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  1. J

    I want to know what to look for on motherboards for Skylake 1151 for improved sound both integrated and add on.

    Thats about it , is there , for instance, a list of reviews on motherboard for their sound quality. What do I have to consider on a build for sound quality. I already built a great speaker system. Thats already done and I'm amazed at the sound it produces but if there is something that will make...
  2. BlueFireZ

    Need some help choosing softbox lighting

    So I do product reviews in my small-ish room, primarily on a table as I speak and I've decided to buy a softbox lighting kit after using lamps and whatever I can find around the house for so long. I found a kit on Amazon that outputs 1600w, has good reviews for YouTube videos, and is in my...
  3. xDeuiii

    Are these 2 the same laptop?

    Just found a couple reviews and found these 2 laptops and I just wanted to confirm if they are actually the same laptop - Dell Inspiron 15 7000 & Dell Inspiron i7559 763B2K
  4. M

    How can I tell if a computer is a good buy if there are no reviews or ratings?

    HP Pavillion 17-g192dx - Is this a good buy at $479?
  5. fantasma64

    helps to choose laptop $800

    Hello, I want buy notebook from Amazon. btw, I was researching a lot and the conclusion: between these two laps: Dell Inspiron i7559 $774...
  6. C


    I want to play csgo with the G4me zero and the ASUS MAXIMUS VII RANGER. If i read reviews people are really mind blowing about this headset. Yet i can't seem to find the right configuration. It doesn't sound good ingame nor when i listen to music online. I don't use any amp or sound board, i...
  7. J

    Will the HTC Vive have "real games" not just tech demos?

    I know from the reviews that the HTC Vive is a great experience, if money is no object. What concerns me is that all the reviewers say there are only "tech demos"/ really short games to play. I have heard rumors that in 5-7 month we will have full sized games. Can anybody confirm this?
  8. vdicarlo

    Resource to Compare Performance of Old and New Computers

    I can find reviews and databases that compare the performance of new desktops and other computers, and reviews of computers that were released at about the same time, but cannot find a database that compares new and old computers with each other, information that seems essential in making buying...
  9. GHolnyuk

    trusted printer reviews?

    here we get bad reviews: but this site has 4.5 from over 1000 reviews: either Amazon sells defective donkey dung, or sellers on it sell...
  10. R

    Need experienced opinions to purchase a phone

    Hello everyone! My current phone has finally died and I'm looking for a new one. Unfortunately, I have no clue what makes a smartphone good. I've been reading some reviews of budget smartphones and these are the options I've decided to go with: -Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 -Asus Zenfone 2 -Honor...
  11. D

    Does anyone have a virtual reality head set, like the vive. And what gpu are you runinng it with??

    Ive read the reviews for vr and it seems that gtx 980ti is the best for vr judging from the only test steam vr. To those who have vr what are you using. Thanks
  12. S

    2016 Newest ASUS 15.6-inch Flagship X555UB

    I've seen a listing for an Asus laptop with one review, the X555UB X555,according to the product details on the listing.Yet I can't seem to find any other reviews for it?I'm not even sure if it even exists?How is it?
  13. B


    have you revied the lg 65g6p oled tv
  14. H

    Good deal or no?

    I saw this laptop (,71_&refRID=1BEW4NAKWFN73PW772F3&th=1&psc=1)on Amazon and it feels like I had to go down a back alley for it and all reviews are for the earlier versions but I...
  15. D

    Audio Splitter nor working

    Soooo I have : ElectraBasic Jack 3.5mm Audio Splitter It works on Phone, Sound and Mic. On PC Reviews say it works, but for me, the mic Doesn't
  16. M

    Best Laptop for 600£

    Hi guys , I need a laptop for gaming and studying . My budget is 600£ euro I was thinking of the z5170 but the reviews says that it has got bad view angle even though of the 1080p res. So what do u think ?! And here is the site of prices in Egypt :
  17. O

    has anyone heard of killer reviews mobile gamer? seems cool

    here is the link he seems to do all the latest mobile games
  18. Malek Agha

    Which headsets should I get?

    I was debating on whether I should get these two headsets: Sentrey Arches GS-4731: $39.50 Logitech G230: $39.99 Both of them have a [censored] ton of reviews on Amazon and they're all REALLY good reviews. I'm torn on which I should get.
  19. woodson75

    Recommended paid AV package for a small business

    What do people recommend as a decent, low impact AV package for a small (4 or 5 PCs to be protected) business? I keep reading and re-reading reviews from all over the place for the "big boys" like Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Webroot. The more you read, the more negative elements you find about...
  20. J

    Headphones Sound Slightly Distant

    I recently received a new pair of Sennheiser Game Zero headphones based on a lot of the reviews that I've seen. However, they don't entirely sound as perfect as the reviews made them out to be. Normally, the sound sounds slightly distant, whether it's music, talking, or whatever else. The...
  21. J

    Maingear Pulse 17 any opinions on it?

    Hey I'm looking to buy a labtop and I am looking at the Maingear Pulse 17. I can't really find any reviews of the new model (just the 13 one I can find). So I was curious if anyone had an opinion about them or anything else I should know about either the pulse 17 or the company. I haven't been...
  22. B

    XMG C505 advice

    I was considering buying this laptop: I have seen no reviews for it, and I need a fairly light, powerful, and thin laptop, as well as decent battery (which this one does have). Has anyone heard of this PC, and have seen reviews about it...
  23. H

    Sennheiser G4ME ZERO bad sound quality

    Hello, I have recently gotten the Sennheiser G4ME ZERO headset. It had amazing reviews everywhere although mine feels really bad (worse then previous HyperX Cloud which I had), especially in CS:GO. I am using soundcard from my motherboard, MSI Z87-G45. I tried updating all my sound drivers. Also...
  24. F

    Confused From Reviews, Please Recommend 2.1

    Hi, I want to buy a 2.1 system for my desktop and as I live in an apartment, I can't really shake the walls/floors without consequences. I want good speakers and more than anything else I want the woofer to not make tur tur sounds like my current ones Logitech Z323 do. There is only Logitech...
  25. L

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Hi guys, i just want to ask that is it okay to buy "Btaman: Arkham Knight" now ??? what r the reviews and gameplay ? and what about Multiplayer(online) gameplay ???
  26. Kisianik

    Rockford Fosgate p560 5.1 Powered Speaker System

    HI Does anyone knows this system or heard anything about it, except 6 amazon reviews and few video reviews. Links It looks similar to Logitech Z906, which I like, but it is not...
  27. C

    Reviews Say This Dell Is Slow

    Dell 15 3000 (i3541) with an AMD A6 6310 and 4GB RAM. Machine has 1 Dimm slot. Comes with 4GB RAM, upgradeable to 8GB. Reviewers at Sam's Club report the machine is slooow. I bought one at Office Max, but carton is unopened...
  28. TommyFamzy

    What is the best antivirus for windows 10?

    What is the best antivirus for windows 10? as i have looked around and all i see is payed reviews on tech websites, i have heard nod32 premium is good? Can anyone help me, idealy one that doesnt slow my rig down
  29. R

    Do VPN's negate the need for tough to crack passwords

    I was checking out the latest reviews on Password Managers when I remembered an article on VPN's, and started thinking. If their so good at hiding your identity, why would you need anything other than a simple password? Note: I am a hardware guy. I did the CCNA back in the 90's, but we never...
  30. B

    i3 5th , 8GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, windows 8 , could this be a very very lagged laptop??

    just placed an order and completed the payment for this laptop on a retail . I had been hesitating for quite some time for either a Thinkpad carbon X1 or this cheap thing. I didn't realize that the claimed battery life is only **UP TO 4 HOURS**. Oh how can a laptop be useful for working only the...
  31. G

    marantz av 5010 receiver

    any reviews what do you think is this a good receiver in its price range
  32. A

    Acer's laptop review

    I'm looking to buy some medium hardware laptop and I ran into Acer's V3-574G. Reading the review it seems to me that it's a good choise. Specs: Processor - Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz Graphics adapter - NVIDIA GeForce 940M - 4096 MB, Core: 1072-1176 MHz, Memory: 960 MHz, DDR3, 64 bit...
  33. E

    Not all that impressed? ATH-M50 phones

    I bought a set of these after reading numerous rave reviews about them but honestly after trying them through my home stereo system and pc for gaming and even my old Sony discman with bassboost that always sounded great with phones i really am not all that impressed with the ATH M50 set? they...
  34. Ramil Ahmadov

    Xmg P724 and W724 difference

    Hey everyone, I ordered a new Xmg P724 laptop recently. I was reading reviews and looking through benchmarks of this laptop where i got confused whether there is a difference between XMG P724 and XMG W724. (both are Clevo P370SM-A)...
  35. A

    Reviews about Emsisoft Internet Security?

    So I've come across a product that says it is the best and lightest antivirus but I'm not sure how good it is. av-comparatives latest study prove that whatever the company claims is true but I'd love to hear some expert advise here.....thank you..... :)
  36. CherlynnLow

    OnePlus 2 Review: No Flagship Killer, But a Good Deal

    Although it doesn't quite live up to the hype, the OnePlus 2 offers good performance, a unique design and a fast fingerprint sensor for an affordable price. OnePlus 2 Review: No Flagship Killer, But a Good Deal : Read more
  37. D

    reviews about HP14 R005 NE

    is HP 14 R005 NE touch screen notebook a good one, what are the review, what are the pros and cons, what is it's price
  38. T

    ASUS Zenbook UX305

    Has anyone any details of the performance of this machine with the 5Y71 CPU? All the reviews that I've found are with the 5Y10 processor but it has lower clock speeds compared to the 5Y71 and yet it's not clear which would be the better system to get in terms of an optimum performance consideration.
  39. D

    Asus G551JX or Lenovo Y50-70

    So I recently decided to get a laptop for heavy gaming and LAN party's.I was originally getting the Y50-70 but i saw the Asus G551JX for the same price and cannot decide which to get.The place im buying for i did a comparison.Here is a link to the comparison LINK It says the Asus has an IPS...
  40. R

    No boot device found new Dell XPS 13, lost valuable files!

    I bought a Dell XPS 13 a month ago because it received rave reviews in basically every publication you can find. Never liked Dell but needed a new laptop and the great reviews made me think there was something to it. I live and work in a very underdeveloped part of the world so I picked up the...
  41. S

    Which TV should I buy?

    Hey I just need a nudge in the right direction. These are not high end tv's, but they are the size I want, the price I can afford, and have good reviews. They seem very similar though. Can someone help me make a well informed decision on these 2 tvs...
  42. A

    Toshiba Laptop Review

    I am planning to buy "Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5150" but not very sure of Toshiba as a brand. Frankly for the Specs of this laptop the price (745$) is very cheap. Specs: i7 4720HQ 12 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Touchscreen. No graphic card. I am not into gaming but play occasionally not very intensive...
  43. N

    Opinions on the Satellite L50 A00V?

    Hey all I'd like to buy this laptop refurbished, I was wondering if anyone actually has this laptop and if I could get your opinions on it. There isn't a whole lot of actual reviews on the internet for this laptop it seems.
  44. S

    Sharp vs Vizio - Please Help! All Opinions Wanted

    I'll try to keep this short. I've been reading a lot of reviews on the new Vizio e65-C3. It sounds great and its the perfect price, but I'm iffy on Vizio as I was always told this isn't a good brand. I went to a big box store to check it out but they weren't in stock yet. The salesman told...
  45. E

    Lenovo Z Series or Dell Inspiron

    I've been looking at several options and I just cannot decide what computer to get. I want something that is good for medium computing, light gaming, watching movies and has decent battery life. I also need to it to be reliable, and preferably less than $900 with an extended warranty. I've...
  46. J

    HyperX Cloud 1 vs HyperX Cloud 2

    I'm planning on buying a HyperX Cloud and was wondering if I should get the Cloud 1 or Cloud 2. The price difference of these two headsets are only $10 in my country so I'm leaning more on Cloud 2 for the improved mic alone as I'll be using it everyday. Comparing these two, I've got the...
  47. D

    Is this laptop worth buying over mine?

    I am looking to upgrade my laptop but i dont know how much better it is than my current one. I have a 4 year old MSI GT683 And i'm looking at...
  48. I

    Opinion about Lenovo Y50

    What do you guys think of the Lenovo Y50 1080p display. I've heard mixed reviews about it, either saying the screen is terrible or the screen is like any other 1080p screen. What do you guys think??
  49. A

    Sennheiser hd 229

    I've read a few reviews but I still cannot decide. Does the sennheiser hd 229 have a good bass and does it sound good? I would like to buy an on ear headset in price category, max 55$. Thank you! EDIT: I don't need mic, I have a TT esports SHOCK for gaming at home, this would be for travelling...
  50. I

    Onkyo Headphones (on hear)

    Hello everyone! I had seen some reviews of Onkyo headphones (the on-hear ones, not the in-ear) and I am somehow interested. What do you think about them in general and for which purposes do you think they are best for~(music, gamming, movies,...)? Thanks in advance!
  51. S

    Dell XPS 13 for Dev and Design?

    I am basically looking for a new laptop for development and designing. I've tried reading other reviews and forums for laptops such as the Dell XPS 13 for some insight but sadly to no avail. Generally the comments and reviews are those about whose handbag it can fit into or other things that...
  52. C

    Folder lock question.

    The program Folder lock I saw got very good reviews. When going to buy it i cant find an official website. All i find are mass downloading sites and torrents. Can someone please point me to where to purchase/acquire this program from an official source?
  53. tomsguideUS

    Laptop Mag's Best Laptops of 2016

    Our friends over at Laptop Mag keep a running record of the best laptops of the year. To help you all pick the best laptop, we'll be linking to some of their reviews here. See Laptop Mag's Best Laptops in full for all of the best picks and information. Need more picks? Perhaps you want a...
  54. L

    Is Lenovo Edge 15 - 80K9000DUS a good choice for me?

    Hello everyone!! Looking for a personal use laptop for multimedia mostly and some basic autocad projects. I've come across the Lenovo Edge 15 - 80K9000DUS with a good discount in their web site (US$829+tax). I've been looking for reviews online with little luck, I think is because the model is...
  55. T

    best camera for tech youtube channel sub 200$

    I am starting a youtube channel for tech reviews and Un boxing's. I need a camera I know a little about cameras I want 1080p sub 200$ I don't care if it's used on ebay and I get better quality. If any one could send me a few suggestions that would be great
  56. A

    OS to Bypass Administrator Set Permissions

    As the title states I would like to know of any OS that bypasses any sort of Administrator set permissions. I faintly remember hearing something about Linux Lite doing this but I can't seem to find any info on it apart from reviews. So if you could help me out with this it'd be great. Cheers...
  57. S

    Looking for wireless headset

    i read reviews that "SteelSeries H Wireless" is the best wireless headset at the moment, but for $300 i rather spend on something else (not even Astro A50). My G930 just died as it won't charge anymore. The "Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZxR" apparently isn't wireless without 7.1. Same with...
  58. Kuixiv

    Digital Storm Bolt II

    Been hard to find any good reviews for it... Should I buy the Digital Storm 'Bolt II"?
  59. L

    About to buy a Lenovo Y50 - Got a few questions

    Hi!, I did some research around the forum and read/watched a lot of reviews about this laptop but there are a couple of things I can't seem to find answers to so... help? :P. I'll be in the States next week and I'm planning to buy the non-touch UDH version one in this link. My primary use...
  60. L

    Lenovo Y50 - Have questions. Need input!.

    Hi!, I did some research around forums and read/watched a lot of reviews about this laptop but there are a couple of things I can't seem to find answers to so... help? :P. I'll be in the States next week and I'm planning to buy the non-touch UHD version one in this link. My primary use will...