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    Need help ASAP. Beast external GPU connected - Black screen

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and I am in need with your help. I have purchased the item down below for my HP Pavilion Dv6 4023-tx laptop. I have followed the manual and connected all the parts probably...
  2. T

    Samsung laptop black screen

    Hi, I'm having the issue that when i turn my laptop on the screen doesnt turn on. The model is a SAMSUNG r-540 JC0CES. I tried doing steps that i read on other threads but the screen is black. I cant even see the mouse arrow. I dont know what else to do.
  3. D

    Lenovo laptop 100S-14ibr have power solid white light but complete black screen

    I opened my laptop up and went to get it started and it will not get away from the black screen, white solid light is on for the power button but will not bring up anything on the screen!!
  4. C

    Well loved laptop - Display Issue, Seeking Tech Wisdom

    I have an Asus a55a Laptop that has been with me on many adventures all over North Amarica. Upon startup today the screen was dead/black. I love this laptop, it has been a real tank over the past 3 years. I'm not a computer wiz, but I will do anything it takes to get this thing working again...
  5. C

    my asus laptop wont get past black screen

    bout a month ago when i tried to go on my laptop it only came up with a black screen nothing else no text nothing tried everyway of turning it on but nothing exact same thing everytime, any help?
  6. S

    Black screen on startup with Toshiba Laptop

    I'm trying to repair a Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-11N for a friend. When he gave it to me, it would power up, the fans would run and the HDD would spin, but nothing would display on the screen. Not even the Toshiba splash screen. I just installed a new motherboard, as I figured his GPU must...
  7. K

    Laptop not working on more than 2gb. (Happened after a sudden shutdown).

    Hi guys, I own a 2-year old Asus k55vm sx086d (i7,8gb). A few days back while playing Fifa on my laptop connected to my tv via HDMI the laptop suddenly shut down. This has happened before due to thermal shut down, however this time it was not hot. The laptop did not start i.e. black...
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    Acer laptop won't turn on

    I have an acer aspire v3-572pg-56cy that I got just over a year ago, and lately it's been taking a very long time to wake up from sleep or turn on. It started by only taking 20 minutes or so and now takes hours. The screen is black and flickers (like it's lit but there is nothing at all on the...
  9. C

    Acer Aspire 5551-2805 black screen. No POST, yes Power lights, no HD light.

    I have an Acer Aspire 5551-2805 running Windows 7. (AMD Athlon) When the battery was low, I closed the lid to go get the charger. After plugging the charger into the laptop, all I got was a black screen (no blinking cursor, no POST, just black). Many reboots later...still only black screen...
  10. D

    Black screen upon turning on HP Laptop

    I turned on my laptop as normal today and everything was fine with the keys: WiFi light was on, the caps lock light was on when I pressed the key, the charger light was on etc. However, my screen is completely black as if the laptop isn't even on. I've did a bit of research into possible...
  11. G

    Acer aspire V5-591G random black screen.

    I bought an acer aspire V5-591G less than one week ago. It works great but I get a black screen on random moment. the laptop is still running and when i'm watching a video You can hear a "sound loop" when the black screen occures. The only way to get rid of it is to hold down the on/off button...
  12. P

    Acer E5-571 black screen on startup after attempting ram & ssd upgrade

    Recently, I bought 2 8GB Kingston RAM sticks and a Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD and replaced them with the existing parts in my laptop. After this upgrade I'm able to turn on the laptop, but I get no screen input. The laptop fan runs for a couple seconds and I'm able to open the dvd drive, but...
  13. R

    Samsung 350v5c does not boot

    Hi there, my laptop will not boot. I press the power button, light comes on. Fan will start. It does not appear to do a POST. Screen stays absolutely black. I cannot get into the BIOS. There is no output from the HDMI so I am assuming the screen is OK. I have swapped the memory about and it...
  14. A

    Black Screen with cursor.

    Okay I've been trying to find a solution for over 12 hours and I really need help on this. Yesterday I took my ASUS laptop and I cleared everything and it went to a login screen after everything was done installing and for some odd reason it wasn't letting me login I typed in the right password...
  15. S

    My laptop wont start black screen after logo

    so my laptop wont start black screen after logo i left it on after couple of minutes startup repair appeared but it filed to fix it help please. :(
  16. V

    HP 530 laptop won't turn screen on after press power button

    Hi everyone! I have a second-hand HP 530 Laptop. It was working fine for the first year. Last week, I closed its lid and then it slept, but I when I tried to restore my session, the power button is on but the screen is off. I thought it was an error and try to restart it, but only the power...
  17. M

    Acer Laptop Screen Not Turning On? (Blue light blinks, Orange light remains steady)

    I have an Acer Aspire V 14 Touch and I accidentally left it on for a night, but it is set to sleep after 10 mins and the charger was plugged in. The next morning I pressed some keys, expecting it to wake from sleep mode but the screen remained black. So I manually shut it down, then I turned it...
  18. T

    HP Laptop screen will not turn back on after closing the lid. HELP!

    So the other day I started downloading sims 4 and last night when I went to bed it was on 99% but my dad came out and shut the lid on my laptop once he saw that it had finished downloading and this morning I have been trying to turn my laptop on but it wont turn on, all the buttons light up but...
  19. S

    iPod touch fifth generation, black screen, hard reboot doesn't do anything.

    Hey guys, So last night my iPod (5th gen) was charging. I pressed the home button to turn on the screen and the screen remained black, I pressed the power button as well to no avail. I tried doing a hard reboot (held power and home button for over 30 seconds) and the screen remained black. It...
  20. E

    Acer aspire 5625G Sometimes turns on, sometimes not...

    Hello everyone! i have a problem with my notebook Aspire 5625G. I have it quiet longer now and all i did on it was changed hard disk. Then it runned for some while. And now i have a problem that i dont know what to do with. The notebook sometimes did turn on. like after 5 times of turning it on...
  21. TheHel1x

    Toshiba Laptop - Blackscreened - will not shut down

    So my friend got home and opened the lid on his Toshiba laptop which was already powered on. He hit the power button to wake it up but the screen stayed black. He tried holding the power button to shut down but it will not shut off. It is newer Toshiba laptop that does not allow you to take the...
  22. T

    Black Screen on Boot after Intel HD Graphics install (Windows 10)

    I have an Acer Aspire E1-572P, with an Intel(R) Core i5 4200 processor. It had Windows 8.1 when I bought it. Updated to Windows 10 a few months ago. Since the update, my Intel(R) HD Graphics Family driver has been giving me issues. When playing a game (such as WoW, GW2, or any Steam game)...
  23. P

    Acer Chromebook C730 Black screen

    Hey! I recently got a Chromebook from school to use for educational uses which is great! But the problem is that when i got it I started setting it up, googling around, changing themes etc and suddenly the screen froze and it just looked really weird. I tested to plug a HDMI cable into it and...
  24. L

    packard bell model ms2384 blue screen

    The problem start as follow; The screen started to slow fade away and then went completely black. I connected to a monitor and the monitor shows a blue screen without any message. I try to access the save mode by pressing f8 however nothing is happening.
  25. S

    Far cry 4 black screen after death

    I am playing far cry 4 on my hp 15 ac-025tx its specs is i3 5gen, 2gb amd m330 and 4gb ram. When i died in far cry the screen go black and the mouse and the keyboard does not work but the sound from the game is playing and at the tast manager far cry is responding also the game does not save i...
  26. C

    Black screen (fan and battery/power lights on, but no logo, bios, windows... nothing)

    A few months ago my laptop went for repair from a different issue (which i can't remenber.. but it came with two new and spacious hard drives. Now, after around three months my laptop was acting very wierdly while playing videos, whether on wmp or youtube or etc. Sometimes the videos went green...
  27. S

    HP Pavillion G6 screen goes black when power supply gets plugged in

    Hi, my brother has a very strange problem with his 5 year old HP Pavillion G6. The notebook runs perfectly fine while running on battery. As soon as you plug in the power supply the screen goes black after 3-4 seconds. If you try to start up the notebook with the power supply plugged in the...
  28. G

    Acer e14 / e5-471 - black screen

    Hi Guys, my laptop screen suddenly went blank when i press power. At first Acer Start up shows tried fn and i went to boot screen, load to default. After i exit to restart pc the acer start up is not showing. I tried pressing fn or other function keys. Power is on but it's just a black screen...
  29. M

    When I turn on my laptop the screen is black no sound or Factory Image

    HP G60-243cl notebook When I turn it on the screen is just black the power button lights up and various other lights but the keypad does not. I can not hear any fans running and it does not have start up sounds like my other laptops do and my HDD light blinks like 3 times. Any suggestions?
  30. M

    HP Random black screens

    Hi guys i'll try to keep this as short as possible. Basically i think i have the black screen of death.(aka system boots up,fans speening, but screen is black) I have tried doing the following -pressing the power button for 30-40 seconds,basically the fix that seems to work for everyone...
  31. H

    my laptop is freezing

    hi everybody and thank you for helping me; i am using a 6 year old asus k50id laptop t6570 core2duo 2.1 ghz cpu,geforce gt 320m 1gb gpu,3 gb ram.the problem is when i play videos on the net especially youtube,my computer is freezing and after 20-200 seconds it continues from where it was or the...
  32. emax4

    HP ProBook 4440s - Screen lit but all black, no video

    I just purchased a used HP ProBook 4440s. It was purchased with the previous owner not knowing what was wrong. I turned it on, and the screen lights up, but it's all black and doesn't display anything. I can tell when the screen is black due to no power to the laptop and when the monitor itself...
  33. C

    Messed with Boot Device Priority – Black Screen on Startup

    > Edit (09/10/15 @10:21am): I guess I need to figure out how to reconnect the chipset to the motherboard. > Edit (09/09/15 @4:33pm): Brought the laptop down to my buddy's computer tech store and they said they're 80% sure the chipset has 'lost connectivity' to the motherboard due to overheating...
  34. D

    No boot/bios after installing Win10 on SSD

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum, but i'll hope this works cause i'm lost. Last friday i bought a new SSD for my laptop it's an Asus K Series with: Intel Core I7 4th generation 12Gb Ram Nvidia Gforce 635m 500GB HDD So friday i plugged in my brand new Samsung Evo 850 128Gb ssd, and i...
  35. T

    Toshiba Factory Reset, led to Black Screen

    I have a Toshiba Satellite U945-S4110. It runs Windows 10. I did a factory reset as it had a lot of files and I wanted to clean it up for use with school. After the reset the computer restarted. But the screen after the reset stopped working. When you push power, the white and the orange...
  36. H

    Alienware Laptop - what should I do right there?

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to this whole section of GPU and stuff(you can gladly call me a noob). Anyways I have an Alienware m17x R4 and I think my GPU (nvidia gefore gtx 675m) just died because I'm getting the blackscreen and the 8 beeps when I try to startup windows. (I think I confirmed it is...
  37. N

    HP laptop screen stays black when I turn it on

    When I turn my laptop on, the screen stays black. No cursor or background picture at all. I have tried turning it off, taking the battery out and holding the power button for about 30 seconds but it still is the same. The laptop is about 3 or so years old (maybe more) it is an HP Pavilion G...
  38. S

    Black Screen on TV connected to PC via HDMI

    I've connected my computer with dual monitor setup to my Sceptre TV as a third monitor. But whenever i change inputs, turn on after my pc's has already been booted up, turning it back on after turning off, it goes into a black screen and i lose all controllability of the tv. My only solutions to...
  39. V

    So I have a acer-aspire-e5-551-t374 and when I try to start it the screen is black and it gives me three long beeps and then t

    So I purchased a acer-aspire-e5-551-t374 and I'm just trying to get it to work but when I push the power button it gives me three long beeps then two short ones. Anyone got suggestions?
  40. M

    Laptop still on after shutting down (black screen)

    Hi everyone! So, last night, I turned my Asus N56VJ laptop off, and I woke up today to find that the laptop was still on, but the screen was black. I could still move my mouse around the black screen, control the brightness with the f-keys, and that the light by the light bulb below the track...
  41. M

    HP Laptop turns on but screen stays black

    If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it as this issue is seriously frustrating me. My father owns an HP laptop. A few years ago his screen went out and he had whatever the issue was replaced, then it happened again, so he replaced it again. Now it seems like he has a virus that...
  42. R

    HP2000 with Windows 8, won't boot past the hp logo, or goes to black screen

    Everything was fine yesterday except running somewhat slow, so I shut it down. When I tried to turn it back on, it sticks on the hp logo indefinitely. Sometimes it says that it is starting a repair, but same issue, hangs on the hp logo and then to a black screen. I have tried the removing the...
  43. J

    New Asus Turns Black Screen.

    Hello, about a week ago, I got a Asus G550JK-CN474H 15" (Gaming Notebook). I turned on the computer and started pre-installed skype, and the screen went black. It kept on happening, so I thought it was skype, so I uninstalled it. When it turns black, I can use the mouse and keyboard, and the...
  44. R

    Weird Display Problem

    I have a Samsung NP300E5C that is three years old. The screen will stay black when I power on the computer. All I can hear is the fan. The hard-drive light does not turn, maybe it flickers once. I've checked all connections and they're all in place. I reset the CMOS and BIOS by removing the...
  45. S

    HP laptop caps lock blinking

    Hi, I tried booting up my HP dv7 6100 laptop today and all I get is a blinking caps lock button and a black screen. The button blinks 2 times and then turns off for a moment and then blinks again. The only other light that's on is the wireless light which is orange. What can this possibly be...
  46. F

    GTX 660M black screen after installing driver

    Hello, I own a custom laptop on an MSI 16F2 platform. Few weeks ago my GTX 670M card died. Out of better options, I bought an used GTX 660M from an acquaintance. I had it installed, started Windows and everything looked OK. Then I installed the Nvidia drivers and after reboot, right after...
  47. K

    Black Stripe On Screen

    Updated: 2015-04-24 Thanks for everyone that tried to help me.[/b][/color] [color=#d60a1b]*FIXED* It was a reckless mistake that during computer launch I took out the battery. Refreshing or reloading pc completely DID the job.[b][color] Hello, my name is Chris and I got this problem for quite...
  48. R

    hp laptop startup problem

    Hello! I have a problem with my hp pavilion (15-b005eo). So the problem is that when I try to start the laptop the screen stays black but the fan and everything else is running. There is no leds blinking, caps lock led is off. If anyone has an solution, i would really appriciate if you could...
  49. A

    HP Pavilion tx2500 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC black screen?

    I have an HP Pavilion tx2500 and it has a black screen problem and the fans and lights all work. I need a solution that can be done at home and not like pressing the J, K, L keys on the keyboard because it is not a permanent solution or ordering a new motherboard from help or sending the laptop...
  50. B

    Black Screen Issue

    Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I have a Dell Inspiron M5010 running Windows 7 that I've been having issues with. So, recently I started getting a random black screen. The screen just turns black while I'm using it. Sometimes this lasts for a few seconds...
  51. C

    HP Probook 4720 Display problem (Black Screen at start up)

    Hello forum. I have an HP Probook 4720 and 2 weeks ago I started having problems with it, more exactly blue screens and a few freezes (2/3), I though it was from my OS after that, one morning I power up the notebook and I have no image on my display. Previously to that I had no flickers, no...
  52. D

    HP pavillion DV5 entertaintment pc. doest power up at all!

    i have my laptop since 2008 and its been working fine. it use to heat up a loot and the battery too. but it wokerked just fine until last month. now when plug in the power to the laptop only a tiny white light lights up but there is nothing more! i pres power butten nothing happens at all ...
  53. S

    Laptop: Black screen at startup, no beeps, LEDs light, HDD actvity

    Hi, I'm having some troubles with my laptop (HP Compaq 8510w) not booting up, and now I'm trying to figure out which component that's the one that has went bust. Put my Win7 to sleep mode one day, and the next day the laptop used quite a while to get back into Windows when starting up. Later...
  54. B

    Laptop wont start

    Hello al What could be the issue of this acer 5552g laptop. After I turn the laptop off, it won't start immediately. I press the power button I hear the it looks for the dvd but the screen is totally black (not powered black). After some 20 to 30 minutes it starts again. I entered the bios...
  55. K

    Blank screen after log in.

    I have an Acer Aspire V5 and I was using my computer today when it told me it needed to update. So I let it shut down and update. After it was finish, I turned it back on and logged in. Th screen came up normal until this point. Now its all black. I'm not sure what is wrong with it. Any help...
  56. C

    Asus laptop black screen with flashing arrow

    Hi. my asus laptop ("8 months old"), out of nowhere, gets a black screen and the arrow (cursor- mouse-arrow) blinks asychronously. The same when I restarted it from the on-off button. Someone pls help me.
  57. K

    Asus Laptop going to black screen and becoming unresponsive

    So my friend has an older Asus k53t laptop, and I can not for the life of me figure out what the problem with it is. When it boots up, it works for a few minutes max, then the screen goes black and it becomes unresponsive. It's not an OS problem, because it does it even in the BIOS. I don't...
  58. E

    Changed bios settings on Asus laptop and now all I get is a black screen

    Hi Recently I was working with boot options in my laptop and everything was OK but I choose an option about boot up and sadly screen became black and I trun it off and on but nothing happened I closed the ram -hard drive- closed buttery put on the power button for a while and ... but nothing...
  59. MrJak

    Windows 8.1 Update Keeps PC from booting.

    Recently my mother's laptop, a fujitsu, has quit booting. It displays the error, "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." The first time it happened, we were able to do a system restore, and determined it to be due to an update, but instead of restoring it again, I tried to fix...
  60. topazoo

    Alienware M17x won't boot

    Today I was trying to revert my Alienware's bios back to the A04 bios to remove the downclocking functionality on the gpu. After I reverted the bios, I changed some of the settings in the bios, mainly the gpu throttle temp (which I thought it wouldn't have) and made a few other tweaks which i...