashing black lines on computer screen?

    Alright so I've had this HP laptop for a couple months a good 6 since I got it for Christmas and it's June. So I've just been getting these weird flashing lines and I'm not sure how to fix it for good. since it goes away on it's own eventually but sooner or later will most likely come back. Here...
  51. G

    Solved! connect your hp laptop to xbox using hdmi

    How do I connect to my Xbox One to my HP Laptop? And if anyone was asking. Yes I have a button on the laptop keyboard. Its on F4. Thank You! Sincerely, Lucas.
  52. 2

    Help me kinda of tensed please read

    My brand new hp 15bs 127ne just shut down unexpectedly during middle of the game (fortnite) its not even a month after i bought it. the charging indicator doesnt respond in my laptop nor does my laptop turn on there is not even a slight sign of power does my warranty cover this problem even i...
  53. C

    Challenging stripped laptop screw - should I drill or use a screw extractor?

    I have a HP laptop which has a problemetic stripped screw in it. I managed to get another stripped screw out by trying different screwdrivers but this one doesn't seem to budge. To add to the issue, it is deep inside a hole in the case which is about 6mm or so wide. The hole means it is...
  54. V

    Brand new hp laptop running extremely slow

    So I have only installed chrome in the new hp 15 bs146tu, which I brought on 6 June. I signed in to chrome, then ran a scan on pre-installed McAfee. Now it's working so slowly that I can't even open chrome, or even edge on it. Even opening a folder or control panel seems to take minutes...
  55. S

    excuse me i can't restart my hp laptop

    I can't restart my lap only the hp logo appear then the lap shuts down and restart from itself and only the hp logo appear
  56. T

    HP laptop boot device not found

    Hello, I have an HP laptop and the other day it wouldn't start and said "boot device not found" I did the hard drive test and it failed. So I replaced it now it passes the hard drive test but still won't work and won't let me do a factory reset. Any suggestions?