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    Solved! YAMAHA RX-V379 HDMI ARC Connection to Samsung TV Not Working

    Hello, I have a Yamaha V379 Receiver connected to a Samsung 2018 tv. I'm using an HDMI Cable both are connected to their ARC connection on the TV and Audio Receiver. I'm set to Audio 01 on my Receiver but I'm not getting any sound at all. Any clues?
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    Motherboard audio or external soundcard?

    So, I just recently got myself a pair of Yamaha's HS5 monitor speakers and cpnnected them to my PC via 2x XLR to 3,5mm audio jack. The main concern is the white noise that comes out of the speakers and I've noticed it changes in sync to the GPU's workload changes. I've been wondering if the...
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    Wanting to hook up hisence 55n6 tv to Yamaha 5.1 the 4071 I hooked them both up to arc still won’t work

    Hicence 551n to Yamaha the 4071 5.1 surround cable to ark on both still won’t work
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    Solved! Yamaha HTR 3064 - needs to 'warm up'.

    When I turn on my HTR 3064, it seems to take 15+ min for it to sort its self out. Then I can turn on my TV box and then finally the TV. If I turn on the TV box or TV too soon, it trips something on the HTR 3064 and it turns off This has only been happening for the last 6 months. Have had it...
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    Setting up a stereo receiver with a sub woofer system

    How do I set up my RCA RT151 to a Yamaha RX-V990 Stereo receiver?
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    Solved! I have purchased a Yamaha HTR 3067 6 ohms av receiver and connected to a john barrell 4 ohms 3 way tower speaker with centre a

    I have purchased a Yamaha HTR 3067 6 ohms av receiver and connected to a john barrell 4 ohms 3 way tower speaker with centre and two rears but the bass effect is not there i have done the YPAO calibration and set extra bass and also tweeked the bass frequence to 5 pls advice thanks in advance
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    My tape deck door is jammed

    I was recording from the RCA input on my tape deck (Yamaha KX-W321) and when I tried to switch to side 2, the door got stuck. The buttons for stop, play, etc. aren't working either.
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    How to connect h 96 pro plus to Yamaha htr 2064 home theatrefor Dolby audio

    Can I connect Android box through the av recever
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    Solved! 2.0 setup on a 7.2 receiver (no bass)

    I did look for an existing thread on this, as I thought it would be a more common issue, but didn't see anything specific. I am a fan of Yamaha receivers and now have 3 in operation. My theater is a 5.1 and sounds great. My garage has a more basic 2.0 A/B setup for inside and outside of the...
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    Av receiver cleaning with an air blower

    Hi im wondering if its okay to clean my yamaha amp with an air blower its really dusty inside and it keeps shutting down on me after 1-2 hours of use so i think it might be overheating i have an air blower that i use for cleaning dust from my pc but i dont know if it could damage my av...
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    CD digital storage

    I have an old Nikko amplifier, a Technics turntable, Yamaha speakers, and a CD changer. The changer no,longer works. Thinking of digitizing my CD collection to FLAC files. Not sure if this is the best route, and how to do it. Advice appreciated
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    Problem with connecting B.Tooth Merlin Headphones to Yamaha conventional receiver RX-V663

    Hello, how can i hook my Merlin virtuoso wireless headphones to my Yamaha receiver RX-V663 without using the original (obsolete) dock connection located at the back of the receiver? (i don't have the Dock connection anyway) So I plugged the Merlin B.Tooth connector (bought along with the...
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    Solved! no 5.1 audio with Yamaha receiver and Sony TV

    Hi, I have my Yamaha RX-V381BL connected to my Sony XBR49X800E. It's passing audio but not 5.1. Connection is through HDMI (HDMI 3 ARC on the TV and HDMI out on receiver). HDMI control is on on receiver and ARC is on. I'm playing a Netflix movie with 5.1 audio. I can hear audio through the audio...
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    HDMI connections for directv & bd player to Yamaha 5.1 receiver

    I would like everyting to go thru Yamaha RX-V581 receiver as a hub, input source material from TCL ROKU 55” Smart TV; Directv & Panasonic BD player. All are HDMI capable. Would like receiver to send audio of 5.1 sound to Klipsch Quintet & Yamaha 8” subwoofer & send picture back up to Smart TV...
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    Samsung tv problem connecting to Yamaha reciever

    Hello we have a Samsung Smart LED65 Smart TV and bought a Yamaha AV receiver RX-V583 . We get an error message HDCP2.2 this content is not compatable with your TV. Please connect HDMI OUT to the HDMI input Jack that supports HDCP2.2 of the TV. We hear the sound of the TV coming through the...
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    Yamaha RX-V679 Amp to Sony Bluetooth WH-1000XM2 Pairing

    The Yamaha amp has built-in Bluetooth as I've streamed Spotify through it many times. The headphones are Bluetooth. Yet I cannot find even in their manual how to pair the two together. There is a WPS button on the front of the amp for pairing to my network but nothing about Bluetooth pairing...
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    How do I hook up a turntable to Yamaha HTR-5940 receiver?

    Same as heading. Don't find any instructions in the owners manual or see any inputs on this receiver (Yamaha HTR-5940) to hook up a turntable. Can it be done & how?
  18. B

    Yamaha HTR-5280 static on left channel

    Hi. I have a Yamaha HTR-5280 that has been a work horse for 18 years. Over the last few months it's developed an issue where static appears in the front left speaker. I've eliminated the speaker and input source from being an issue (happens on all inputs). Does anyone have a suggestion where...
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    Connecting Yamaha YSP 2200 Soundbar to TV

    Hi I got this Yamaha YSP 2200 soundbar yesterday and stuck at step one. I first connected it via the hdmi ARC into the tv but it doesnt recognise any input. It shows up that there is an HDMI connected but just says their is no input once I click into the HDMI input on the tv. However in the...
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    connect tuner to soundbar

    Have a brand new DAB+ Yamaha D-T500 tuner that I want to attach to a Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. Have tried optical connection between the two and optical from tuner to 3.5mm jack on soundbar and both options doesn't produce any sound. The tuner doesn't have an HDMI socket.
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    yamaha rx-v665 receiver doesnt communicate with the remote

    last night the remote suddenly stopped controlling the receiver. none of the controls buttons on the remote did anything. at first I thought it was the remote, but now I am thinking perhaps the remote and receiver don't communicate any longer. are there any test I can do to find out which one...
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    Trouble connecting TCL TV to Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar

    Hi all, Today I picked up a Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar to go with my TV, a TCL D2900 which has terrible sound on its own. The guy also sold me an RCA cable since the TV doesn't support HDMI audio connections. However when I connected the RCA red/white cables from the TV's external to the...
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    Solved! Roku compability cxa5100

    Andew 08:16:58 Okay, here is my system, then I will ask my question Roku Ultra, Yamaha CXA-5100 pre amp, Yamaha MXA-5000 AMP, JVC RS620 projector, control 4 control system/remote Issue is ROKU will not "turn on" when starting up with ROKU as first source. I get blank 'no input" screen. The only...
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    Yamaha RX-V683 AVR Presence Speaker Configuration

    Guys, I have my new RX-V683 and planning to configure front and surround presence speakers simultaneously as per the user manual. Dose the config is correct? Because in the user manual itself it says the amp is a 7.2 AVR. But if I connect both front and presence speakers simultaneously it...
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    How to connect samsung soundbar to yamaha Rx V483

    Im trying to connect a yamaha Av amp RX-V483 to my samsung soundbar no sound !!!!! Help !
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    Yamaha 5810 output?

    Help. I watch laptop on HDTV listen through receiver I want to go out of receiver to DVD/ DVR to be able to record from pc Have read it's possible to do? Something about converting av 2 3 or 4 to output. Would somebody help me please? Thanks, Jim.
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    Yamaha RX-V483 connected to TV through HDMI no picture

    I connected just as the directions called for. Plugged the HDMI from the ARC input on the HDTV to the HDMI ARC OUT on the receiver. Plugged the HDMI from the cable box to the receiver in the 2nd HDMI input slot on the receiver just like the directions said. No image
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    Turntable to soundbar via BT

    I am using a Audio Technica LP60 BTturntable with a Yamaha sound bar ATS 1050
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    Compatible EQ for RXV 870

    Please someone advise me what is the ideal equalizer for Yamaha RXV 870 receiver
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    Yamaha AVR switches input when Setup button is pressed

    I have my Sony TV connected to my Yamaha RX-V381 via HDMI with HDMI Control on. Whenever I’m watching something through the smart TV (ie. Netflix) and press the Setup button on the Yamaha remote, the inputs change to display the menu on the TV and subsequently stops whatever I was watching...
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    Solved! Yamaha RX-A1030 -- minimal front speaker volume

    I'm using the Yamaha with an external amp connected to the PreOut plugs. Everything was working fine for a while, but then either a setting got inadvertently changed or a problem has developed with the receiver, because now when I try to watch television, I get very, very minimal output from...
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    Needed: imedance cable 6mm

    I own a yamaha yas-71 soundbar, quite old I'm having trouble identifying the right cable I'm looking at the port and online and nothing seems to fit to all you sound experts here I'm attaching a picture of the back side of the soundbar does this part supposed to hook with the subwoofer ? in the...
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    Yamaha RX-V381 receiver

    i own a Yamaha RX-V381 receiver. I can connect all my input devices like my cable box and apple tv. I was testing my son's new playstation 4 and hooked it up to the Yamaha, and now it no longer will recognize my cable box. I have disconnected the playstation and re booted everything, and...
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    Sound bar for Zone 2 TV

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to use Zone 2 HDMI video out on my AV receiver and would like to know if anyone can recommend a passive sound bar for the TV? Zone 2 will be used for the TV in the Kids room, so doesn't have to be a high end sound bar. Planning to connect the HDMI directly to the TV...
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    Yamaha Receiver & Mbox don't play well

    I have a Panasonic Plasma TV; Yamaha Receiver RX-V381 and an android box - MBOX - H96 Pro. When I hook the box & tv together everything is good & works fine. When I add in the receiver - all I get is picture flashing - no sound, no picture, nothing other than flashing and then signal is lost...
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    How to Connect Vizio M50-E1 and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483

    Hello, I tried to connect my Vizio M50-E1 TV and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483 via HDMI using ARC but nothing is working - I tried all possible combination. I enabled ARC on my TV but it doesn't recognize my receiver. Also on my Receiver "HDMI out" is blinking RED when my TV is on. What I am trying to...
  37. R

    Looking for help yamaha

    Hi I have Yamaha YSP-5600 sound bar and I want to connect in to my Yamaha RX-870 receiver.when I tried to connect my other speaker which are connected to the receiver and the sound bar playing separately and It just make a echo noise. Could anyone please help me to install it. Also before I...
  38. C

    How to connect yamaha rv479 to non arc jvc

    I have a jvc lt-48n530a TV with no home arc can I connect a Yamaha TV479 with an arc adapter
  39. S

    Yamaha RX-801 Shuts down

    Receiver used for TV audio and general music usage. Connected to Bose Acoustimass, will handle the sound volume for TV pretty well, rare exception. When playing Music through (CD Player/Blue Tooth/USB, shuts down at medium volumes...sporadically Surprised this occurs at this volume....Have...
  40. S

    Receiver sub pre-out question

    Hi, I'm noobish on audio stuff. I have a yamaha R-N500 receiver with a single sub pre-out and am considering buying a nice subwoofer to go with my bookshelf speakers. I know that this pre-out just sends out the bass signal to the subwoofer. Does anyone know if my receiver likely has any...
  41. N

    turntable no audio

    I recently installed my receiver with turntable via pre amp. Connections are turntable rca wires to pre amp in to receiver audio in . Yet, no sound from the receiver audio . I brought the turntable to an electronics store and told that they're receiving audio. What am I missing? my receiver is...
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    Connecting a powered sub to my turntable setup

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this turntable setup would work. I have a pre-existing powered speaker (edifier r1700bt) that Im currently using for my audio technica LP-60 turntable. I'm now planning to add a powered subwoofer (probably the audioengine s8) and to connect it to...
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    Solved! Running both 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers (A + B) on Yamaha A - S501?

    I am wondering if it’s OK to run a pair of 8 ohm (custom made ARs) and a pair of 4 ohm speakers (Celestion 15XRs) on the A+B setting of a Yamaha A -S501, set at ‘low impedance’? The manual only states that speaker impedance should be 8 ohms or higher with the switch position at ‘low’, but does...
  44. W

    Solved! connect speakers to old tuner

    I have a Yamaha stereo receiver RX-496 and Yamaha cd player CDC-675. They use speakers with wires. I bought these in 2006. Where can I find speakers that still have wires. how can connect wireless speakers?
  45. M

    Yamaha RX-V675 not passing 4k signal through D:

    i bought this reciever a few years ago because it said 4k pass-through. so i hooked up my directv 4k to it and back out to my LG OLED 4k and i get an error on my screen saying this tv doesnt support 4k. so i plugged my directv hdmi right into the tv and it works fine :( i'm not sure if i have...
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    Solved! Outdoor audio: Stereo or mono?

    After recently setting up a backyard system (specs below). I am thoroughly satisfied with the sound, except for the slight lack of lows, which a new Polk powered sub I'm waiting on should take care of. It really sounds great, but depending on where you are standing in the backyard, there seems...
  47. A

    I’m a stupid audio file

    My Yamaha 3060 went into a protection mode when I unplugged some speakers! I guess I touched the amp with a banana plug. Is this a big deal it’s been off for 2 days. Can someone help me? Thank you Allen
  48. D

    Connecting receiver, TV, cable box with/1 HDMI port? Help!!

    How to hook up a Sony Ultra HD X900E TV, cable box with only 1 HDMI port, and a Pioneer AV VXS-530 receiver for surround sound with separate Yamaha YST-SW012 base?? Please help!
  49. P

    yamaha KX-930 playback issue

    I was about to sell this deck. Havent used it for many years. After connecting and putting a tape inside I press start. The head moves in playback position stays there the tape does not move and the head goes back into rest position after a short second. I looked for an solution and could only...
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    Problems with a repurposed, powered sub

    I installed an audio system in my garage and backyard recently. Yamaha receiver (202 with BT), Yamaha 150s mounted in the rafters inside the garage, and 350s mounted outside the garage facing the backyard. Everything sounds great, but I needed a little more low-end. I had a sub from a Klipsch...
  51. azriahl

    Yamaha RX-V457 powers on, Then powers off

    The issue I'm having is when i turn the unit on it stays on for 5 seconds or so then turns off. I can get into the Speaker menu and it will stay on longer but eventually shuts down. Ive tested all the Speaker connectors for shorts, Ive tried with and without speakers, Ive tested all the FET's. I...
  52. S

    Car Sub/Amplifier used with Yamaha HTR-5990

    I have read a bunch of threads on this issue. I plan to use a computer power supply to power the car amp. My question is exactly how do I connect the car amp to the Yamaha receiver? I know its an RCA cable from car amp to Yamaha but could someone tell me exactly where/how I connect to the...
  53. D

    No sound of local channel thru antena

    Hello I have so sound coming thru local channel . I have Hooked up my samsung un65mu630d tv with HDMI arc IN to Yamaha receiver HDMI arc out. I have enable arc on both devices. My tv have sound output option to speaker tv, optical/rca(yellow) and Bluetooth speaker. So I tried using speaker tv...
  54. Kipia

    PS4Slim AUDIO output to speakers. HELP. Details inside.

    Hi, I need to connect PS4 Slim to two speakers(Audio) and TV(Video, mb audio). Speakers have only XLR, TRS and RCA. PS4 Slim has only hdmi out. I have Yamaha HTR-6250, and I connected HDMI from PS4Slim and out to my TV - so it can output video and audio to TV. For audio I've connected two...
  55. D

    how to connect a samsung un55ks8000fxza to a yamaha rx-v560 receiver for sound

    how to connect a samsung un55ks8000fxza to a yamaha rx-v560 receiver for sound
  56. K

    Pioneer receiver VSX-921 help

    I have a Pioneer VSX-921 and i just brought a Yamaha subwoofer NSSW200 and it came with a system cable. Which to my understanding helps turning on and off and sync up the subwoofer when there is a signal from the receiver? Can someone tell me if it will work with the VSX-921? and if so where do...
  57. 7

    Subwoofer working through phono, but not ext. decoder

    I have a Yamaha AV Receiver (RX-V496) with a sub-woofer and two monitors. I have phono set up with a turntable, and the sub works fine, as do the monitors, but when I swap it over to ext decoder, which has my computer outputting audio, the monitors work, but the sub does not. Edit: I've pulled...
  58. M

    yamaha amplifier receiver

    i get no audio from my yamaha rxv381 system and it comes well . what could be the problem