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  1. K

    CSGO Low FPS with pretty decent PC

    Before I got like 200fps, and sometimes over 300, depends on the map, but now I barely get over 130. I have a 144hz monitor so there is a difference, I have all settings on low/very low and I only get up to 140-150fps. I have tried somethingthat Unparks my cores but didn't really notice any...
  2. A

    gtx 850M fps huge fps drop in full screen

    hello , i have got a new laptop asus r150jk intel core i7 and nvidia geforce gtx 850M .. My problem is , that i get a huge fps drop when increasing my game resolution , ill take minecraft as an example, i play minecraft with the highest settings in windowed mode , i gt 1200 fps , but when i...
  3. X

    Lowest price for laptops that runs 90% of the games with 60fps !

    Hello everyone, I am asking you to give me the price of a laptop that runs at least most of the games with ( 55-60 fps ) with low settings ! I don't care if its the lowest settings, but it must run most of the new games specially with 60 fps ! * I dont have a budget ! ( not higher than 1,500$ )...
  4. R

    Nvidia GTX 850M low Fps

    Hi, As of yesterday my brand new dell inspiron 14 7000 series laptop has been experiencing major fps drops. I have a geforce tx 850M intel i7-4720HQ cpu @ 2.6ghz 8 gb ram windows 10 I was playing fine last week with Smite running at 120+ fps without vertical sync and a steady 60 fps with...
  5. A

    Reduced Performance After Spill Asus G751JY

    Hello guys. I have an asus g751jy. Let me start by explaining what happened: A couple weeks ago I spilled just a little bit of mineral water on my laptop right near the mouse pad. Just a tiny bit might have gotten in between the arrow keys and the touchpad buttons, although unlikely. Right...
  6. C

    Minecraft Low FPS GT 940M.

    I own a ASUS X555LB Laptop. i5 5500 2core-4thread 2.4ghz / 8 GB LP RAM / GT 940M I have been trying everything to get some decent FPS on Minecraft and have failed every time. Nvidia drivers are up to date and Im using Win 10 Pro. I have a 1080p monitor hooked up to the notebook. On which I...
  7. F

    FPS Drops on laptop

    hi i just bought a new laptop hp eny m7 ,Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz with 3.0 turbo boost and a 940m graphics card. the laptop i know isnt a gaming laptop but should generally get the job done for the games i play. now i usually play league of legends on ultra...
  8. C

    Low FPS Help please.

    Hi all, i purchased a new laptop a couple of months ago and have started playing a game called Runescape. It is a browser Game, however i am having trouble playing due to low FPS. iv'e looked at a few videos in regards of how to improve FPS which have had no improvement... i have tried...
  9. R

    MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro Bad performance

    Hi, I was wondering, how many people are playing with a gtx 860m here? I tested this Laptop with MGSV The Phantom Pain and Rocket League. I get a lot of FPS drops even with the lowest settings and resolutions on both games. Like from 60 to 38 constantly making the game to break a lot and slow...
  10. A

    Lenovo Y50-70 Performance and Heat Issues

    I have a 2 month old Lenovo Y50-70 (UHD Version) with the following specs: Processor: I7-4720HQ RAM: 16G (2*8GB DDR3 L1600) HDD:HYBRID 1TB 5400RPM + SSHD(8G) Graphics: N16P-GX (NVIDIA GTX 960M) GDDR5 4GB I bought it primarily for heavy-duty gaming and 3d modelling/rendering. The specs...
  11. K

    How to fix low FPS and poor performance on NVIDIA GeForce 820m 2gb

    If you have problems with lags with this graphics card(while playing games(low fps)) continue reading. I have low fps on every game ex. far cry 3 i have 23-27 fps on low setting and after that i update my graphics card 820m and now i get 39-53 fps on medium-high setting. other games performance...
  12. K

    NVIDIA GeForce 820m 2GB lagging in games fix

    If you have problems with lags with this graphics card(while playing games(low fps)) continue reading. I have low fps on every game ex. far cry 3 i have 23-27 fps on low setting and after that i update my graphics card 820m and now i get 39-53 fps on medium-high setting. other games performance...
  13. 1

    Low Fps All Settings, Good Laptop

    I have a Lenovo Y50-70, and I am getting 20-30 fps on CS:GO, Payday 2, and Battlefield 4. I have tried changing the settings, resolution, and NVidia settings. It stays at around 20-30 fps, no matter what I do. I have checked the temps and loads of the CPU and GPU, and they are both fine. I...
  14. Q

    Extremely low FPS in CS GO on Lenovo z510 w/GeForce 740m

    After recent patch which contains this fix: "[Windows] Added a graphics driver hint to try to use the dedicated GPU when available on laptops." my Lenovo z510 keep trying to launch game on integrated graphic card instead of GeForce 740M which I have got as well. Before this patch everything was...
  15. A

    Problem with AMD A6-6310 APU: Low FPS

    Okay, so I've been reading around, and from what I see everyone else is not having any FPS problems with this APU. I launch Left 4 Dead 2, it's recommended settings for this APU has everything set to "High". I only get 20-30 FPS at this setting. I set everything to "Low" and I still only get...
  16. J

    Can I run it? Lenovo z51

    Can i run Gta v, payday 2, skyrim, fallout 3, etcc at med- high 60 fps? 5th Generation Intel Core i7-5500U Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 4MB) Operating system Windows 8.1 64 Display 15.6" FHD LED Anti-Glare (1920x1080) Camera HD 720p with Mic Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M375 2GB Memory 8.0GB PC3-12800...
  17. G

    Lookingways to fix my laptop which is underperforming????

    Hello guys i bought a laptop a couple months ago and i just keep having the same problem.Every time i install an nvidia driver i notice that in the first few days the laptop is performing as it should with good fps(e.g league of legends stable 120fps) and then suddenly drops to 40-60 which is...
  18. J

    Asus ROG Low fps help!

    Hi, I have recently acquired an asus rog 750JW and am currently running Far Cry 4 on Windows 8.1 (I don't have an SSD). I've seen gamplays of 2014 games running at high and ultra, but I couldn't myself get them work. I'm stuck on medium with Far Cry and even there I have a stable 40 FPS. Can you...
  19. A

    How to fix AMD Laptop APU throttling when gaming

    READ THIS IF YOU WANT THAT FPS BOOST (HP Pavilion G7-2251dx and probably many other AMD laps based on A-x apu's) *This is for the A8-4500 apu but may also work for you* (depending on you laptop you may need to download AMD´s Overdrive in my case CCC wont allow me to tweak those options) Hey I...
  20. B

    asus x550z low fps gaming

    so i just bought this laptop recently. it seems to have some problems but i have no idea what or how or whatever. kinda new in this laptop thingy so if you can enlighten me then i would be very grateful. please help. i really want to make the most out of this device. thank you in advance...
  21. M

    Low fps in games

    hi i have alittle problem with fps dropping CPU: AMD FX 7500 GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M260 2x RAM:8GB - Usable 7GB Windows 8.1 I saw people playing with these settings like nothing but when i play i will not go more than 25 and i am using high settings
  22. M

    alienware 17 have low performens

    Hi i got a alienware 17 lap top and everytime i play a game its low fps and i cant have the highest settings on games. it custom built but all the stuff that i built it is really good and when i played borderlands the pre-sequel i couldnt have the higest settings and i had my computer on repair...
  23. N

    Lenovo Y50 Sudden Reduce Gaming Preformance

    Hello, I have had my Y50 for about a year now and it has been great to me. I have purchased the Ultra HD (4k) version with the best specs I could get (full system specs at the end) at the time. I could not play many games in 4k, so I set my computer resolution to 1920x1080 and have kept it...
  24. G

    Is my graphics card thermal throttling?

    hey, I own the MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G (running 1440p resolution) I can't do any significant overclock what so ever, even w/ stock clocks my frame rate deeps to ~20 fps after around 30 minutes of gaming, in games from Battlefield 3 and counter-strike GO to less demanding games. I have to alt tab...
  25. S

    Asus x550j lag on csgo

    Hey heres the deal my laptop has dropped a lot of frames on csgo and other games I had decent fps before 100-150 and now 70 and drops down to thirty in certain situations i5-4200h @2.8 ghz can use turbo boost. gtx850m 1tb hardrive 8gb ram im using a external monitor. I have a cooling pad i have...
  26. H

    FPS drop when Gaming due to Overheating Acer Aspire V5

    Hi there everybody Laptop has and Nvidia Geforce 710m, i7, and 8gb ram so has no issue with running this game until it reaches the CPU temperature threshold when it starts throttling I have had an issue with a particular game (Cities Skylines) ever since i started playing it. The game will run...
  27. M

    alienware 17-low fps on battery

    My laptop, Alienware 17 got fps drop when on battery... So here is test GTA V - when pluggen in 60 fps on battery 20 fps Battlefield 3 - when plugged in 70 fps on battery 20 fps here are specs: GPU:Nvidia GEforce GTX 765m CPU:INTEL(R)Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU@2.40 GHZ RAM:16 GB RAM So i live...
  28. P

    Laptop CPU overheating and throttling [95 ºC]

    So this is a Samsung laptop, i5-2450M @2.5 GHz - stock - with up to 3.2 on turbo boost, or something. I have had this laptop for close to 3 years, and in the last 1-2 months, game performance started to get real bad, horrible FPS drops and whatnot. Turns out my CPU is running at ~70ºC AT IDLE...
  29. L

    870m low fps bf4

    I have 870m 3gb and i74702HQ 2.2Ghz hyper threading 3.2Ghz and i get 50fps max on low to high settings?
  30. bindlimani1

    Almost every app crashing

    Hi,everyone.This days im dealing with a big problem in my pc.Always when i play games my graphics card QUADRO FX 3800 driver is crashing.It usualy gives me a thing saying that the driver crashed and succesfully recovered and something kernel idk what.It started on some few games.Then all my...
  31. S

    Low FPS in cs go w/ 860m.

    I was playing cs go and as soon as i launched the game and go into a game i was getting fps dropping as low as 27 with an average of 50fps. i checked to see if i was using the inte hd graphics on my 4710hq cpu but the gpu was staying at 54c. I can play rome total war at max settings without...
  32. T

    Dxtory destroying my frames!! - Good system, bad frames

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I'm getting into recording Battlefield 4 right now and so I got Dxtory. I have installed the lagrith codec and set it to YV12. When recording at 1920x1080 (60fps) it cuts my frames from 100-120 all the way down to 40-50. It's so...
  33. T

    Massive Frame Drop

    I have a serious problem with massive frame drop on my computer. I have a computer that is more than capable of playing the games I play with a high frame rate. For example, a game that I have noticed this in is Borderlands 2. Before this problem developed, I ran it on all ultra at a steady 80...
  34. S

    LOW FPS on recent laptop

    Hello all, My apologies if this has been answered before but I couldn't find anything that suits me. I bought a laptop a couple of months ago, a not so bad one I would say, and im having difficulties to run a old game such as GUNZ... I have low fps sometimes depending of the rendering of the...
  35. S

    Low FPS when using 4k resolution in games

    Hi,so i have nvidia GTX 780Ti video card and i am trying to use 4k (downsampled resolution) in games but i get very low FPS please help how can i increase fps to make the game smooth with 4k.Thanks.
  36. S

    samsung np365e5c-s02ub Bios update.

    I upgraded my laptop Samsung np365e5c-s02ub apu from a8-4500/AMD 7640 to a10-5750/amd 8650g. but now some games like borderlands 2 can't run as good as it did on the a8, it's getting like 10 to 20 fps on low on a10. well I look some stuff on the internet some people on youtube who were play the...
  37. A

    Gt 745m Low Fps

    Hey guys. I have Lenovo z710 with this spec : Gt 745m-2gb I7 4700 Mq 2,4X4 8gb memory 17,9 screen 1920/1080 Win7 And i have some problems.According to benchmark i should have 60-70 fps on high setting in World of Warcraft but i have 30-40 fps in good settings... Its not good for me. Idk what i...
  38. G

    Laptop GT 750M extreme fps drop in every game

    I have an Asus N750JV Intel i7 4700HQ Nvidia 750m DDR3 4GB Windows 8 64 bit I installed League of Legends and CS:GO, installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my videocard. I set in Nvidia control panel to use the Nvidia graphics card, not the integrated Intel HD graphics 4600. With CS:GO at...
  39. Z

    Lenovo 50-70 lagging in games but with only around 25-30% usage?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834317539 That laptop with 16 GB of ram intel core i7 Non touchscreen 1TB of HDD no SDD. So In any games I play I get between 10-30 FPS on the lowest setting, from minecraft(Opti-fine Installed) to warcraft three and trove. I have no idea...
  40. Gerraour

    Low FPS when unplugged my laptop charger

    Hello , I bought assassin's creed II on steam when it was on sale. the game unplayable because i got 19-20 fps ( plugged ) but when i unplugged it , i got 35 - 40 fps . very playable when i unplugged it. NB : I played all my games that i bought and has the same problem. Help me please
  41. H

    Minecraft low fps r9 290 + Fx8320

    I have not had this problem before, at first I was getting around 175-300 fps in Minecraft. I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, I just re-installed windows 8.1 on my system, and now that I play Minecraft I'm lucky to get even 45 fps while walking. I have no idea what happened or what might...
  42. K

    Brand new laptop, can't even run Starcraft 2 on Medium settings without 3 - 5 fps. Please help :(

    Hi so I would really expect this laptop to have no issues with starcraft, yet it can't even run it on medium. I have all updated drivers, please could someone advise as to the issue. Chassis & Display Vortex Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7...
  43. A

    Alienware m14x R2 Performance drop

    So, as you can see in the title, I'm having issues with my Alienware m14x R2 (I bought it when I didn't know much about PCs, and it came with flashy lights). I've tested this on Skyrim, Minecraft, modded Minecraft and Valley Benchmark 1.0. Skyrim's load screens have gotten significantly longer...
  44. M

    Sound and FPS problem on a high end laptop

    Alright so I just got myself a brand new high end laptop and I downloaded four games; Tera Rising, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends. With my specs I should EASILY be able to play them all with at LEAST the graphics set to high very smoothly, but it is not the case. They all run smoothly...
  45. A

    New gaming laptop low FPS

    Hey, I just bought a new gaming laptop: GE70 2PC APACHE, and I have been getting some problems while playing games, or basically they are unplayable with low FPS. The laptop is a GAMING laptop, so found it odd that it ran games on 20-30 FPS. Any help is appreciated. Don´t know if I wrote this...
  46. Denis  Stoikovski

    How to make my laptop perform better in games?

    So i have acer aspire model 2012 gt 610 some intel cpu its 2.4 ghz i think 1336x768 3 ram 500gb hdd so im going out of town for a week and i want to play gta 4 but it runs like hell on lowest setting like 30fps with hard lag and in 20 mins it goes to 10fps.
  47. Denis  Stoikovski

    Friend have low fps help please!

    So my friend have acer travelmate i5 something 4 ram gt 630m.So we played payday 2 he didn't had issues but now he have horrible lag plus 20fps even in the loading menu why?
  48. S

    Very Low Fps in LoL on laptop

    Hello. I have a dell laptop: i5-3230M amd radeon 7670m graphics card 4gb ram And when I'm trying to run League of Legens I'm getting 1-4fps even on lowest settings. I checked if laptop is overheating but during Heaven benchmark ( 40fps on low settings) its only at 60C Can You suggest me...
  49. N

    Lenovo Y50 4k Low FPS and Resolution issues

    Hello, I have recently bought the Lenovo Y50 with the UHD 4k display and the top specs(16gb ram, 512 ssd, 860m 4gb) that I could get, and I am having a lot of screen related issues with this laptop. First off when I got it, applications like origin will scale really small when my Windows 8...
  50. B

    low fps coz of ac adapter problem

    so here's my problem, i play dota 2 a lot, but since i formated my pc my fps is very poor - 20, and it's very frustrating to play on it. instead i should have around 70 fps, and that's what i have when i plug in my ac adapter in my laptop, but only for less than 10 seconds, than it shows that...
  51. L

    Low fps with gtx675m i7 3610 2.4ghz

    Could someone possibly give me some solutions. I have everything running on max performance and everything is set to my gfx card and processor. I believe the onboard stuff is not running, but I am not sure because i really don't understand the lack of performance. The wear level on the battery...
  52. S

    SSD and Fraps

    Hello guys. I'm planning to buy an SSD shortly to reduce the lag I get while recording games with Fraps. My computer is already good, but my HDD's write speed is rather low, so I'll get an SSD to compensate it. So, what would be the best option: 1) leaving Fraps, the game, and everything else...
  53. E

    Shadow Play, Obs

    Hi! Can someone please explain me why get really low fps while I stream? And yes I want to stream in 1080 pixels. These are my specs :) processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 3.7 GHz Number of Cores 8 Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Manufacturer NVIDIA...
  54. B

    Very low fps when recording?

    So first things first I recently got a new monitor Asus Nvidia G-Sync and I had to completely uninstall my drivers to get it to work and ever since I try to record on it my fps goes from 144 to 13 when really it should only drop maybe 10 fps I use Dxtory I also tried Shadowplay still same...
  55. JanTemplar

    My laptop has a unsolved problem, is it done?

    I used to play starcraft II with my laptop on medium video setting 60 FPS stably, it is N53SV, asus brand, and => http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/N53SV/#specifications But after 2-3 years, now i think something is seriously wrong with my laptop, Now i can't play WarCraft 3 on the...
  56. E

    Low fps levels when not charging

    Is it normal for a gaming laptop to get low fps levels when not charging. Is there a setting somewhere where I can change that?
  57. M

    Laptop has abnormally low FPS in games

    Hi, My laptop is a couple years old now, and I am fully aware that it's getting pretty dated tech-wise. However, even a few months ago I was able to run Bioshock Infinite on medium settings with almost consistent 60FPS (some drops in the big fights). I also used to be able to run League of...
  58. S

    How to change my Aspire One Laptop graphics card to Nvidia.

    so, i have a laptop which has a 4GB of ram, dual core processer which is an Intel Celeron CPU 887 @1.50GHz and an Intel Graphics Card. I was wondering that i could buy a Nvidia graphics card to impove my gaming and buying abit more ram. But i would like to know if thats possible? and which...
  59. S

    Laptop lags while playing games when plugged in

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the laptop lags while playing games when plugged in. But when I play the same games on battery, they run just fine. Anyone faced this problem before? How do I stop this from happening? Model- Lenovo G505 (59-380131) cpu- apu A10-5750m gpu- HD8570m