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  1. J

    I reset my computer. After the reset, my frames on every game dropped by a lot.

    About 4 weeks ago i reset my computer. After i reset it i dropped frames in every game. For example, on CSGO I would always be above 300fps. Now it is always lower than 200fps. I know I cant see a difference but the fact that it used to be higher than 3003fp and now its below 200fps, it just...
  2. S

    My laptop run game slower than before

    I bought my laptop last year and download gta. First time, i can play it smoothly in medium settings. I got bored of it after so i delete it. Lately i have reinstalled it but i can't run it as smooth as it used to be. I keep getting fps drop and lag. Is there any way I can improve this guys, pls...
  3. E

    Alienware 15 r2 fps issue

    Specs CPU: i7 6820HK Ram: 16GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 980m 8GB Windows 10 64bit ok soo for awhile now my computer has been randomly under performing some days. I think its been getting slower since i got it but i keep up with the maintenance (drivers,disk cleanup/fragment,scan with Microsoft...
  4. A

    Random Lag spikes

    For about two months ago, my computer started to get random lag spikes. I mostly play Paladins (which i highly recommend), and i get an avg. of 60-100 fps, but sometimes my frames randomly drops to about 6 frames for about 5-20 seconds, and the sound gets choppy. Before, i could plug my computer...
  5. P

    Games lag on battery

    Games are lagging if battery is having more than 60% charge. But running fine below 60% and also running fine while charging
  6. F

    Can i always using ac mode on gaming?

    I had a massive fps drop on gaming with battery power, can i always using ac power? I was using nvidia GTX 940 MX and a non-removable battery. The problem is nvidia seems to limit the performance during the battery mode. Anyway 940MX is not supported by battery boost so i cant set up manually...
  7. J

    Warframe Low fps. i7-6700k 980ti

    I upgraded from a fx-8350 to an i7-6700k. On the fx 8350 I could get a steady 144 fps on warframe and after I got my i7-6700k im only getting around 70 fps
  8. E

    Low FPS when laptop isn't plugged in

    When I play games with my laptop plugged in, the games run great. In csgo I get about 120-130 fps, but as soon as I unplug my laptop I only get 20 fps. Other games run smoothly when it's plugged in, but as soon as I unplug it they only get like 9 fps. My power plan for the laptop when it's not...
  9. A

    can i able to play dragon age inquisation on amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu

    can i able to play amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu at a great fps
  10. D

    performance drop across all games

    Last night i was playing some smite at 50-60 fps then i had a lag spike and it stayed at 5-10fps, my laptop is usally hot but i put my hand under it and it wasnt even warm, is it possible i couldve burnt something? now all my games are 10-30fps when they used to be 60
  11. A

    ASUS A465UQ Low Gaming FPS Performance

    I've just bought my new laptop recently about 2-3 weeks ago. The spesification is : -I5 7200U 2.5 Ghz up to 3.1 Ghz -RAM 8GB -Intel HD Graphics 620 -Discrete NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB -1TB Memory and...... it's run slowly when i play Company Of Heroes 2 in average fps 34, also i've low every...
  12. H

    high end laptop working like a low end laptop

    hello everybody. around 1 year ago I bought a gaming asus laptop it was working really fine but just about 2 month ago it started to work like a low end laptop. I mean when I press the auto detect option in games, the game will detect my hardware as low end and it put all settings on low. and...
  13. P

    AMD Radeon HD 8730M/Intel HD Graphics 4000

    Hello guys. I've went through many forums and topics, but nothink helps or direct me to the right path. So the problem is: My video performance slows down significantly. In one point, everythink works fine. I play some game, fps about 120+. Then after some time fps drops to 10-. I've restarted...
  14. C

    Low FPS Laptop

    First of all specs CPU - I5 4258u GPU - Intel iris 5100 Ram - 6GB OS - Windows 8.1 SSD Acer Aspire V3-371 Before the problem arose the battery failed and was replaced by an identical brand new one. However between getting a new battery and the old one failing I used my laptop without a battery...
  15. S

    FPS drops suddenly in games

    Hi everyone. I have an acer E5-575g laptop that has these specs: Intel Core i5 6200u 2.4GHZ up to 2.8GHZ 4GB Ram DDR4 Nvidia 940MX GDDR5 with 2GB Vram 500GB HDD Well i bought this laptop a few days ago and i installed games to test its performance. Actually i have a good enough system to run...
  16. P

    Dell inspiron 15-5547 i7, 8gb RAM - low fps. Solution?

    I have new Dell inspiron 15-5547 i7/8gb RAM/Intel HD graphics family/AMD radeon r7 m260. At any game there was lag it no metter what - low or extra options. I tried anything! don't say "try plug your charger" or "set to high performance". I think that my laptop is using only integrated video...
  17. J

    MSI GX70 3BE Problem, Please Help !! Crimson Diver, Low Fps problem

    So... I'm having a MSI GX70 3BE just for a month... But I have the low fps problem in every game. As I tried many way to boost up the FPS but it's still not working, as I know this laptop is a G series Laptop that I can only use the old CCC driver ( because the latest driver doesn't support G...
  18. A

    SOLVED: Low FPS, Nvidia GPU underutilized. CPU overutilized

    Hi as per above, My gaming laptop has no problems playing starcraft2 at max settings as well as world of warships. However now when I set world of warship to lowest setting, I get average of 40 fps instead of 60 fps. Starcraft2 there is some noticeable stuttering. I just bought a new Logitech...
  19. F

    New bought Asus GL752VW-T4232T

    I just bought a new Asus GL752VW-T4232T laptop. i7 6700HQ, 8gb memory, nvidia gtx 960m. Getting low fps on CS:GO and other games. Anyone can help me? :(
  20. I

    Low FPS on my laptop?

    I have an ASUS notebook, you can find all the specs here http://, I recently reinstalled windows and I cannot seem to get above 10 fps I've set the 840m as the main card to go from and also set it as the only one with no progress I've downloaded every update I could find through windows update...
  21. C

    High End PC Suddenly Getting Low FPS on Games That Weren't Previously Low

    My MSi GE70 2PL Apache gaming laptop is suddenly experiencing low frame rate on some games that were previously fine, as well as barely running some games it should be able to. Deus Ex Human revolution DC and rocket league, as well as some others are suddenly getting below 20 frames depsite...
  22. A

    Laptop suddenely low fps

    my specs are geoforce gtx 860m intel core I7-4720HQ CPU 2.60GHz current resolution 1920 x 1080,59hz driver version 372.70 so i had some problems with my pc so i needed to factory reset so i did but after i did i tried playing bf4 again then i got 20-30 fps on low setting when before i could play...
  23. K

    Low FPS and overheating in my laptop.

    Hi I'm playing ARMA 3 in standard graphics. I don't know why but it gives me 8-15 FPS and 60-70 centigrades of heat with it. I've tried to optimise the game from GeForce Experience API but that didn't budge either. In fact, I was having 50 something FPS on CS:GO and 60 FPS on LoL. I really...
  24. S

    ASUS G750JX Random FPS spikes

    Hi there. For awhile now I have had random FPS spikes while playing games. It happens at random and FPS drops to 0 for 1-5 seconds. Input commands are still registered though. I have tried absolutely everything I can in order to fix this issue, from full factory restores to installing old...
  25. A

    Gaming Laptop low fps

    Hey guys i have so low fps almost all games, i have acer aspire vn7 791g gtx860m windows 10 and 16gb ram but still.. yes i tried changing from intel to nvidia from control panel but still.... please help
  26. waleeda

    Gta 5 / V low fps

    guys i have a phenom ii x4 b95 3ghz 8gb ram and gtx 750 ti i,ve had issue with gta 5 that when i install mods like car mods or any thing else after that textures start to disappear without mods ther,s no issue i want mods also so tell me a solution help .......
  27. Y

    FPS Drop on Acer V5 471-G

    Hi guys So I had this laptop for almost 4 years (Bought this on around 2012) It all started on the second year, my laptop is having a virtual memory error (it's been too long and it never happened again so I don't really remember) then after that my FPS on game started to drop. I tried...
  28. N

    Hey,Today i bought ARMA 3 Steam versionIn medium quality i get 6-10 fpsin low i get 13-17fpsWINDOWS 10Please How can

    Hey, Today i bought ARMA 3 Steam version In medium quality i get 6-10 fps in low i get 13-17fps WINDOWS 10 Please How can i fix it i have sony vaio PCG-71912L Processor speed: 2.50GHz1 with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10GHz2 Dual Core processor type: Intel® CoreTM i5-2450M Graphic...
  29. ProbablyNeedHelp

    Low framerate on "new" "gaming" laptop... CS:GO.

    Hey! So I've been a PC gamer for a long time now, I only recently brought a laptop for light gaming, unfortunately I have been having some issues with CS:GO, I run everything on it's lowest settings at 1920x1080 (I can't stand non-native resolution stretching.) so I am getting around 30-50 fps...
  30. E

    HP ENVY Underperformed (Overheating/Throttling?)

    I bought this new HP Envy 15 as a business/occasional gaming laptop to replace my 3-yo Lenovo with 740M. However it's so disappoint that even with the suppose-to-be better specifications, the performance couldn't be worst even just for watching Youtube. At first I thought it was normal as I was...
  31. A

    Very Low Gaming Performance after Clean Installing The Windows.

    Hello. My friend bought a new laptop. It's asus n550jk. It has 6th generation intel core i7 processor. 16 GB RAM Gtx 850m graphics card It has also baterry issue. Baterry is always %0 and it doesnt charge. It was same before our clean windows installs too. It's default os was windows 8.1...
  32. M

    new laptop low fps

    i got a new laptop and when ever i start to play any game it just goes up and down up to 180 down to 7 . its really driving me crazy since its i5 6th gen nividia gforce940m . and i dot think its heat prplem cause it dosent feel hot at all. plz help
  33. A

    GTX870M Low FPS Problem

    I have an Aorus x3 that is equipped with a GTX870M, I don't use the laptop for gaming too often, but I noticed when I do, it has a very low fps (around 20 - 30 on games like Dota 2 and Overwatch). I downloaded GPUZ to monitor the load of the GPU and noticed that the clock speed is always...
  34. W

    Low FPS on new laptop

    so i recently got MSI Laptop here are the spec's, i5 core Intel processor, Nvidia Geforce GT 710M, 6 Gb of ram. i play alot of games but my computer is not preforming at what i think it should im Getting about 30-90 fps in counter strike and about 6-20 in arma 3 when i know i should be getting...
  35. T

    ASUS ROG Laptop w/ NVIDIA GTX 960m; Low FPS

    My System: ASUS ROG G55IJW, Intel Core i7-4720HQ @ 2.60GHz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 960m, 16gb of RAM, Running Windows 10 I've had my laptop for about 8 months now, and have had little to no problems until now. I usually play older games that don't demand a lot from my laptop, but after buying...
  36. A

    ASUS RoG with GTX 980M - LOW FPS IN CSGO

    Good evening, Since i purchased my ASUS RoG laptop, i have been facing low fps (between 90 and 200), which I found kind of low for such specs: Intel i7-4720HQ - 2.6 Ghz (Turbo goes to 3.5 Ghz) nVidia GTX 980M 8GB 24 GB RAM I forced the nVidia GPU and not the integrated one in nVidia control...
  37. S

    FPS drop CPU 100% but the temperature is only 35C

    Everytime I try to run any game my CPU caps out and my frames drop (7-15) all of my temperatures look good and my computer should be able to run it. here are my specs: motherboard: MSI gaming 7 Z97 GPU: GTX 970 CPU: i5-4590 16gb ram 850w PSU
  38. T

    All games are low fps on ge72 6qf

    Hello guys, I have recently bought a ge72 6qf laptop. I7 6700hq gtx970m 16 gb ram. I ran rust yesterday night and it ran very well. High settings and 60 fps. However when I ran it this morning, performance was horrible. I tried forcing game to use gtx970m but nothing changed also laptop is fully...
  39. D

    CPU Overheat very fast with Mass Speed drop

    Hi, I'm using a Laptop with a Core i7-4700MQ 2.40Ghz. This happens mostly when playing games, the CPU temperature rises upto 100C within about 5mins of gameplay. Games that runs around 30fps drops to almost 0fps, when the CPU running at around 3.20Ghz(3.40Ghz with Turbo) drops to around 0.7Ghz...
  40. S

    low fps in all games

    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M + Intel HD Graphics 530 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz Model: ASUS GL552VW OS: Windows 10 Home 16GB RAM Earlier yesterday my boyfriend's laptop suddenly started running any game he tries to play at very low FPS (less than 10). He's mostly tried World of...
  41. T

    Low FPS on a above average Notebook PC

    This is weird since my specifications is above average (not saying high-end) but it can't handle Dota with lowest settings, my average fps was 18-19, while my friend's PC average fps was 30-31, my friend's specification is lower than mine but? I tried to increase my virtual memory but it shows...
  42. S

    My Alienware 15r2, why is it running horribly

    Hi, I bought my alienware 15 in august of 2015. It costed 3000 dollars and was basically maxed out for performance. It is a great computer for videos and tiny games like minecraft(70-80fps) or Team fortress 2 (100-140fps) and Counter strike: Global offensive (80-100fps). I have an intelCore...
  43. D

    Very low fps

    hi, why is my fps really low when i play games like nba2k16. i have nvidia gt 635m and intel graphics 4000, but still running low around 3-10fps. can anyone help? i already set high performance nvidia processor..
  44. F

    Random FPS and GPU load drops on MSI GE62 2QF. Help needed.

    I've recently bought an MSI GE62 2QF laptop, equipped with an Nvidia GTX 970M graphics card. Despite having a good average performance while playing games, I experience some deep framerate drops randomly, for about a second, which don't really relate to the game being more demanding in that...
  45. A

    Dota 2 low fps, lagging, spiking

    Hello, I have tried recently to play Dota 2 on my new Laptop and it is with a really low fps. I would like to know if my rig is too weak for the game or if you have any tips to improve the performance. Toshiba Satellite S50-A-10H Intel i7-4700MQ GeForce GT 740M 8GB RAM 1333MHz HDD 1Tb 5400rpm...
  46. M

    Low Frame Rates - Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Intel Core i3 - Fifa 14

    I have a laptop with Intel HD graphics 3000, 4 GB RAM, 2.40ghz and Intel core i3 I play Fifa 14 it worked very fast earlier and now it is very laggy. Every game is running slow. Please help. I am on Windows 8.1.
  47. R

    Random fps drop/freeze to 3 fps while gaming

    Recently I bought my Lenovo y700 15 inch gaming laptop (Nvidia GTX 960m). I've been noticing random freezes for a split second every now and then while gaming (in couple of games). This occurs even in a low demanding game like Feeding Frenzy 2. I installed afterburner to check up on temp and...
  48. C

    Bought brand new laptop running abnormally low fps

    I just bought a brand new ASUS X555LB-XX026D and for its specs,I can barely play LOL or Hearthstone,games, that don't require much. I tried switching to NVidia graphics from the integrated one on both games,but the results are the same. 10 fps in LOL and hearthstone is very laggy. I run Windows...
  49. C

    Recently bought Asus ux501 and videos are not running smoothly, really bad FPS!

    I have an Asus ux501 with Intel HD graphics 4600, although under display adapters in the device manager, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M appears. I do not know much but i guess it is a graphics card problem (or a processor). I really cant tell, even scrolling down pages dont do so smoothly. Any help...
  50. R

    Why does Sony Movie Studio 12 have extreme lag when editing videos?

    I was getting higher play back speeds when I was using an Nvidia GT720 GPU, but when I upgraded the FPS of Movie Studio 12 seems to have dropped significantly. This doesn't do this for anything except Movie Studio, games run at much higher FPS on higher settings, so my card is fine. My specs...
  51. W

    Compatible CPU to GPU

    My GPU is GTX 850m for laptop, I feel the game is always FOGGY and LOW FPS while GAMING, the display is INTEL HD GRAPHICS FAMILY, should I change it? And what should I get compatible to GTX 850m? I need a better graphics display and processor for GTX 850m ( My orocessor is Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  52. I

    Low Frames Help!!

    Hi i have an alienware laptop that ive had for awhile now and have always got pretty low frames on games. Specs- 8 gigs ram Intel core i5 and it does have integrated graphics but i feel like i should atleast get a Constant 30 fps. Any ideas will help thx
  53. M

    Every game locked at 47 fps

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop. All drivers are from Windows Update. Everything is working fine except one thing. All Steam games are locked at 47 fps! Framerate can be lower, but it never goes higher than 47 fps. I have v-sync off in-game and in CCC. And I have no...
  54. R

    Asus ROG G72GX Chugging under gaming load.

    I have acquired an Asus ROG G72GX with an Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 with a GeForce GTX 260M Every time I play games on it, currently Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3, it will occasionally stop performing smoothly and start chugging, I think my FPS gets as low as 2-3 fps and this will continue for a few...
  55. D

    GTA 5 low fps

    Hello. Firstly sorry for my bad English, because I'm from Lithuania. Ok, I bought laptop ASUS X751L. Processor - Intel Core I7 4510u 2.0GHz, but boosted to 3,1GHz (Looks like processor ok for GTA5) Video card - NVIDIA GEFORCE 820M 2GB 8GB RAM PC boosted with NVIDIA Inspector Tool. P.S DONT...
  56. CN Shana

    New Laptop - Low FPS?

    I bought a new laptop and am receiving no more than 15-17 fps in games on any detail setting. Components: i7 6700HQ 2.6ghz-3.5ghz gtx 970m samsung 950 pro 256gb ssd windows 10 64bit kingston hyperx 2400mhz 16gb ram another note: the previous day everything was working fine and i was getting a...
  57. D

    CS GO low FPS on my ACER E1-570G

    I have a pretty low end laptop. CPU: Intel Core i3-3217U @ 1.80GHz RAM: 4096MB GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 740M The thing is, the game used to run on 60-70 fps until some 2-3 days back, but suddenly it has dropped to 20-ish. I have played around 350 hours with the previous settings and was pretty...
  58. K

    CSGO Low FPS with pretty decent PC

    Before I got like 200fps, and sometimes over 300, depends on the map, but now I barely get over 130. I have a 144hz monitor so there is a difference, I have all settings on low/very low and I only get up to 140-150fps. I have tried somethingthat Unparks my cores but didn't really notice any...
  59. A

    gtx 850M fps huge fps drop in full screen

    hello , i have got a new laptop asus r150jk intel core i7 and nvidia geforce gtx 850M .. My problem is , that i get a huge fps drop when increasing my game resolution , ill take minecraft as an example, i play minecraft with the highest settings in windowed mode , i gt 1200 fps , but when i...
  60. X

    Lowest price for laptops that runs 90% of the games with 60fps !

    Hello everyone, I am asking you to give me the price of a laptop that runs at least most of the games with ( 55-60 fps ) with low settings ! I don't care if its the lowest settings, but it must run most of the new games specially with 60 fps ! * I dont have a budget ! ( not higher than 1,500$ )...