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  1. D

    Which one is best between acer predator helios 300 or Msi gv62 7rd

    Acer predator helios 300 with i5 7th gen 128gb ssd and 1 tb hdd 1050ti graphics and other side msi gv62 7rd with i7 7th gen 1 tb hdd 1050 graphic and empty slot for ssd
  2. M

    IPS Glow, acer predator laptop

    Can you please let me know if this ips glow and backlight bleed are acceptable , the laptop is new and I can rma if needed Acer predator g793 Thanks
  3. D

    Refurbished laptops worth ?

    Hey guys I see on some websides laptops that cost 200$ like the asus predator 300 helios Can someone tell me if its worth to buy ?
  4. S

    Forgot laptop charger at my apartment before flying

    I have a Acer predator (g5-793-72au) laptop and like the title implies I forgot my charger at home. I bought a universal 90w charger That didn't work and one off of Amazon that said it worked with my laptop and surprise it didn't work either. I feel like I'm out of options here, I have found one...
  5. A

    Alienware Or Acer Predator

    So in my country, a gtx1080 acer predator cost just a little more than an alienware 15 r3 with gtx1070. Should I get the alienware or go for the predator. (I actually love the alienware design and lighting so I'm asking this)
  6. G

    Swapping out Acer Predator 15 laptop 7200RPM HDD with an SSD.

    Would their be a worthwhile gain to swapping out my 7200RPM 2.5 (7mm) HDD in my Acer Predator Laptop with say a 500GB SSD? I know I'd lose so storage but I was thinking the speed increase myight make it worthwhile. Seeing the 7mm SATA III SSDs coming down in price $150 + or - I would do it if...
  7. G

    I want to upgrade Acer Predator G9-593 to a larger M.2 Drive (525GB)? But How?

    I'm trying to upgrade my Acer Predator G9-593 but it comes with a M.2 SATA III in and M.2 Form Factor. How do I do this? I've seen kets you can buy for an extra $20 which allow you to put the new M.2 SATA III drive into (in a sort of case) with a USB Connector on one end and some sort of M and...
  8. W

    Acer predator 1060, 1070 versions

    Hi does anyone recognize or know these acer predator models? Acer Predator G9-593-72DZ $2599NZD 15inch gtx1060 Acer Predator G9-793-71K7 $2949NZD 17inch gtx1070 Acer Predator G9-793-76J3 $3559NZD 17inch gtx1070 (NZ laptops are very expensive, looked everywhere these are the cheapest i can...
  9. S

    Laptop not booting

    I purchased new Acer predator Helios 300. I am living in Germany. I bought it from Amazon US. I used a simple US to german adapter (no voltage conversion). I plugged in the laptop. Laptop not turning on. Not even the power source indication light is on in the laptop. Laptop not making any sound...
  10. D

    Is this laptop display bleeding acceptable?

    Bought an Acer predator helios 300 for 1500 euro and this how display looks on black screen. I don´t care much about bottom only top right always makes me go insane on black screen when I play games or watch films otherwise it´s not much visible. 100% brightness black screen...
  11. Y

    acer predator helios 300

    what is the difference between the acer predator helios 300 that costs 1050 dollars and the acer predator helios 300 that costs 1400 dollars apart from the storage and the size of the screen.
  12. S

    Advice: Asus ROG Series vs the Acer Predator 17 Series

    I am looking for a gaming laptop that I can also work Adobe software as well, I would like to keep it under $2000.
  13. V

    Acer predator 17 stuck. Help!

    Hello guys! I've ran into a little trouble with my acer predator. The story is that when i was working on my laptop suddenly keyboard stopped working so i decided to make a restart, now that i pressed restart, laptop got stuck with a black screen, but keyboard backlights are still glowing and...
  14. E

    Hard drive not showing up in an Acer Predator 17x

    Evening everyone. I just got a laptop delivered today. It's an Acer Predator 17x model GX-792-703D. I bought it from Acer refurbished (yes that's a risky proposition), but besiedes a small light bleed spot the laptop is immaculate and works great. Well my...
  15. O

    Acer Predator G9-793-71VQ 17.3" Gaming Notebook or MSI Apache Pro GE72VR 7RF GTX1060 17.3" Gaming Notebook

    Hi guys i need help im planning on buying a gaming laptop and I pick this two units. I need help on which of this two is worth the money and pretty good in gaming. I think they only have a little diff in common so which is which? =) Need your opinion why this one is better than the other one...
  16. A

    MSI GT62VR vs Acer Predator 17 (Refurb)

    Looking at getting a gaming laptop, I was first considering a laptop with a 1060 but saw that you can get a refurbished one with a 1070 for roughly the same price. Is the 1070 worth the risk of buying refurbished? I would buy neweggs 1 year warranty if that helps? I cant decide between the MSI...
  17. P

    Gaming Laptop CPU temps are normal or not? (Predator 17)

    Hey everyone I have predator 17 (g9-792) Laptop and i want to ask if my temperatures are okay or not On idle, the CPU (i7-6700Q) sits around 30-40C. And System sits around 35C Fan speed 1900-2300 RPM (CPU) & (System) And FrostCore 0 RPM... CPU Frequency 2200-3300 MHz I tested with...
  18. M

    DVD plays fine on built-in DVD-Player, but choppy when copied on harddrive?

    Hey I've got a really weird thing going on here: When I insert a DVD into my brand new(!!!) ACER PREDATOR i7-6700HQ, Windows 10, NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 1060, it open with VLC player and plays absolutely fine. When i copy the file to my internal SSD hard drive and open in VLC player it is very...
  19. BrunoFunny

    Advice: Should I buy an ASUS Strix 17" (i5 with GTX 1060 6GB) or an Acer Predator 15" (i5 with GTX980M 8GB)

    Hi guys, I need an advice. Of course if we take in consideration the title seems obvious that I should choose the ASUS because of the GTX 1060. But, the Acer Predator 15 have very resistent body and it seems much more durable. Also it is much cooler than the ASUS and I've heard that too much...
  20. B

    Acer Predator freeze weirdly

    Hello everyone ! Just go my new acer predator 15 g9-593, so far loving it, but i had this issue (twice actually, but only had the computer for 4 days now), when at times it just freeze, black screen (but the keyboard still lit) the fan gets really loud and i have to hard reset, everything works...
  21. J

    Acer Predator 1070 artifacts help

    I bought my new Acer Predator G9 593 three days ago. It was working perfectly until It crashed and when i start it up it was showing artifacts. I update the bios and installed all the new drivers but it still shows the artifacts all over the screen, even on the bios. I've read about the 1070...
  22. M

    msi gt62 vs acer predator g9 593 (1070)

    hello i am planing to buy 1070 laptop so i am confused which one to go for either MSI gt62 or acer predator G9 593. the spics is similar to links below acer(6700hq) --- MSI (7700hq) --...
  23. N

    Connect dish Joey.

    I have a new Predator G-Sync XP1 with external speakers. I have ps4Pro connected via hdmi. Works fine. Trying to hook my discharge joey to it too. It cand get it connected. Joey has the old wht, Yel, and Red connections. Minitor has no place for them. Have land line connected to PS.
  24. MceraWV

    Nvidia 3D Vision 2 on Acer Predator XB271HU

    Hello! First off, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! Along with Christmas comes the purchasing of technology, and in my case purchasing something that evidently isn't fully compatible with what I already had. In short; I'm trying to use the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 on a monitor (Acer...
  25. Lakata

    whitch one of those two laptops should i choose for gaming laptops

    Hello i wanna decide between those two laptops, im wondering mainly coz i have concerns about one of the makes /Acer/ coz ive heard mostly bad things about them and some good . About Alienware ive heard just good stuff, and my main concern is do i need to pay bit more for Alienware or Predator...
  26. J

    Acer Predator G9-592 Gaming Laptop

    Hey there foot in looking for some help. I am looking for a gaming laptop whis would play the sims 3 or sims 4 im looking currently at this laptop would it be enough to play the base game and all expansions and stuff packs...
  27. T

    GTX 980 (laptop) vs. 1070 (laptop)

    I found two variants of the Acer Predator, the Acer Predator 17 and 17x. The 17 has a 1070 and the 17x has a 980(no "m") which one would be more future proof. IDC about battery because i will keep it on cable as much as possible. 17...
  28. D

    Upgrading FHD to UHD on Acer Predator G9-792

    Hello Here's my issue: I want to upgrade my screen from FHD to UHD on a G9-792 and since I see both 4k and 2k versions on the market, I think its possible. I've did some googling and found out that: - FHD pannel is: LP173WF4-SPF1, and ebay sellers state its has a 30 pins eDP connector. -UHD...
  29. T

    Selling my gaming laptop(Acer Predator 17)

    Hello! Last month I started my freshman year of college. I needed a laptop, and my mom told me she would buy me one. She bought my sister a MacBook when she went to college, so she suggested getting me that same. I am really into computers, so I spent some time researching, found the Acer...
  30. N

    960M v 970M (Omen v Predator: Laptops)

    Hey Guys So my Laptop officially died after 8years and whilst I still have a desktop (Q4 2011: 5 Years Old) I'm looking to upgrade my laptop as im waiting on Kaby Lake before I do the same for my Desktop. Here are the two laptops im looking at HP Omen 15-AX007TX 15" Laptop...
  31. T

    Can't decide between Acer Predator 17, Asus G752 and MSI GT72S

    Hello, So I'm a professional videographer and photographer who enjoys a game here and there. I've custom built a great desktop two years ago but now that I'm traveling more for work. It's become apparent I need to be able to edit on the go for many reasons I won't bore you with. I run Adobe...
  32. P

    My brand new Acer Predator 17

    Right out of the box and all I get is a restart screen. Stuck in some kind of a loop. I've tried to restart it a number of times and that's all I get. I'm not a happy customer right now.
  33. dazkyl

    Which is the best gaming laptop money can buy ?

    I was between the acer predator 17x and the alienware 17 (i7-6820hk) model. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  34. A

    MSI, Alienware and ASUS ROG (and maybe ACER PREDATOR)

    Here where I live, these are the laptops that are prevalent (not really Predator, I've only seen one). If there's a thread like this already, I apologize in advance. To me, they all look nice and have really good specs. But my main questions usually include whether or not it's good for its...
  35. K

    Stuck Between these 2 Gaming Laptops

    Hello! I have a comparison question and 2 other questions. 1) I'm stuck between these 2 laptops. The Predator 17 and the MSI-GS72 Stealth-Pro. Predator: MSI: I know that the...
  36. F

    Need help choosing laptop narrowed down to 3

    Been looking at laptops found 3 that i like really well so far these are the choices, 1. An Acer Predator 17 G9-792-79VJ Specs are as follows: Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor 2.6GHz (Up to 3.5GHz) 17.3" Full HD IPS Screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM 16GB DDR4 Memory 512GB SSD in...
  37. 1

    Which laptop to buy ASUS ROG G752VT-T7009T or ACER PREDATOR 15 ?

    The specs available in my region for the above laptops are as follows , 1) ASUS ROG G752VT-T7009T : Intel core i7-6700HQ , 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD+128Gb SSD, 3GB Geforce GTX 970M, 17.3" FHD Screen, Blue ray Drive,Windows 10. 2) ACER PREDATOR 15 : Intel core i7-6700HQ, 16Gb RAM, 2TB HDD + 128Gb SSD...
  38. S

    Which GTX 970 laptop is better

    I need help in deciding which laptop to buy MSI GT72 Dominator G-831 Or Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70VM
  39. curix

    PREDATOR G9-591 stuttering/lags

    I have bought this laptop less than 2 months ago. It is a GTX 970m 3gb; I7-6700hq; 8gb ram model. Everything was running smoothly, even after I reinstalled windows because of unwanted 3rd party advertisement programs. Now, every game I play, even on the lowest settings, lags once in a while or...
  40. C

    Acer Predator 15 display settings

    I just got my Acer predator a couple days ago. The display seems too saturated for me. I changed the settings under intel's graphic properties. Problem is when i start the computer the next day, it's back to its default settings... The geforce experience doesnt give me a lot of options to change...
  41. O

    Which one should I buy?

    Which one should I buy? Asus G751JY or Acer Predator 15?(mainly gaming performance) Please give me some valid reasons and points? I also use it for rendering with 3D Max (architecture)
  42. A

    Plz help me choose!!(laptop)

    Acer predator 17, asus g752vt, msi gt72 dominator g They all have the same 6th gen cpu and the same gtx 970m gpu Almost the same 1080 ips gsync screen Tell me which one should I get and why I need a reason based on real info Because they are like 80% alike And thanks.
  43. S

    Acer predator with i7 6700 (3.4Ghz)?

    I'm looking for a new gaming laptop and on Canada computers I noticed that it said that the Acer predator 15 had a i7 6700, not hq so I'm assuming it's a desktop i7. (link: so I googled it and went on acer's...
  44. T

    Asus Rog Swift PG278Q VS Acer Predator XB270HU

    Is it worth spending a bit more for Acer to get an IPS panel?
  45. Denis  Stoikovski

    Psu and gpu for acer predator

    Hello i want to buy gtx 770 card but idk which brand is the best and i dont have big budget i stopped at tge palit but its 3x fan and idk will my 17.19 x 7.10 x 16.46 inch case fit it about the psu i want a psu that dont let heat in the case(my case allow only top psu) and can handle i5 3350p...
  46. G

    IBM Patents Predator Identification

    Remember Chris Hansen's "To catch a Predator" series on Dateline NBC? IBM Patents Predator Identification : Read more
  47. exfileme

    Aliens Vs. Predator Engine Fully Playable on PSP2

    The engine used to bring Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator to the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is fully playable on Sony's upcoming NGP handheld. Aliens Vs. Predator Engine Fully Playable on PSP2 : Read more
  48. exfileme

    Boy Receives Porn on Xbox Live; Mom Goes Nuts

    A predator sent pictures to an 11-year-old boy on Xbox LIVE. Boy Receives Porn on Xbox Live; Mom Goes Nuts : Read more