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  1. T

    Avast and Opera 12.18 SSL scan

    I dont know how import Avast certificate to this version of opera. It is possible to enable it? I know it is outdated browser, pls dont tell me this. Thanks
  2. G

    Linksys Smartens Up its App for Managing Routers

    The new version of Linksys' Smart Wi-Fi app not only looks sleeker, but our hands-on testing found that it can keep an eye on your network and alert you if there's a problem. Linksys Smartens Up its App for Managing Routers : Read more
  3. H

    Laptop's network adapter isn't working?

    Hey, My mom accidentally deleted the drives for most of the adapters,now they're appearing in the other devices section. I tried to find what adapters they are,to download the drivers but it doesn't say anywhere.It's also enabled from the bios. Any help would be appreciated (Laptop: Toshiba...
  4. U

    Forward mails from one mail to Gmail

    I need help with this one, I forward my mail account to gmail account and all mails going in to gmail SPAM folder. How to change to go in NEW created folder/label ?
  5. G

    Rebuilding House, Any suggestions on how to rewire it?

    Lost my house in a lightning/fire strike from April's Texas storms and having to rebuild my home. Can I draw on you guys advise on what tips you have for rewiring,networking the home and for a media room now that i starting from scratch? Much thanks!!!
  6. J

    None of my sources are showing up on OBS but i have everything plugged in the USB ports

    when I click add scene its fine then I click add source and I do... but my options are only my Logitech c930 webcam but I have a lot of other things plugged in as well
  7. S

    Chrome not loading pages

    Hello! Everytime I turn my PC on, chrome won't load pages after about 3 minutes for like 1 minute. It will happen the same 6 minutes after the boot up. There is like a 1 one minute window when I cannot access the net and it's really annoying since I use my google account to save my bookmarks...
  8. M

    ASUS mini trips off after 10 minutes

    ASUS mini laptop model 100HA trips off after 10 minutes. i have check the CPU fan and its working perfectly. i have blow it repeatedly against dust. yet issue not solved.
  9. J

    How to keep myself always online Skype whenever my computer boots or wakes?

    How to keep myself always online Skype whenever my computer boots or wakes?
  10. W

    Looking for an anti censorship client software

    Looking for an anti censorship similar to tor.because tor stopped connecting even when using bridges.
  11. N

    Samsung smart tv not connecting to router through wired ethernet

    Hi everyone, I have a brand new Samsung Smart Hub TV. Right out of the box, the wired connection will not connect to the router. I have checked the ethernet cable that is connecting tv and router with my computer and it works fine but TV will not connect. WiFi is working on the tv but I would...
  12. F

    How can I isolate HDMI sounds to a TV while game sounds to system speaker

    I have a desktop PC which I use to play games on AND watch films. Its a Win 10 OS... with an ASUS maximum extreme mobo asus 2 way sli 760 gtx Is there a way for me to be able to play a game on the monitor (through DVI) with just the system/game sounds coming through my system speakers while...
  13. T

    Backing up .PST's to the cloud effectively

    Medium sized business 2000 people. Connected HP Backup is used to backup people’s data in HP’s Datacentre. We have 3 sites, 30Mb split across 3 sites, 10Mb each. 700 people per site (not exactly), our bandwidth is all used because of Connected HP Backup. We’re using QoS but due to the amount...
  14. PhilipMichaels

    TP-Link Wants Its Router at the Center of Your Smart Home

    The SR20 is an AC1900 Router with built-in support for ZigBee and Z-Wave connected devices. TP-Link hasn't yet announced a ship date or price. TP-Link Wants Its Router at the Center of Your Smart Home : Read more
  15. K

    Hi, I rlly nd help. Im being tracked, hacked, accts a money stolen from my accts. phone # frwrded, my calls monito

    Hi, I really need help. Im being tracked, hacked, accts accessed calls forwaded & money stollen frm accts. Calls "especially" w/ husband (whose fighting Floridas court to get home) are monitored in real time. Coments made, "mans voice says, wait watch him freak." Which my husband did, over...
  16. B

    8.1 > 7, No networking drivers working - Toshiba L50d-c (PSKXSA-00U00G)

    Hello, Friends son wanted windows 7 on his laptop since he was more familiar with it. Installation of windows was straight forward. When it came to getting a networking driver installed I have had no end of trouble. The drivers available for windows 7 don't work at all (proset installs...
  17. PhilipMichaels

    Circle With Disney Helps Manage Kids' Screen Time

    The $99 device from Circle Media and partner Disney connects to a Wi-Fi network to control when devices can connect to the Internet and what apps they can access. Circle With Disney Helps Manage Kids' Screen Time : Read more
  18. Marshall Honorof

    4G Flaw Affects All Android Phones on AT&T, Verizon

    Android phones on AT&T and Verizon are open to attack over the LTE network, and there's not much the average consumer can do about it. 4G Flaw Affects All Android Phones on AT&T, Verizon : Read more
  19. K

    Internet freezes after working for 15-20 mins

    I had Mozilla Firefox installed in my Acer laptop. I have Windows XP3 OS. For the last few months, Firefox used to freeze suddenly after working for 15-20 mins. I then used to close firefox and then tried to restart it. However, a message used to pop up "Firefox is already running, but is not...
  20. B

    WWAN/WPAN/FCM What are they, and can I put a WLAN card in any of them?

    I recently bought a used dell precision m6400 Laptop, When I opened up the back panel I found some components with nothing installed in them. There are two empty slots, a WWAN slot and a FCM slot. There is also a WPAN card installed next to the WLAN card, my question is what are each of these...
  21. G

    Tech Tips: How to Stay Secure on Vacation

    From hacker-friendly Internet connections to vulnerable fitness trackers, here are the biggest dangers on the road and how to avoid them. Tech Tips: How to Stay Secure on Vacation : Read more
  22. D

    New Wireless Router Question

    So I just managed to buy a Netgear R8000 from Target for $89.98! They have a bunch of other ones on clearance also. Now I am second guessing my purchase and considering selling it and buying something else. These are the prices that I can buy them for: Netgear X6 - $299.99 - $89.98 Linksys...
  23. T

    run coax cable or ethernet cable 225 feet long?

    I have Time-Warner cable internet and TV service in my home. I am moving my home office to my newly remodeled workshop approximately 175 ft away from the existing cable modem (so maybe 225ft of cable needed). I need the best internet signal possible in the office but I don't need TV at the...
  24. N

    Concise books for Networking cert

    I am reading now CISCO published CCENT ISND 100-101 which is my my 1000 pages...I wanted something to learn faster to prepare by skills...What series make good networking as well as good sys admin books for exams? Thanks!
  25. LuckyTheLadyBug

    Any way to be certain I still have a virus?

    I downloaded something super duper sketchy, then after I opened it realized it was bad news so I quickly deleted it. I then ran malwarebytes and 2 things came up as some sort of false positive. but I deleted them anyway. Bitedefender didnt find anything at all. After I told malwarebytes to...
  26. A

    Looking for a new mid-range laptop

    1. What is your budget? ? INR 40000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? ? Between 14 to 15.6" 3. What screen resolution do you want? ? As high as possible 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? ? Portable 5. How much battery life do you need? ...
  27. M

    Can't search on torrent pages

    Hello, I have been using for a long time and no problems. The last few days, it has not been working. I get to the page, and then its like it freezes up on me, I cant type anything at all but my mouse is still working. Have tried other torrent pages, and the same problem. Can...
  28. H

    Wireless Drivers - Which one do I need?

    Hi, so I am running a laptop with Windows 8.1 installed, and my motherboard is this : Which wireless driver do I need?
  29. T

    Problem with booting MS Outlook

    I'm not savvy with tech so need simple answers. I've used Windos 2010 Outook for email and calendar for years. Yesterday I was able to get access; today I can't. It's possible I selected an option I shouldn't have. Note that I am able to boot Word, XL & PPT. This is critical for my work. I'd...
  30. J

    Internet Disconnects When Scanning my PC - Avast

    When I scan my computer for viruses etc my internet disconnects at around 70% for up to a minute. I am connected by Ethernet and my sister's phone's wireless also disconnects. We are both connected to the network but the internet access has a red cross on it... What is wrong with it? Is it maybe...
  31. C

    Ethernet cord not detected

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Y50 (purchased January 2015) running Windows 8.1, which until yesterday I used with an Ethernet cord despite having WiFi available. This morning I turned on my laptop and noticed it was using WiFi instead of my Ethernet connection. I made sure the connection was right on...
  32. A

    Youtube problem Loading videos is fine, everything else isn't, why is this ?

    So i've been having this issue for about a week now, the issue is that youtube pages take so much time to load, videos work fine but the pages don't. as you see in the pictures here: i can't access my creator studio and when i work my way around it 'i go to pages with...
  33. G

    Linksys EA8500 MU-MIMO Router Review

    The first of an expected onslaught of MU-MIMO routers, the Linksys EA8500 has the hardware and software to fill a house with Wi-Fi and Web access, but the device doesn't live up to its performance potential. Linksys EA8500 MU-MIMO Router Review : Read more
  34. H

    No Wireless after fresh Window 7 64bit install drivers installed

    Need some help on this one, networking has never been my strong suite!!! Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit, downloaded the correct wireless drivers from Dell and was able to get online wireless with no issues..... Did all of the updates from Microsoft and poof! No more wireless!! There...
  35. A

    C code to implement "Clear To Send" and "Request To Send" commands in VBA- Adhoc Networks

    I need to send a request to the destination node before the source node sends the data packet. How to I write a C code to implement this? Also I need to write a C code for the destination node to send a "clear to send" to the source node before I am finally allowed to send the data.
  36. C

    I have a samsung smart tv that quite connecting via smart hub this morning. It says connected to router but not able to connec

    Samsung Smart Hub TV not finding internet but does find router
  37. R

    MidRange Laptop (networking)

    I have been asked to recommend a laptop lately and have been doing my research but not having any sound evidence for what I think would be a good recommendation. The laptop requirements are roughly as followed: Does NOT need all the bells and whistles. A good display, no back lighting problems...
  38. H

    Connect smart tv to cable only

    Smart tv will only get a few cable channels when auto programming
  39. S

    Samsung smart tv can't update Amazon Prime

    It's stuck trying to update the Amazon Prime app and I'm not sure what to do. I keep turning the tv off hoping to reset it somehow. Any suggestions?
  40. D

    How do you sync a new cable box to also control the tv?

    I want my new cable box and hand remote set up to also control the TV. This would allow turning on and off the TV and change the volume with the time warner remote.
  41. U

    Trouble with downloading OpenVpn

    Hello, I have trouble to download openvpn. I chose windows XP, 32 bit, installation package wich is what I have but everytime downloading stops with this message: I'm downloading from this site: Can someone help me with this? Also...
  42. H

    Issues with PDF files

    Hello, I have had some issues with the internet and opening PDF files and would like some help or advice. When I am researching things and it opens up a PDF file, it takes about a hundred clicks to go back to the original search. My computer came with Windows 8.1 and I used Internet Explorer...
  43. Kuixiv

    This sounds strange but....

    Through my regular adventures of Kik, I recently came a across a nice fellow how seemed to be into the Dox/DoS trend. A few bad words were said, and then... Boom! This hit me: 0l3a3.iP3.89.3289.snai73.0l3a3.iP3.89.3289.snai73.0l3a3.iP3.89.3289.snai73.0l3a3.iP3.89.3289.snai73.0l3a3.iP... Now...
  44. D

    samsung smart led tv

    my tv is is not providing a picture.a notice says the hdmi cable is not connected.they are.i can still recieve the smart tv apps.
  45. J

    Setting up a home network

    I have a TP-Link Archer C8 1750AC that I just purchased. I have my home network set up but want to be able to utilize either the USB 3.0 port on the router, or find an affordable NAS device to plug into the network for file sharing and media streaming. Is it better to go with portable HDD and...
  46. L

    only working in safe mode

    When I turnnon my laptop it shuts back down then turns back on with only safe mode options. It says it was shut down improperly. I tried using it on safe mode with networking but it's not allowing me. It won't connect to my wifi.
  47. N

    Acer Aspire V3-112P will it do the job?

    Hello! I'm looking for a portable laptop for programming and networking. I'm noob in both but I'm really iterested and willing to learn so the question is will this netbook be able to handle the programs. Android programming, html, python, virtual machines for networking i will use live usb...
  48. JobCreator

    IPVanish Update Broke My VPN

    Hey, yall. The software IPVanish recently came out with an update to the software, so I decided it was a good idea to update that. I was running the software when it prompted me and everything was fine and working as intended. After downloading and installing the new update (while the...
  49. Z

    How to PUBLISH a youtube video at a certain time?

    Hi all, I have recently been uploading videos to my youtube channel. My internet upload speed is relatively low so I tend to start uploading multiple videos before bed to get them out of the way. A friend told me there was a way to control when the video was published so it wouldn't look like I...
  50. L

    Ethernet cable not connected to Samsung Smart TV

    I have a Samsung series 7 smart TV. It connects through the wireless option but refuse to connect via the Ethernet cable. I did check that it was properly inserted in the TV and modem. I also tested the cable via the home theater system and it is working. But when I set it up to connect to...
  51. S

    Lenovo to Vizio using HDMI

    I have a similar issue. The tv works fine using HDMI connected to a mac computer, but with our Lenovo, the HDMI cable will not work. In the meantime we are using VGA :/ Our Vizio tv is model E551VL and the Lenovo is a E545 Thinkpad.
  52. A

    i try to browse like gmail and all i get is cannot connect to the real

    whenever i type gmail in the search engine, all i get is that cannot connect to the real gmail, how can i solve this because i have tried with both chrome and firefox
  53. S

    Possible to VNC using USB between an Android and iphone?

    As it goes right now, I have two devices. One is a rooted Radxa Rock Pro running Android 4.4, and the other is a jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 6. I am able to start a VNC server on the android computer, and I am also able to connect on the iPhone. However, speeds are not up to par for my...
  54. D

    how to enable wifi in lenovo G550

    I am trying to enable wifi on my lenovo G550 but i am not getting the settings for wifi on laptop. I have also tried a button used for wifi ( stuiated in the front, next to the port of headphone ) by clicking on both the two sides their are no changes shown on my desktop. Kindly help me same...
  55. A

    My new Google Nexus 7 will not let me skip the WiFi choice page. I don't have Internet at my home, only on my iPhone. How can

    What do you do if you don't have home internet and you can't access your tablet?
  56. D

    backup without networking to Iomega?

    can I make a backup directly from my portable to my new Iomega EZ madia & backupcenter without networking??
  57. D

    how do i know last location of mobile number

    how do i know last location of mobile number REDACTED - SS
  58. N

    sim network unlock

    I have galaxay s4 gt-i9500.and my Imei no is REDACTED - SS. And i want sim network unlock pin as soon as possible i m request to u pls.
  59. A

    connect my pc internet to laptop

    sir, i have a hp520 notebook it has wifi but not wifi router it has windows xp.I want to connect my internet from my visiontek 82gh modem to my android tablet which dont have any sim card slot how can i connect????
  60. Z

    Trouble Connecting Sony Internet TV

    I was given a Sony KDL-40EX700 tv. I have been trying to get the TV to connect to the internet, but it only verifies the physical connection. I am attempting to do this via a wired connection going through my Actiontec PK5000 modem/router. I have confirmed the wired connection is good with a...