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    Solved! Vizio Soundbar to Yamaha RX-V683BL

    How do I connect a Vizio Soundbar to the Yamaha RX-V683BL
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    Solved! Need help extracting HDMI audio from receiver/TV connection

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver (manual) that currently connected to receive input from my cable provider (HDMI2 input) and HDMI from my Blu-ray/DVD player (HDMI1 input). The HDMI OUT of my receiver is connected to my Panasonic TC-P50S60 TV (manual). Both my receiver and TV are capable...
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    Solved! Yamaha RX-V583 4K passthrough issues

    Hi all I recently bought a Optoma 4K projector and when hooked up to my Yamaha on a signal from Netflix that is 4K Ultra HD, I get the sound through the system but no video. If I toggle between powering items off and on the signal might come in but eventually gets an error at the bottom that...
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    SoundBars - Yamaha, Polk, Samsung, JBL? So many choices under $500

    I've been looking at soundbars over the past week or so and am trying to decipher which would be my best option at or under $500. Every time I start digging into the reviews I just get more confused on which to select. I'm looking to replace a Sony HT-CT260H soundbar with something newer and...
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    Solved! Receiver Yamaha RX-495 Right channel failure

    When I turn on Receiver the right Channel is muted. After a few seconds the sound appears distorted. A few more seconds it normalizes. Turning the power off appears again. Has anyone had this experience? Thank you.
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    Solved! Yamaha RX-V379 loses video if source auto shuts down

    I have an Apple TV3 connected to Yamaha RX-V379 via HDMI. If the ATV is the active source, and it shuts down due to timeout while Yamaha is still powered, the next time I power everything up, I do not receive video from ATV. I have to unplug the Yamaha to get it back. I tried switching inputs &...
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    Solved! creative sound blaster z + old yamaha receiver crossover doubts

    i have a creative soundblaster z connected via analog cables to my old yamaha receiver (rx-v659) my questions are: where to set the crossover? sound card or receiver? also the sound card have a extra option called "subwoofer gain" that give more bass if i check the box (maybe extra 10 db i dont...
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    make speakers work on yamaha keyboard

    I have a yamaha keyboard. the speakers have suddenly stopped working? i have tried wiring in identical speakers that do work and they do not work either so i am wondering whether there is an issue with the motherboard??
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    HS8 budget DAC

    planning on buying Yamaha HS8 for my PC and i was wondering if i should pick up a dac amp? if so which dac should I pick up [budget is around $100]?
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    Solved! I am looking to use a soundbar with my new projector, and wanting to put the firestick into the soundbar - advice/will it work

    Hello all, I recently purchased a YAS 107 Soundbar by Yamaha, and a BenQ HT2050A Projector (links for both at the bottom) The plan is to put the soundbar over the projector screen, put the firestick in the HDMI IN on the soundbar, and then run an HDMI cable from the OUT/ARC on the Soundbar to...
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    Solved! Yamaha SRT-1500 no Optical input after firmware upgrade

    Hi, Bought a second hand SRT-1500 soundbar, its only a couple of months old, when I unpacked it everything worked as it should, then i hooked it up to the wifi and installed the music cast app, when i accessed this it said a firmware update was available ( 3.08 ), so i let it install it... after...
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    Yamaha RX-A870 upgrade for wireless surround musiccast

    I have a Yamaha RX-A870 receiver. Do you know if they will do a firmware update for the wireless surround musiccast for this model?
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    Solved! how can I connect/pair my Yamaha TSR5810 AV receiver to bluetooth speakers

    how can I connect/pair my Yamaha TSR5810 AV receiver to bluetooth speakers? the TSR5810 is bluetooth enabled (I can pair my IPhone with TSR5810 via bluetooth to listen music from TSR5810).
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    Solved! How do I connect a 1050 Yamaha sound bar to a legend TV L 3211

    Trying to make to hook up between the 1050 Yamaha sound bar and TV is a L 3211
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    Solved! Tv sound to stereo receiver

    I have a Yamaha rx v1900 stereo receiver with HDMI output and inputs. Have just bought a new Lg oled 55c8pta tv, but cannot get sound from tv to stereo. Have gone through settings on tv, but no sound. Have optical out on tv, but not on stereo. Is is doable? Cheers, Brad.
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    Solved! How to use AV input and HDMI output on a Yamaha HTR-4067

    Hi, I am a newbie regarding Audio & Video and would need some help to connect my Nintendo Wii on my Yamaha HTR-4067. I am using my Yamaha HTR-4067 to play video via a projector + surround system since years. I have connected a Nvidia Shield TV on a HDMI 1 input and the projector on the HDMI...
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    Solved! 4k passthrough on standby?

    I am considering a Yamaha TSR-7850 however I wanted to see if anyone knows if it will work for my setup. Downstairs I have a media room with a 1080 projector and 7.1 surround. Upstairs I want to get a 4K LED with Dolby Vision HDR and a soundbar. The signal source will be a Dish Hopper 4 which...
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    No audio from TCL Roku TV through Yamaha receiver

    I have a new TCL 55" 4K TV, Yamaha RX-V483 receiver, and Klipsh 14M speakers. I hooked up an optical cable from the TV to the receiver, set the input to Audio 1 on the Yamaha which is the optical jack, but I'm getting nothing through the speakers. I have an Amazon Fire stick on HDMI 1 on the...
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    ARC problem in Yamaha soundbar YAS 207

    I have connected my MI TV HDMI ARC PORT TO Yamaha soundbar YAS 207 hdmi arc port. TV detect the yas 207 and display Hdmi port as yas-207. I connect the TV to YouTube via wi-fi. There is no audio in soundbar. Both remotes control the volume adjustments. TV audio out put set to hdmi arc, soundbar...
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    Connect Mxqpro to surround sound

    I need help setting up my MXQ Pro box to my Yamaha RX-V581 . I purchased an optilink full to 3.5mm optical cable cord that fits but no sound comes out. It like it’s to old to connect to get sound. What can I do someone said convert it? The box only had one HDMI slot. I want to use my house...
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    How do i connect my speakers to my receiver

    I need help connecting my 4 panasonic sb-hf770 speakers to my yamaha rx-v367 receiver.
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    Yamaha Receiver to Optoma Projector Issue

    Looking for any help.... I've been using my home theater with no issues for about a year. Just the other day, I turned on the system and got a "no signal" message displayed on the projector, but still have sound coming from the surround sound. I have a Yamaha rx-v575 receiver and Optoma...
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    I have a Yamaha RX-V483 Receiver, it powered on fora split second and then shut down. The power indicator light shows power. W

    I have a Yamaha RX-V483 receiver les than a year old. Won’t power on. Indicator light is on. When I try powering it up the power indicator light flashes.
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    Yamaha Stereo Amp A-300 (1983) with Mission m71i speakers

    I got both the amp and the speakers off Gumtree and the speakers have worked well for years now. The amp was bought as a backup for me to take to uni but when I play music I occasionally get a cracking sound, the amp will either reboot itself or stay powered but not connect to the speakers? Any...
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    Can you add rear speakers to yamaha yas-207

    Can you add rear speakers to yamaha yas-207
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    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on re

    How do I connect Xfinity X1 DVR cable box to old Yamaha RX-V2300 component receiver for 5.1 surround sound? No HDMI port on receiver. HDMI straight to tv but not getting sound through the receiver.
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    Solved! Yamaha RX-V671 Shutsdown

    I recently acquired a Yamaha RX-V671 Home Theatre System. When I set it up I accidentally had the - and + backwards on the Receiver for the center speaker and being an idiot after a long day at work tried to correct this while powered on. I shorted the Center Speaker and sent the Receiver into...
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    yamaha rx-a1070 ceiling speakers

    Just upgraded to the yamaha rx-a1070 and have everything hooked up but when watching a movie my surround speakers in the ceiling aren’t working. When I do a sound test or use the YPAO they work but on a movie or an Atmos sound test they don’t play. Help please
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    Yamaha A-S2100 amp won't work after power cut

    The dimmed Standby/On light blinks rapidly. The troubleshooting section didn't help. Would ask at the manufacturer's site but didn't find any.
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    Power off Yamaha YAS-207 every night?

    Husband insists Yamaha YAS-207 should be powered off each time when not in use. I do not see any such recommendation in the manual. The manual does suggest to unplug unit if you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, but no mention is made of turning sound bar off when you...
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    Am I underpowered on my QSC 1500a amplifier?

    I have a 2 pairs of speakers - 2 of them are Yamaha CM12V - rated program at 500W daisy chained together on ch 1. The other pair of speakers are a Yamaha SM15111 - daisy chained to a Yamaha C115V - both program rated at 500W - on ch 2 - all the speakers have nominal impedance of 8 ohms. If...
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    Question about how the receiver and soundblaster affect the sound quality?

    Hi, I have a receiver Yamaha HTR 6030 connected with optical TOSlink cable to external Sound Blaster Creative X-FI HD (to my PC) My question is how do they interact with each other when it comes to sound quality? How does the receiver and how does the sound blaster affect the sound? Will I get...
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    Solved! Need advice on which speakers to purchase

    I have very limited knowledge of speakers, but want to buy a pair for my desk setup, purely to listen to music. I've looked at the Yamaha HS7, KRK Rokit 5/6s, Audioengine A2+/A5+, and a few Logitech products, but honestly can't make a choice. Could anyone help me out here? My budget is around...
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    I have yamaha ns100x 6 ohms speakers and connected it to my konzert KA-711+ 8 ohms amplifier. Is it ok? Do they compatible?

    I have yamaha ns100x 6 ohms speakers and connected it to my konzert KA-711+ 8 ohms amplifier. Is it ok? Do they compatible?
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    Samsung smart tv and yamaha ats-1080

    No sound on soundbar worked for 4 days now no sound from soundbar. Nothing on install has changed. Turned on tv and had no sound from tv or sound bar. Not changed any connections on back of tv.
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    how do I adjust the speaker size? I have a Yamaha htr 6030

    Speaker adjustment for Yamaha HTR 6030
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    how to set up Yamaha MG06YEM Analog Mixer to pc

    ive been having a bit of a problem setting this up for my son this is what i got Yamaha MG06YEM mixer Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035 Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface 2 of 2 x RCA/Phono Plugs to 2 X RCA/Phono Plugs XLR to XLR Plug Microphone Cable 6.35mm (1/4") Male to 3.5mm (1/8")...
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    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
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    NFC connect to Yamaha RX-A2030

    Just bought a bluetooth receiver a NFC (GT BT receiver) and I am trying to connect a pair of Samsung WAM7500 to my Yamaha RX-A2030 AVR so I can create a 5.1 system. The Samsungs are bluetooth and WiFi, I have managed to get my soundbar and the WAM`s working together. But, if I want to watch a...
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    Connecting speakers to tv problem?

    Hello, I have a problem connecting my TV to the speakers that I have. So I have a TCL UHD smart roku tv and I have a Yamaha yas-107 speaker. I have tried 2 different HDMI cables and plugged one end of the hdmi on the "out(arc)" of the speaker and "hdmi arc" on the tv. I've tried putting it "in"...
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    Yamaha Audio Devices Need Identifying!

    Hello there, I have been tasked with identifying several Yamaha speaker and input systems. Here are the model numbers I need help locating and pricing. Speaker System SW-P3600 (I believe this to be a sub-woofer) AV Reciever HTR-5835 DVD/SA-DVD Changer DV-C6761 NS-AP65OOESL NS-AP65OOMSL I...
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    Old yamaha subwoofer/5.1 system

    Hi, so we have this maybe 15 year old 5.1 yamaha system in the living room, but it was years and years ago the receiver broke and havent used it since. Now im thinking about buying a new reciever, but i have a question about the subwoofer, it has an input, but also a "system connector" and i...
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    How to properly connect a Vizio Model M55-C2 and Apple TV to a Yamaha Model RX-V367 Audio Receiver

    I have a Vizio M55-C2 TV; an Apple TV; and a Yamaha RX-V367 audio receiver. I think I have them connected properly. I'm using HDMI cables to connect the audio system to my TV and my Apple TV. The only way to get my Apple TV to function at all is to leave my audio receiver permanently...
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    Solved! No sound Netflix. Sony bravia to Yamaha receiver

    New Yamaha. Sony bravia . Sound good on cable . No sound on streaming
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    Help eval my 1990s era audio gear - yamaha + epos es12 speakers, misconfigured?

    I know almost nothing about audio gear. What I have should sound better than it does, I'm trying to figure out why. era 1990: Yamaha RX-730RS receiver Yamaha KX-W602 cassette deck Yamaha CDC-705 cd player era 1999 Epos ES12 bookshelf speakers When I turn the volume up, it sounds ok but the...
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    Subwoofer loud humming

    Yamaha Subwoofer YST-SW015 loud humming even it is not connected to receiver. Just recently humming started when not in use for almost a couple of months. Power ON then humming starts and getting louder when touching the cable ends.pls could someone help me in this regard? Thanks.
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    Yamaha RX-V769 loss of video output after a power outage

    I have a yamaha RX-V769 receiver with HDMI inputs from an Xfinity DVR box, Apple TV, sony blu-ray and XboxOne. The receiver outputs to a panasonic plasma TV. I've had the same setup (except for the xobxone which was purchased last year) since I bought the receiver in 2016. It has worked...
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    Samsung 8 series 65 inch TV and Yamaha RX-A3070 ARC

    Hi Guys, I have just purchaser a Yamaha RX-A3070 receiver, and I am have problems with the ARC Connection. The ARC works fine watching TV, the only thing going through the ARC is the Audio watching TV. The problem is if I try to use the Yamaha on screen option or switch to the Blueray or the...
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    Yamaha rx-440 receiver

    Hi all. Plse Help!!!!! I'm wondering if I can connect my Samsung s8 to my RX-V540/RX-V440 via bluetooth,so I can listen to my music... If anyone can help it would be great...
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    Cannot get 4k pass-through to work with Yamaha RX-A820 receiver.

    So I recently purchased my first 4k display (Sony KD55X720E 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV) and found myself having an issue with the 4k pass through with my Yamaha RX-A820 receiver. I have my PC set up as part of my home theater system, and I originally had it hooked up to my receiver VIA...
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    How to wire my 8 ohm amp and my speakers.

    Here is my equipment: Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver (https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-R-S202BL-Stereo-Receiver/dp/B01EMQI2CU) Pyle 6.5" in-ceiling speakers (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007LCL90/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?(ie=UTF8&psc=1) Yamaha NS-AW150BL 2-Way Outdoor Speakers...
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    home audio system only playing left side speakers

    I just moved into a new house with home audio set up. There is a Yamaha receiver with a Monster Cable multi-speaker selector. all speakers are hooked up to the Monster multi-speaker selector but only the left side speakers are playing. I looked at the balance on the receiver and ruled that out...
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    set up Rx-440 to tcl tv

    Hi all. I need help setting up my Yamaha rx-v440 receiver to my tcl tv. I have looked and looked through the manual and searched google for hours and just cant seem to find the help I need. Can someone play help me....
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    Yamaha AV receiver&Samsung sound bar&LGSmart Tv how do I connect

    How should I connect these? Yamaha RX-V485 Samsung HW-N450 LG UHD TV4K I've got sound but it's only adjustable from the sound bar remote. I used the Yamaha app but it doesn't have a sound bar for connections. All 3 have hdmi arc and optical. Any help please?
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    Solved! Yamaha RX 675 passthrough

    Saw a previous thread on 4K passthrough. Followed the instructions using HDMI 1 or UHD input and can’t get 4K to work. Is there a setting to change on the amp? Mark
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    Hooking up newer TV (KC32V1) to an old receiver Yamaha rxv4390

    Good day, any tips are much appreciated I have spent hours trying to figure this out to no avail. The receiver has no HDMI ports and the TV has a coax output and av/yPb/Pr outputs as well as HDMI which seem irrelevant as the old receiver doesn't. The coax input on the receiver is the old kind...
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    screetching/distorted audio from my sennheinser hd599 coming from yamaha MG10XU mixer

    first , thank you for visiting my thread regarding my issue. yesterday i ordered my first budget mixer and i received it earlier today. after some fiddling around with it i finally got it to work besides further tweeking for optimal quality finally got sound from my computer to output...
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    Need some advice

    Hi all I have purchased a Yamaha RX-V483 receiver and I connected a Lumi SPKLUM 1015 but there is no sound. What am I doing wrong or are these speakers not compatible Thanks Jeff
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    Subwoofer setup troubles

    Is there a way to hookup a Yamaha YST-SW216 subwoofer to Mackie cr3s through a Scarlett solo interface? I can’t seem to figure it out. And if it isn’t possible, what can I do to make it possible? Thanks!