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    Solved! Trying to get the best out of a laptop with good cpu and a pc with a good graphics card

    So, I wonder if there is any way I can merge or hook up my laptop (with CPU) and my computer (with the GPU) so I can get the best out it. My pc's cpu is very old and bottlenecking and I have an integrated GPU on my laptop. Is there any way I can merge them into one machine? (not physically but...
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    Solved! Spilled Water on Laptop GPU -- Possible to Replace GPU or Fried Mobo?

    Hi all, I spilled a glass of water on my laptop. It turned itself off, I unplugged it, took it apart, and wiped up the visible water (there was not much at all inside the case). I then left the laptop to dry for several days. Now, when I try to use my graphics card (discrete), my system quits...
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    Solved! I need answers.. Laptop liquid damage

    Last Wednesday day, tea got on my laptop's keyboard by mistake and I rushed to get tissues and I have cleaned it all but it seems like some of it already got in, I thought it was nothing and kept using the laptop playing a game.. Suddenly the game closes and doesn't open again saying that I need...
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    Solved! HELP, my CCC is gone. Replaced with Adrenalin.

    Guys, I have an Asus laptop with AMD A10 and Dual graphic card (R6 & R7 M265DX). I have CCC (Catalyst Control Centre) driver package from Asus. I think I have made a big mistake here by downloading adrenalin. I went to the amd site and click detect and install automatically. The result...
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    Solved! Which matters more when it comes to gaming performance: the CPU or the graphics card?

    Hi everyone. I have a hypothetical question to ask: When it comes to a computer's gaming performance with newer AAA titles which matters more: The computer's CPU or it's graphics card? For example, regarding AAA gaming, if your computer had an underpowered CPU but somehow had a high-end...
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    Solved! Can you use a smart card reader slot like an express card slot? Are there smart card adapters?

    Hi everyone. I happen to have a laptop with a slot that is a smart card reader. I was wondering if it it's at all possible to use this slot in the same way that an express card slot may be used (i.e. with an adapter that gets inserted into the slot) to add functionality that wasn't there...
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    Three laptops opinion

    I need to buy a gaming laptop and I have found 3 choices. They are very very similar but have 2 different main parts. Laptop A: Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ + NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB. Laptop B: Intel® Core™ i5-8300H + NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. Laptop C: Intel Core i7-8750H + NVIDIA...
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    Should I upgrade my intel penguin cpu or my gtx 1050 graphics card first?

    PC building upgrades
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    Cant intall drivers!!!

    I cant intall my gpu driver (AMD) on my windows 7 Toshiba SATELLITE L850D-139, i tried everything, i searched for so many drivers and still cant figuer it out. I tried the amd cataclyst and the crimson these 2 were recomended on amd site for the specific gpus but when i restart the laptop the...
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    MY MSI GL62M 7RDX Not Detecting the GTX1050

    Hello, I have an issue my msi laptop GL62M 7rdx not detecting the GTX1050 Hardware at all only the Intel HD G 630, Not detected at all in the device manger, No compatible hardware when i try to install the GTX1050. I have tried to rest the EC, fresh installation for the windows, No Luck in...
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    Low GPU Usage

    I recently bought Acer Nitro 5 with Ryzen 5 Processor and AMD Radeon RX 560X Graphics Card I am getting a very low GPU usage when playing games, There is only about 6-8% usage whenever I do gaming and because of that I am getting a very poor fps. CPU usage is fine, it works at about 75-80%...
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    Missing 1070 Graphics card on a GE73VR 7RF Raider(Japan version)

    I just noticed this today but I don't know when it really started. I boot up my computer and try to play some Warhammer and its running on the intel driver. I don't know how this happened. I had the new graphics card update ready but I forgot to install it. I have done this before but it never...
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    GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged

    hello, been running into trouble recently with my Acer 5755g's detecated graphics card GT 630m, whenever i start a game's campagin or a multiplayer match, i get the error " GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged or ejected" and my PC freezes after about 10 seconds. I sent it to a...
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    Solved! AMD graphic card driver BSOD

    My laptop has AMD Radeon HD 6520G. It is old but good enough for me to play my fav games. Few days ago i thought it is good idea to reset the laptop at least once after buying it so i cleared my hard drives and installed windows7. Problems came after installing graphic driver. First i...
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    Solved! AMD barely supports their Raven Ridge Mobile APUs and we consumers have to pay for it...

    This is both a rant and a cry for help as I recently bought an HP EliteBook 755 G5 with the Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U and have been dealing with endless issues that couldn't be fixed (yet) even after contacting AMD and HP. HP claims that they will be able to fix the issue by replacing some hardware...
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    Solved! Laptop stuck in Aptio Loop - Among other issues

    My laptop is currently stuck in an Aptio Setup Utility loop - when I use F10 to exit the loop, it goes to ASUS loading screen for about 3seconds before reverting back into the Aptio Setup Utility. My computer's graphic card has an outdated driver, but has an Error 43 issue so I can't update the...
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    Solved! can't locate Graphics card on Acer Aspire v5 573G [SOLVED]

    I bought this Acer Aspire v5 573G, but I can't locate the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. I don't know what info to give you, so if I am missing important information, please tell me. Thanks in advance.
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    Solved! Is this computer viable for gaming?

    I’m planning on purchasing a new computer and I need two things out of it; touchscreen functionality for digital art, and good enough specs to decently run modern games. I don’t need an ultra advanced, crazy powerful machine; just something that can get the job done. I found a computer that I’m...
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    Solved! Will it run VR?

    Hello I was just wondering if my friends build will be able to run Oculus Rift? Thanks.
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    Is it safe to disable Intel HD Graphics card from the BIOS ?

    I got a new laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 330. It has integrated Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 and also Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB. I went to the nvidia control panel and set the global used GPU to be nvidia. I haven't tried any games yet to see what happens, while using google chrome the Intel GPU is at...
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    Solved! Is there any way to connect your external monitor to your dedicated graphics card

    I have an ASUS gaming laptop with a GTX 960m in it and a 144 Hz monitor that I recently bought. The problem is that my monitor isn't running at 144 Hz. When I go into my display settings on windows 10, it says that it's using the Intel graphics card and I don't know how to change it so that the...
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    Dedicated Gpu is on black screen Please help!!!....

    Hi Guys First of all, I have a laptop Model: ((GT72 2QD Dominator G)) With 2 graphics card one dedicated is GTX 970m 3G and another one is Intel HD 5600 so The thing is I made a mistake and flashed my dedicated graphics bios with a wrong bios who was for a laptop ((GT72 2QD Dominator))...
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    Solved! Can I upgrade graphic card of Dell 5559 i5 8gb 1tb with

    I want to upgrade graphic card of Dell 5559 to 2 or 3 4 gb Is it possible
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    error in installing fifa 18 in dell 3576

    i have dell 3576 i5 8th generation and i was tryinfg to install fifa 18 but it always says direct x error and graphic card err
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    Solved! error running resident evil 7 - with 2 graphic card

    hi - i got lap top with 2 graphic card - 1- integrated : intel 620 hd 2- dedicated : nivida geforce 940 mx with spec 8 g ram and i5 process once i run the resident evil 7 game on my geforce card setting it just fail.. and it work with the weaker intel card !! how come - error say...
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    Problem with AMD HD8870M on Samsung Laptop Series 7

    Hello everyone! So I have a problem with my dedicated AMD graphic card on my Samsung Laptop (specs and model down below). I'm running windows 10 (tried to downgrade to win 8, the original system, but it didn't change anything) and while running more GPU intensive games or processes in general...
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    Solved! New Windows laptop - memory, speed, SSD- what is needed?

    Hi, I am actually looking to buy 2 new laptops. The ones I have are "Ancient" and not worth, time, money aggravation to try and upgrade. I have been on all the major brands websites trying to compare, contrast, build, the memory, speed cores, ssd, ddr, dedicated/not card, How many usb ports...
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    Does Asus X455LD support eGPU ?

    i have Asus X455LD ( Core i7-4510U 4GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 820m 2GB VRam ) without a thunderbolt 3 USB port, does it support eGPU ?
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    Solved! Mx 150 or i7 Laptop for editing?

    I want to buy a super light and thin laptop, that can hopefully do at least a bit of editing. In Ireland there are not many options for laptops, so im stuck with not too many. The main difference between them is that some have an i7 and some have an i5 and a GeForce MX150 2 GB, and I am...
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    Solved! Help build PC for Multi-user VR Gaming via Virtualization

    Hey Friends, I am in the US and I'd like to build a multi-user VR PC that allows me to run four players in VR by using Virtualization and passthrough to put each player on a separate graphics card all in one machine. I am using (4)four SteamVR based headsets and running them all using the same...
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    Solved! HP Pavilion 15

    Can I change my HP Pavilion 15 cs0033tx graphic card and processor??
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    Solved! I clean uninstalled amd drivers and then again install the drivers and I screwed.

    So I have AMD radeon r5 m330 graphics card and I thought of updating it but whenever I used to update, It automatically rolls back to its previous version so then I thought of clean uninstalling it and again installing the latest version of amd graphics card suitable for my laptop. But now...
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    [amd radeon 6770m] Dying graphics card?

    Hi all, my first post here :) On saturday my beloved 2011 HP dv6-6170sl, just two weeks after I got him a new ssd drive, started behaving oddly. It has a i7-2630qm cpu, 8 gb ram, integrated Intel 3000 graphics + discrete AMD Radeon 6770m, running Windows 10 home It's a fresh install on the...
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    Solved! Can I upgrade Alienware 18 graphics card?

    This is the laptop My friend wanted to upgrade the graphics so it could run modern games. Is this Alienware upgradeable? Thanks for replies.
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    acer aspire 3 laptop vega 8 + radeon 535 2gb GDDR5

    Hello, i just bought an Acer laptop with ryzen 5 2500u cpu, it's equipped with the built-in vega 8 graphics + dedicated Radeon 535 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which seems like a weird combination as on paper the vega 8 seems stronger than the dedicated graphics, i'm having lots of problems...
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    Solved! Laptop using intel graphics card for playing games instead of using radeon r5 m430.

    I have hp 15ay 503tx laptop. I have amd radeon r5 m430 as dedicated graphics card and intel hd 520 as integrated graphics card. When I play games like nfs payback I see that laptop uses intel graphics card instead of radeon and the game starts lagging. What can I do?
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    External graphics card

    The beast graphics card adapter to laptop when I turn on the laptop every thing starts and runs then laptop will turn off ??????? What do I do everything is hooked up right I think
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    Solved! Sleep or hibernation without switching off the graphics card...?

    Hi all, my question is, whether the above is possible. I have a borrowed laptop (until my own gets repaired) - Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 8 (sic! :[ ) - which has a problem with graphics card (I was told, and the owner was told in a repair shop some years ago). After turning on, the computer...
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    Replacing my laptop.

    I'm planning on replacing my laptop, i'm looking for one that preferably has an nvidia graphics card or can have opengl 2.5 or better, runs smoothly in general, playing games, or looking around online, and my budget is $600, give me what you think is best for me
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    Dell Precision M6400 won't turn on SCREEN WON'T LIGHT UP.

    I on-line when all of the sudden the screen went black. Only thing lit up was the power button. I held it down to shut down. Since then, it would not turn on. I noticed the right fan would spin for about 3-4 seconds and stop. One light of 3 on the left might or might not stay lit or sometime...
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    Gta5 can run with 1.80ghz

    8gb ram 4gb graphic card
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    Solved! AMD RADEON335 DDR3 4GB RAM for high graphics design

    Hi, Is AMD RADEON M335 4GB DDR3 sufficient for building design softwares that use high graphics? Thank you,
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    Best video card

    Dell i7 7 th generation with amd r7 445 or dell i7 8th generation with amd 530
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    Looking for a 2 in 1 laptop

    Can you please give me some tips of the best touch screen laptops, with a beter graphic card than an intel
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    Solved! Is a laptop able to use a graphics card that is hooked up, externally? Even though it has one internally?

    My laptop has a graphics card, and it does not seem enough for the gaming that I am trying to do. I want to hook one up externally(i do know how to do it, PCIe+Power Supply+The card itself) but I was hoping to find out if it will even help. Is it possible for my computer to use both cards? Will...
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    Intel equivalent to fortnite recommend requirements

    What is the Intel equivalent (for laptops) of fortnite recommend system requirements: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU, 2 GByte VRAM
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    Solved! Graphics card comparison

    I want to buy IdeaPad 330s. It does have an i5 8th gen and rx540 GPU. What will be it's gaming performance? Can it outperform mx150 in real world tests? Please share some real world gaming benchmarks if possible.
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    Intel graphics card being used for games instead of Nvidia graphics card

    Hello, I just started having an issue where games, like Fortnite don't use my Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card. I have tried everything, I opened up my Nvidia control panel and in 3D settings, I made sure for global settings that Nvidia is selected. As well as program settings, I selected...
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    Using integrated graphics card on external Monitor instead of dedicated graphics card

    Greetings, I just got a new laptop not too long ago. its an MSI PE62VR (intel core i7 7700hq, Nvidia GTX 1060m), which has enough power for me to do my school work. I always used a second monitor to get my college work done, it's really nice to have two screens to work with multiple virtual...
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    Laptop Graphic Card

    Hi All Greetings... I had a Toshiba Satellite P55t-B5262 Laptop and it's working perfectly on Windows 8.1. When I changed my hard drive from HDD to SSD I installed new Windows 10 and I already installed all the drivers. After restarting my computer its shows windows logo and after that black...
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    buying a laptop for next 10 years

    Hi, i need a laptop for next 10 years. my requirements are simple. 1)a powerful quad core cpu (no turbo clock gimmicks) 2)16gb or upgradable to 16gb ram 3)below 1.5kg i mainly use this machine for coding, so i don't need graphic card. can someone with the knowledge in modern era laptops...
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    how do i find out what graphic card or stuff I have? I have a new laptop and this is my first time using a updated laptop

    I do not know much about laptops and so this is very vexing. I do not know how to find out what graphics card I have please help me find it. I have an HP ProBook guess.
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    Can I install. Gta5 in Windows 10 without graphic card

    Can't download it
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    Is there a way to upgrade my laptop graphics card?

    I have an Acer Aspire E-15 Laptop, with Intel Core i7-6500U 2,5GHz and twin Turbo Boost, 8GB DDR4 Memmory, running a Nvidia GeForce FTG 950M with 2GB dedicated Vram! Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card, even with an External Video Card Dock? I woul like to be able to play the very...
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    Samsung NP700G7C Screen Glitching

    My Samsung NP700G7C laptop suddenly started showing many tiny little bars/glitches last night. I have rebooted multiple times and the glitch starts on boot up without fail. I have tried: multiple antivirus programs updating the display driver using the Windows device troubleshooter (says...
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    Online video's (YouTube, streams) start lagging after a few minutes

    Hi I have a GTX 1060 6GB and when I watch a YouTube video or online stream on a forum or such, after 5-10 minutes of watching the video starts lagging and my gpu usage goes to 90-100%. The fix for this problem is moving my cursor, and then it shoots back to 14%. Is there any solution to fix this...
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    Can i run gta 5 without graphics card

    Can I run gta 5 without graphics card
  58. V

    affordable laptop for video editing

    good day!i just wanna ask if a dedicated graphics card is really impotant for a video editing laptop? but i will upgrade my ram and put some ssd on my laptop.
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    Question about eGPU

    what if i use up to 65w power graphic card on egpu? it says i dont need 6 pin power does that mean i dont need psu brick to power the graphic card? just put it into the pcie slot and connect it to my laptop? will it work? and the card im talking about is Galaxy Nvidia GeForce GT 440 will this...
  60. A

    graphics card problem

    The graphics card driver does not work. AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M420. Notebook is bought for 3 days. It is a great disappointment, Asus with drivers that do not match.