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  1. G

    How will this Configuration PERFORM?

    I just bought a new laptop. Please tell me how will this handle new games. I like games like COD, Battlefield, SKyrim, CS. Processor: i5 4210U, (1.7-2.7 Ghz) turbo 8GB RAM DDR3L SDRAM Nvidia Geforce GT840M, 2GB dedicated graphics card Screen 15.6" 1920X1080p 1TB HD. (not relevant but...) to be...
  2. H

    Has anybody bought the sager NP9752-S

    IF anybody has any experience with this laptop, can you tell me if it's worth the 2.5k at starting level? or are there better laptops than this? I was looking for high end laptops and i came upon this sexy thing, but i can't seem to find any reviews of it.
  3. GetOwnedGaming

    Looking for reviews on the Corsair h2100 Headset

    Well, the tital says it. I am thinking of getting that headset and I need all of you guys who have and or have used it to post your opinions on here! Thanks so much guys!
  4. X

    Gaming Headset Suggestions

    So I am looking to buy a gaming headset, my budget is $70 USD. I have looked at some reviews but I can't find a actual good gaming headset that is not flimsy. I was thinking of the Steelseries 5Hv3, but reviews said it was flimsy. So the headset I need is a headset with good audio, and a decent...
  5. C

    good PC speakers

    hi im currently looking for good pc speakers for my system i just built. i was looking at the klipsch pro media 2.1 but some of the reviews makes me want other opinions who have more knowlege than myself. are there any other speakers that are worth getting over these ones? 5.1 or 2.1 doesnt...
  6. C

    Looking for decent to good headset, considering g930

    I have been looking at headset reviews for a few days and have heard mixed reviews. I am trying to decide whether I should buy the Logitech g930s or a different pair of headsets. Do you think the g930s are good or is there a better pair for a similar price. I'm also wondering if anyone knows how...
  7. T

    Lenovo Y50 Questions

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips to tell me before I buy my laptop this weekend. I'm planning on buying the Levono Y50 for about $1200 from microcenter. I was wondering if this laptop would last me a long time. I have done some research and found out that the hard drives on the laptop are...
  8. J

    is Bitdefender good?

    I'm wondering if Bitdefender is worth it because it cost like 50 dollars.
  9. S

    Xotic PC legitimacy?

    Hey guys, I was looking at XoticPCs website, and they claim that they have good customer service and they do QA testing and all that before it gets shipped to the consumer. However, I was looking at their reseller ratings (Xotic PC Reviews - Ratings at ResellerRatings), and although...
  10. N

    do you trust reviews?

    do you trust reviews?
  11. Mr gir

    Looking to upgrade my headset

    Hello. I am looking for a new gaming headset with good audio. I currently have turtle beach x12's and have been using them for around two years maybe longer. I do like them and don't have anything against them I just decided It is time for an upgrade. I'm currently thinking of getting the...
  12. H

    Amazon Echo need reviews

    I saw on amazon, they introduce new products, Still looking best reviews. im interesting about it.
  13. Stefan Caruana

    Help me Choose a Headset!

    I ordered a Roccat Kave 5.1 Surround Headset, but I saw some good reviews about the HyperX Clouds and they are just 5 pounds more. Help me choose one of them, until I can actually cancel the order. If there barely is any difference I'll stick with the Roccat, but I would still would like to hear...
  14. Ne1_dan

    Is his a good soundbar +speakers set?

    These will be mainly for movies/tv programs and gaming, I have looked up the reviews on this set and it has some brilliant reviews but you guys all ways know best ;), so: and 38 inch is all I need and it will fit on by desk
  15. G

    Reviews on Canon EOS 450D / Rebel XSi

    Hello, yesterday I bought Canon EOS 450D or Rebel XSi camera. It has come with 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens, cleaning kit, charger, battery, a very good camera bag. I picked it from a second sales store, It is in excellent condition with out any marks or anything. I bought it for 360CAD. I would...
  16. R

    Quality Headset - Budget $175

    I am looking for a headset with specific qualities, this is a list of thing it needs, and optional things that I'd prefer. If anyone could also recommend multiple seeing as then I'd be able to take the best one after looking at the reviews. Requirements: 7.1 Audio Surround Sound Over-ear...
  17. C

    Corsair sp2500 worth the money?

    Anyone owned/heard a set of these? Specific reviews about them seem to always be very positive, but forum chats seem to be more negative. Was thinking about getting them, but the thing about speakers is that it's practically impossible to try before you buy. Cheers
  18. E

    Audio Cable Recommendations?

    I’ve read some good reviews about TARA Labs new Evolution cables on whatsbestforum. I’m getting ready to purchase some new components, as well as interconnects. Any word on these new cables? I’m also looking at a Weiss DAC 202 to purchase? I would appreciate any comments on this?
  19. F

    Sennheiser G4me One headset questions

    Hello I am in need of a great headset, and fell over the G4me Ones from Sennheiser. They look great, and from reviews, they sound great too. But i have a couple of questions: 1. Will i be able to run these from a laptop? I have no idea how it works, but they are apparently powerhungry. 2. Does...
  20. A

    Lenovo Flex 14 recommendation

    I want a review of the Lenovo Flex 14 interms of durability and hardware. I have got mixed reviews about it being flimsy.
  21. P

    HP HP Pavilion 15 Laptop

    any reviews on this particular model
  22. B

    msi gs60 ghost-012 or msi apache pro 003

    I cant choose between the two they are almost identical. I want opinions on why wich one is better Ive searched for reviews on both and have not found too much. So guys let me know which one and why. plz +ty
  23. T

    Where can I buy the Acer Aspire E15 Touch (E5-571P-363N)?

    I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find it anywhere for purchase. I live in the U.S. if that matters. I've only seem to find reviews for it.
  24. sarahragan2014

    5s Car Charger?

    Can someone please recommend a good working car charger for my 5s? I'm reading reviews on Amazon with many claiming that the chargers are not working with their 5s.
  25. 8

    Best T.V for under $300

    im getting paid $300 for a pc i built for someone i want to replace my aceant tv. i have been looking around this tv looks like it has the most featurs for the lowest price and they get good reviews http:// but it is a chines and i know tech from china has a history. this ones the same price...
  26. I

    Choosing between 2 headphones

    ive been trying to choose between the akg 44 and akg 77. on amazon the akg 44 is 30US$ and akg 77 are just now on sale 35$. Ive been thinking about getting the akg 77 since their on sale and about the same price as the akg 44. I have read the spec sheet/ reviews for them both and it seems that...
  27. R

    Galaxy S3 extended battery suggestions

    Does anyone have an honest reviews on extended batteries? I am looking at the zerolemon 7000mah...
  28. baniDJ

    Laptops from NewEgg

    Hello there. Which one of these laptops is the best? 1. 2. Which one to choose? And is it...
  29. A

    considering buying a toshiba laptop

    I'm considering buying a Toshiba Satellite L50-B15 (on sale at Future Shop for $449). It seems to meet all my needs for word processing and web surfing, but I've heard mixed reviews concerning Toshiba. Looking for reviews, advice, and comparable laptops at a similar price.
  30. K

    Sager Brand Opinions?

    Hey guys I have to get a laptop for college and i was thinking of getting the Sager NP8268-S. It was recommended to me by a few friends. I couldn't find a ton of info about the laptop when i looked for reviews for it. Is the Sager brand good? I have NEVER even heard of it before today. What does...
  31. S

    hp h2800 orange headset

    hi! i want the reviews of hp h2800 orange headset which i m planning to buy.pls help me . i want the reviews and specs. thankyou.
  32. R

    Budget HD camcorder for YouTube between 100-200$ CAD

    I am looking for a budget camcorder to start tech reviews, unboxings and the like and have a budget of about 100-200 dollars. I know I wont be getting top line stuff here but I hope that I can get something that delivers a fairly sharp picture. On a side note Try to make sure said product is...
  33. mazooni

    Do you guys think this is a good screen protector for htc one m8?

    Just looking around for a screen protector and I found this which looks pretty good and there are lots of great reviews about it. Do you guys think it is worth the money...
  34. mazooni

    Which screen protector do you guys recommend for htc one m8.

    Hi, I just ordered the HTC One M8 and just wondering which screen protector you guys would recommend. Everything I look at has mixed reviews so if any of you have some personal experience with the screen protector that you recommend that would be great. Thanks :).
  35. B

    Need your expert opinion/recommnedation please

    I really like both of these laptops (links below) and I can't seem to decide between them , they are both very similarly speced but HP is 163$ more expensive and i have a few questions that are not answered by merely comparing the specs, like : 1) is the difference really noticeable between...
  36. hms8

    Which type of camera should I get for YouTube?

    I want to buy a camera for making unboxing and reviews, then publish it on YouTube. The problem is I do not have any experience with cameras. What is the type of the camera should I get? What else equipment do I need?
  37. M

    do you have reviews on tablets?

    What are some of the best tablets out there reasonably priced
  38. F

    Powered speakers under £50

    Im stuck between these two currently both of these have good reviews, but if someone has a better recommendation that would be good. Also...
  39. D

    Blue Snowball Mic Distance?

    Hi, I was looking to buy the blue snowball mic. But after looking at some reviews, I noticed that people were talking 2" from the mic. So I was wondering how far away do you sit away from the mic but still have great mic volume and quality. And would you recommend this mic for live commentary...
  40. MamuMogambo

    Smudge marks on the touchscreen of my Moto G

    So, I had to buy a smartphone and after reading and watching all the reviews I bought Moto G. After using it for a month I am completely and superbly happy with it with a minor annoyance. The smudge marks on screen. I don't think I have seen any other screen get smudge marks so easily. Since I...
  41. V

    D3200 Lens compatibility?

    I have a D3200 body with a kit lens + a 70-300mm lens that I bought. I'm after a fisheye lens. I'm currently looking at the AF Fisheye Nikkor 10.5mm 1:2.8 G ED DX Lens. I've read a few reviews and it seems to be quite decent. However, I've had bad experiences of buying incompatible lens filters...
  42. J

    New in-ear headphones

    Hello, I'm looking to buy some new in-ear headphones and was hoping for a bit of advice. I'm looking to spend up to £40 to £50. The only real requirement is that the headphones come with a mic. I've been looking around at reviews and come across these: Nocs NS200 Sennheiser MM 30i Any advice...
  43. K

    Please help me find laptop (work/gaming, repairable, money no object)

    I was looking for many reviews, but can't find what I'm looking for - seems like all reviews have totally different objectives from mine. Here what I need: 1. Screen size 14-16, with biggest resolution available; 2. Power (CPU+videocard) - the more the better; prefer Intel CPU; also, laptop...
  44. I

    Can someone please review Lenovo Z710 ? I have researched it and it's good for price but I have read reviews that it's screen quality is not really 1920 and because of laptop quality (keyboard, touchpad etc), it might not be worth the price...
  45. C

    Asus bad rep

    Hi, I was thinking of buying a Asus laptop but on Reseller Ratings they have only 1.5/10 with 58 reviews. A lot of horror stories. Any feedback from those with Asus laptops?
  46. I

    [Q] How do you read audio specs!?

    There are so many audio specs but not a lot of reviews online that go into detail on what each setting actually means... I want to compare external sound cards or whatever they are called... vs...
  47. B

    Random startups ?

    So i have a dell laptop , N4050 ( heard some bad reviews) so i brought it to a lil traveling and hit it by accident slowly ( like 1 cm drop) and it broke , cant turn it on , it randomly goes on when i shake it ... I tested this with my Netbook , and it survived , and works flawlessly , any help ???
  48. K

    Single Vs Multithreaded Application

    Hey techies. I've been reading reviews about processors and single and multi thread performance. Can you guys name me some applications that are primarily single threaded and those that are multithreaded, whereby the more cores the better. Thanks.
  49. S

    Xoticpc vs Newegg (Custom built vs pre-built)

    So I'm a first time laptop buyer. From the reviews I have found xoticpc seems to have an impeccable record. Wondering to myself.. Are they really that reliable? And if so.. Would it be better for me to custom build an asus laptop on their website, or order one of the g750 series off of...
  50. B

    Logitech G230 or Turtle Beaches X12s

    hey guys I just joined the forums and I need help picking a gaming headset The logitech g230s are only 40 dollars and have great reviews, but I have a $50 gift card to gamestop where I can get the Turtle Beaches X12 in arctic camo. The reviews on the X12 are so different everywhere I look, some...
  51. U

    Looking to buy the Nexus 5

    I've watched many reviews including this one but I can;t decide what to buy. The Nexus 5 or LG G2???
  52. P

    Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II 28 watts RMS 2.0 Speakers Any Good?

    Somebody suggested it. Want to know from others based on specs / reviews if it has good audio / bass. I don't trust the online reviews because they say some 11.99 speakers have "Superb Audio"
  53. Boo Yes

    Does anybody have the full name for this laptop?

    I cannot for the life of me find this specific model of laptop by HP. I want to look at reviews for this specific model, but all I seem to find are HP ENVY laptop reviews. I want to be confident in my purchase because this laptop seems too good to be true when comparing to other similarly priced...
  54. M

    Choosing between Samson SR850, Grado SR-60i, or AKG K240

    I decided to get one of these three headphones but can't make a decision as they all have great reviews. I'm inexperienced in this area and trying to stay on a budget which is why these are my options. I don't know about the K240s because I read they're a bit too mellow for some people...
  55. L

    F.R.E.Q 5 Is it any good?

    I have purchased these headphones after reading as many reviews as I could and all said that they are a decent pair of headphones....has anyone had any experience with them and are they good?
  56. Z

    Best laptop for light gaming out of these 2 please answer soon!

    Hello, I am trying to buy a gift for my sister on Christmas and I need it ordered in the next 2 hours otherwise I'm going with the 400$ hp here. She does light gaming like dragon nest or league of legends and isn't a graphic enthusiast. Basically it just needs to run League of legends on medium...
  57. M

    looking to buy a home theater system with a receiver

    It must be able to work with netflix,amazon movies, Xbox 360 and PS3 and of course satellite receiver. The room is small so a 5.1 is preferable. Ive tried reading reviews but they haven't helped. The most important thing is it must work well without issues. The reviews Ive read seem to indicate...
  58. E

    Turtle Beach Headphones Help!

    Hi! Okay, so I've bought my boyfriend new gaming headphones for christmas. I looked them up online and read a lot of reviews, and found a good deal on the Turtle Beach Ear Force M Seven Headphones. Now, I have no idea what to look for with this kind of thing so I relied on the reviews I had...
  59. D

    Reviews Show problem with gaming in lenovo g505s 59-380146!!!!!!

    Hello all!!!! I am going to purchase a laptop with good performance for gaming. So, i have had my eyes on the lenovo g505s 59-380146 all this time coz of its great performance as shown in flipkart. Nearly all the reviews describe the laptop as great and worth buying but few reviews say that...
  60. Jeroen B

    Pc headset: TB px22 or Steelseries Siberia V2

    Hi, Im looking for a good PC headset for around 70 euro. I looked online and saw that the tb px 22 was best sold on a website. After some more research this headset looked amazing and perfect for me. ( also the ability for use for my ps3 is neat but not neccesary) But one things holds me back...